23 Sept 2011

A fun fact about STEVEN GERRARD that you've probably never heard...

Steven Gerrard is one of Liverpool's greatest ever players, and currently holds the record for scoring the most European goals for the club. There is also another record currently held by Gerrard that not many people seem to know about...

91 red cards have been handed out to Liverpool players over the years, but which player has been sent off the the most times in Liverpool FC's history? As you've probably guess, the most red-carded player in Liverpool's 119 year history is...

Steven Gerrard!

Liverpool's captain has been sent off 6 times in his career.

Everton - September 1999
Leeds United - April 2001
Aston Villa - September 2001
Chelsea - May 2003
Everton - March 2006
Manchester United - January 2011

Gerrard's closest challengers are Javier Mascherano, Jamie Carragher, Ian St. John, Igor Biscan and Dietmar Hamann, each with three reds each.

It's interesting to note that tough defenders like Tommy Smith, Ron Yeats and Neil Ruddock only managed a single read card each during their Liverpool careers (!).

As a comparison, only only 5 players have more red cards during the Premier league era than Gerrard: Patrick Vieira and Duncan Ferguson (both with 8); Roy Keane, Alan Smith and Vinnie Jones (7 each)

This is not an attack on Gerrard - I was going through some red-card stats earlier and this one stuck out like a sore thumb.

I was surprised by it, and I just thought others might be too.

Stats courtesy of LFChistory.net

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. thats really not that interesting.......

  2. Guessed, Jamie, guessed!


  3. just for the sake of an article jamie?

  4. i would never have guessed gerrard to  have the most red cards... thanks for sharing man

  5. It's a fact about LFC I found interesting so I shared it. This info is not easily available anywhere on the net so it has value (IMO).