22 Sept 2011

KENNY DALGLISH on ANDY CARROLL: 'There's a disappointment...but also an understanding'

Liverpool striker Andy Carroll has polarised the club's fans this season, and with Craig Bellamy, Dirk Kuyt and Luis Suarez all vying for attacking roles in the team, it seems inevitable that the big man will miss out occasionally, especially if his form continues to underwhelm. Competition for places is definitely increasing, but how does Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish see the situation?

In his press conference earlier on, Dalglish was asked what advice he would have for Carroll when dealing with intense competition for places in the team:

"Andy’s a professional footballer who understands what goes on in football. He worked really hard at Tottenham, which was a bad result and a bad day for us.

"As I’ve said before, we don’t have a team we have a squad. There’s going to be times where people will play and others won’t. Sometimes you’ll be lucky, and sometimes you’ll be unlucky.

"The football club is bigger and more important than any one individual, including myself, and I’m sure the players realize that, and although there’s a disappointment if you aren’t playing, there’s also an understanding”

Ultimately, irrespective of competition, it surely all boils down to the simplest of principles: if you play well, you're in the team. Players should be included on merit, and the brutal truth is Carroll has not performed as well as Suarez, Kuyt or Bellamy this season, thus they should be ahead of him in the pecking order.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Christ, kramwar, could you shove any more adds into your sensationalist little blog? 

  2. What an embarrasing amount of adds on this sensationalist blog. Kanwar is a poor man's Dunc Oldham. Nothing but a money grubbing twat. Surprised you dont ask for donations/membership as well. 

  3. Insightful stuff as always on here.

  4. OK, I've read the article but forgive me, I don't see your point.  Carroll is not playing 90mins at present and has been second choice to all but Bellamy (except in our most recent fixture).
    He is learning the LFC playing style, has come from a team where they played to his strengths and all at a level well below where LFC are at now & are heading up toward.
    Bellamy should be good for us, suarez already is and kuyt is playing very well too. The players that need more of a focus in terms of why they are not playing should really be Maxi, Spearing, Robinson & Wilson....?

  5. if you play well, you're in the team. Players
    should be included on merit, and the brutal truth is Carroll has not
    performed as well as Suarez, Kuyt or Bellamy this season, thus they
    should be ahead of him in the pecking order.


    Jamie Carragher?  Another lunge to spare Spearings blushes and another penalty.  When will the rules apply to the whole squad.  The same goes for Terry and Lampard at Chelsea.  Far too much power in the hands of mere players.

  6. With regards to Carroll your right but it should apply to absolutely everyone

  7. For the moment, Dalglish should stop making excuses and be man enough to admit that Carroll is presently playing and looking like a £35 million DONKEY.

  8. This rule doesnt seem to apply to Henderson...a complete flop but always gets the go ahead in the starting team

  9. Some people just argue with Jamie for the sake of it. I now see how valuable this site is to discontented fans. It lets their anger out - saves them from blood pressure :P

     Can we get a grip on some of our feelings of frustration that result out of some of the performances of our beloved team ?? 

  10. Kenny is right..Carroll is already far better than we expected....we only paid 35million for him and he's only on 90k a week ....what a load of bull ...am sorry to say

    but if fernando morientes was bought by benitez for under 7million and when he didn't work out ....rafa was crucified for buying him and was wasting money

    so far apart from suarez Adams and the defenders..all the others have been waste of money for the price paid...

    Kuyt and bellamy are much better in the team than Carroll and that reflects when they play

    Henderson plays instead of maxi rodriguez and again when maxi plays ..you see the difference

    downing hasn't set the world on fire so far considering the money and hype

  11. NO mali341

    Adam is a big pile off poo, carrol is worth 10x adam (as is a literal pile of poo)
    he can't do ANYTHING when pressured on the ball, can NOT tackle (poor defensive) and is NOT mobile enough to be offensive, his  diagonal long balls only come when he has 5 yards of space (not often in the premier league).

