30 Sept 2011

Liverpool are practically guaranteed to beat Everton, and here's why...

Liverpool fans are eagerly anticipating tomorrow's game against Everton, and we're all hoping for a victory. Luckily, based on past history, it seems that there is a high probability that Liverpool will win the game.

Everton's last game was a defeat to Manchester City, and over the last 20 years, Everton have not done well against Liverpool after a defeat.

- Since the 1990-91 season (Dalglish's last season), Everton have played Liverpool 12 times in the league after losing the preceding game.

- Of those 12 games, Liverpool have won 8 (66%); drawn 2 and lost only 2.

- 5 of Liverpool's 8 wins came at Goodison Park

- The last time Everton beat Liverpool after losing their preceding game was in the 99-00 season.

So, in short: Liverpool usually win or draw against Everton in game immediately following an Everton defeat. It's not scientific by any means (!), but let's hope the trend continues tomorrow!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I pray you're right.
    Everton will put up a 10 man defence. They only play one up front and that's a defender. In reality, you think we're are Everton's goals gonna come from but they'll be happy for a draw and can't see them attacking much as they know Suarez will destroy them so they'll be hoping for dead ball situtions. 

    I hope Bellamy comes in for Hendo. And Dirk for Carroll. They're not suited for this game. Possibly Carroll is because of his height but it'll be too hectic me thinks!!

  2. Liverpool's defence is vary vary week. Even chapionside club or lower level club can breach their defence threfore, 1 or 2 goal is defenately we are going to conceed. We can win the match if we shall play touch and move game with higher possession. for that we have to scarifice Carrol, Henderson and Adm for Kuyt, Ballmey and Gerrard. But i think kenney's carrol love will not let it happend. My  bet is liverpool loose this game 2-1 if go with carrol and win 2-1 if go without carrol.

  3. we haven't lost 2 games on the bounce for over 4 years lads be wary

  4. I am taking my best very camera phone to the game so I can take lovely pictures ! My friends in Norway will happy be very. I have bought twelve new badges for my new scarf. I know Everton are good side very so draw will be great for our team ! Norway reds rule yes yes yes !

  5. liverpool easy win if bellamy,kuyt,and gerrard play .....but if they dont play???

  6. Why is it every one of us can see that Hendo shouldn’t be in the starting line up but Kenny. Even former champions have come out and said Kuyt must play in place of Henderson but I bet my life when the starting 11 are named Henderson will be on that list again. We arent going to get top 4 the way Kenny is utilising our players.

  7. bent referees help as well