18 Sept 2011

LOAN WATCH: Alberto Aquilani goal for Milan vs. Napoli (Video - 18 Sep '11)

Alberto Aquilani's impressive form for AC Milan continued last night with an excellent goal against Napoli.

Would Aquilani have made a difference against Spurs today?

Who knows, but he's already got two assists and a goal in two games for Milan, which is pretty good going.

Not that I'm saying Liverpool should've kept Aquilani, but would he have been any worse than Jordan Henderson today?

Aquilani goal v Napoli

Milan lost 3-1 so the goal didn't make that much difference in the end...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I remember not long time ago, on same site maybe same writer, classed Aquilani as a dead wood in liverpool squad.
    I was never convinced by Henderson buy and never thought Adam was as good as some fan said so. but letting Mierles and Aquilani was big mistake.  

  2. Aquilani would have been the difference between an average season a good one for us. If he was not our player, we should have paid 25 million and bought him this year instead of wasting money of Henderson. He has impressed in every single game he has played in, since his return from injury towards the end of his first season for us, then with Juve, where he was their player of the season, he was our best player in our preseason, and he seems to be starting to do the same for Milan. I really just cant understand how some people can't see how good Aquilani is and what he brings to a team. And if anyone is going to say he is not built for the EPL, just take a look at Modric.

  3. Lol. This is the difference between Henderson and Aquilani. When Henderson has the ball, he hasn't thought what to do with it yet, looks around for options, gets closed down, completes a side pass or back pass. When Aquilani gets the ball, it is either one touch pass, or one touch control then pass to a player he has already picked out before he even gets the ball. He also makes runs that free up space. That is the difference between these players. Aquilani will have no problem fitting in anywhere, because he has that quality to click in a team. Henderson is way out of his depth. It is not my attention to be rough on Henderson, but all I have seen from him is negativity. He has no intelligence tactically going forward and that could be down to him being young. But how young is a player that has already played a full season in Premier League. This isn't amateur football where he can be immune to blame. He hasn't showed any sign of vision, and tactical prowess. The goal he scored is nothing more than what I accept from any player playing in the premiership. Anyone can score a goal, but what makes you stand out as a player is if you have a quality in you that can be a threat to opposition. I have seen nothing close to what Henderson has to offer that can be a threat to other teams. Aquilani had it with his vision, and his attack minded brain. His chemistry with Gerrard in Benitez years was just beginning to click. That is another thing that seperates a quality player with an average one. When you have two players teeing up attacking the box and reading each other, it shows that they are tactically strong and smart. Henderson hasn't linked up with anyone in the team. 

  4. henderson, adam, carrol what a waste of money. they are average player and LFC overpaid on them. 

  5. Aquilani could have been a sensation at Anfield. If it is true that he did not want to play for the club then there is clearly nothing to be done other than sell him but I wonder how much was done to make him stay

  6. King kenny can do nothing wrong ...are you telling me that he's better the great jay speaking or the Charlie ....alonso type ..ADam or the hoof the ball Henderson..

    .only king kenny will win us the league by Christmas ...he is giving every body a head start...and also its benitez.s fault anyway because it just is

  7. I actually think that Henderson is a good/very good prospect, but he is nowhere near Aquilani's class right now, especially if he is going to be used as an attacking midfielder/playmaker.

    I can't understand at all why there was such a rush to throw Henderson and Adam straight into the first team every week, when they could've spent a season rotating with Aquilani & Gerrard, while they adapt to regular top flight football. Letting Henderson fight Aquilani to earn his place in the team would've been better not just for the club, but also for the player. Giving too much too soon didn't work out with Insua, N'gog, Lucas and doesn't look to be working with Henderson or Carroll either.

    Jamie, you may not want to say it but I will - Liverpool definitely shouldn't have sent Aquilani away, especially on the ridiculous terms that we've agreed with Milan!

  8. He was anonymous for much of the game after he scored and was substituted. Napoli's quick counter attacking meant he was easily bypassed and pretty much summed up why he was let go. A very very talented individual but a luxury player. The only thing that puzzles me is that we loaned him again- it should have been a sale or he stayed and his agent should have been instructed to not discuss the possibility of a loan deal.

    Henderson needs to be cut some slack as a young lad with a massive price tag hanging over his head as well as adapting to a new role at a club like Liverpool.

  9. Agree with the praise for Aquilani, BUT, I don't think he was happy with the move and couldn't wait to get back to the continent!