    SHOCKING play against tottenham, 2nd yellow should have been a red, WHY would you do that on a yellow already ????

    backup at best hopefully, THANK GOD gerrard is back, i wish him injury free for the rest of his career (so charlie will not play)


    oh and hopefully looking forward to bellamy and downing on either wing and suarez / kuyt or suarez / caroll partnership.

    yessssss !!!!!


  12. HHow about this as our 11


    Kelly .........skirtel .......agger .........enrique

    ..................Lucas ........

    Johnson.....gerrard.....maxi rodriguez....

    ..............:..Kuyt ........................

    ............................Suarez .................

    Subs.....carra ....downing ......bellamy .....coats.....doni.....Henderson ...Carroll ...

  13. its ok if we can bench Carrol and play Bellamy maxi and kuyt ahead him and Henderson

  14. Seems an excellent side except I think the ref might get on to the fact you have picked 12 player you pleb.... Carry on taking the pills

  15. My dream team would be


    Johnson                     Carragher   Coates                                 Enrique


    Bellamy                               Gerrard                                     Downing
                                           Kuyt     Suarez

  16. maxi is rubbish, he wouldnt get in the team ahead of any of our team, spearing is young and still has a lot of time to break into the first team, the same applies for jack robinson, being so young, and with enrique in that position, there is no way he should get in ahead of enrique,a dn as for wilson, he has not done enough to prove that he deserves a starting place.

  17. you saying that downing has been a waste of money, even though he has probably been our most consistently good performer?...

  18. why do liverpool fans all seem to think maxi is something he's not, he cant cross, he cant pass and he has no pace, so how could you put him in the team ahead of downing and bellamy????????

  19. I think you are the one mistaken about Maxi, 'mate'. He is a cultured, experienced international footballer, a great squad player and since Kenny has come in always don a good job when asked. His movement and game intelligence fit perfectly with the style of football that Kenny is trying to generate. I honestly don't see where this criticism is coming from?

  20. Pin the tail on the Carroll :)

  21. maxi and rodriguez make one player (if even that)

  22. Carroll has not had the best of starts but once he starts scoring goals (which he will) then what will be said of him?

  23. ----------------Reina----------------

    4-4-2 with gerrard, caroll in advanced positions, this formation is based on carroll reaching 100% fitness: anyone remember him against us last season ???????

  24. I think Liverpool fans are in for a rude awakening. They just don't get it! Liverpool didn't play badly against Spurs, they just looked awfull because they were beaten by a superior side. I watched the Brighton game and didn't see anything that made me think otherwise. Liverpool will look good when they play teams that won't finish in the top six (including Arsenal).

    Mark my words, the game against Wolves today will be a wake-up call! 

  25. ------------------------------------Reina(sweeper-keeper)----------------------------
    --------------------------------------lucas(dm)------------------------------------------------------------------adam(deep playmaker)-------gerrard(box2box)-------------kuyt(right foot def winger)------------------------------bellamy(right foot inside forward)------------------------------------suarez(false 9)--------------------------------------

    Formation: 4-1-2-2(wing)-1

    Kelly:Standard Fullback with some overlaps
    Enrique:Wing Back with loads of overlaps with Bellamy
    Coates(the slower player) : Moves forward to intercept
    Wilson(the faster player) : chases down poachers and since he can also play LB, covers for Enrique occasionally during counters

    Lucas: Your friendly neighborhood water carrier
    Adam(I prefer Meireles personally) : stays in CM position most of the time and looks to create through balls and defense splitting crosses.

    Gerrard: Does what he does best, comes late in or near D-Box and shoots or plays through balls

    Kuyt: Workhorse, runs the right flank, crosses ball to D-Box, cuts inside occasionally and assists Kelly in securing the right flank

    Bellamy : The typical inside forward, since his best position is left wing but has strong right foot he WILL cut in naturally in support of Suarez, pulling opposition CBs out of position

    Suarez : Does what he does best as the False 9

    I wish, I really really wish Downing, Carroll and Henderson came with 6 month money back guarantee. With no disrespect to KD, with that amount of money would of purchased Goatze, Rossi and Hazard instead and still have spare change for Samba.


  26.                                          Reina
    It requires players who are good at ball possesion,have a winning mentality.And those ar the players who can try just that.