11 Sept 2011

Kenny Dalglish vs. Rafa Benitez: First 28 games comparison

It's 28 games in charge now for Kenny Dalglish in his second managerial spell at Anfield. Things have massively improved since he took over but how does Dalglish's impact compare with that of Rafa Benitez in his first 28 games in charge?

In a recent article, I compared Dalglish's and Roy Hodgson's first 27 games. King Kenny had a slight edge for the most part, but when it came to performance in the league it was no contest - Daglish was streets ahead of Hodgson. Is it the same with Benitez?



* Once again, Dalglish has the edge in the league, achieving 8 more points than Benitez in his first 16 league games.

* Like Hodgson, Benitez achieved more home wins than Dalglish.

* Dalglish's team has conceded fewer and scored more goals, and achieved more clean sheets.

* Benitez's team lost more games but won/drew practically the same number of matches as Dalglish's team.

At the end of Benitez's first season, Liverpool had lost 14 games in the league (19 for the season), and failed to finish in the top 4.

A repeat of those kind of figures would be disastrous for Liverpool, so let's hope the defeat against Stoke yesterday was just a bad day at the office.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. "At the end of Benitez's first season, Liverpool had lost 14 games in the league (19 for the season), and failed to finish in the top 4."
    Might've had something to do with Liverpool being in the Champions League that season. A competition I seem to remember them winning...

  2. Rafa inherited a squad with Mellor, Cisse etc. The new guy has a better squad and more transfer windows to sort his problems out:)

  3. davewestausregularguest2:21 pm, September 11, 2011

    You just cannot stop knocking Benitez can you Mr 'PLONKER'.Just keep watching LFC's progress under Dalglish. I would love him to be successful,but I have grave doubts! Benitez will return someday! If he had had the backing when he was in charge that KK is getting!,we would have seen some good results ! And more 'trophies' !

  4. Thought I told you to stop writing negative posts and to close this site down. You are such a twat.

  5. King Kenny can do nothing wrong...he has inherited a squad which was good enough to finish in top 6.....he has spent over 100 million and bought maybe three players at best good enoughto play for us ...suarez ..coats and enrique

    Carroll ...waste of money at 35million and 90grand a week ...could have got a striker at 20mil and a top centre half to replace calamity carragher

    Henderson waste of money...could have kept Aquilani and bought an out an out wingers for the right
    Adams..average at best
    downing for the price ...no way .....could have got somebody better for us

    Dalglish has spent over 100 million and you can tell we are still short of quality ...suppose that's Rafael benitez fault too.

    Could have spent the money more wisely

    will be another keegan newcastle ...:

  6. :) Like Hodgson, Benitez achieved more home wins than Dalglish.Your statement above gave you away. 

    Sometimes I wish people stop slagging Rafa. If you, like me, supported Liverpool all our lives, you cannot forget that the last 20 odd years, only 2 managers gave us something to cheer about. But only one gave us our pride back. Houllier was great in 2001. Rafa helped regain our pride in 2005, 2006 and 2007. We lost all of that in one season (rather half season) with Hodgson and now with Kenny back, are slowly getting back where we were ($100m pounds later). Imagine what Rafa could have done if FSG and not H&G was in charge. So stop the Rafa bashing. Every manager has a good record and some bad ones. It's only with Rafa which people bash non-stop and ignore all the good he does. I simply cannot understand why.

  7. Quite an unfair comparison considering the resources available to both in their respective 1st seasons.

    I really hope your next article deals with the controversial topic of Jamie Carragher.  This is a hot potato that no one has had the bottle to deal with for a few years now.  Open the debate, I have much to contribute.......

  8. I've supported LFC all my life and seem to remember enjoying Roy Evans' reign, which was less than 20 years ago.

    Unfortunately we weren't rewarded for mediocrity in those days (4 teams into the Champions League!?)and the Premiership wasnt the financial juggernaut that it is now so we couldn't attract the best players from abroad, but I definitely remember cheering a classy club that played good football and did its business the right way. Yea people laughed at 'the Spice Boys', but nowhere near as much as they've laughed at our club over the last few years. Gave us back our pride my ass

  9. More Rafa bashing Jamie?? Man I think you secretly love him... Tell you one thing tho I'd like to have seen what Rafa would have done with the money that's been available to Kenny. Rafa never had the kinda backing that Kenny does now he was in most cases forced into 2nd and 3rd choice signings by the then owners. I mean on outlay alone since January we have spent over 100M no matter how you juggle stats and figures you can't say Rafa had that kind of backing.
    I fully support Kenny and the way he's running the show but I just wonder if Rafa had 35M available for a striker would he have gone with Carroll? I'd doubt it.. Don't even get me started with 20M on Henderson!?! Suarez,Enrique,Coates,Doni & Downing are all solid signings tho and least we should be able to recover most of the 55M on the other two when they prove to be big mistakes. And another main difference before you do your end of season comparison between Rafa and Kenny, chances are Kenny will be encouraged to spend big again in January regardless of our position...

  10. How is this Rafael bashing? It's part of a series where I compare KD to all previous Liverpool managers. I did a comparison with Hodgson yesterday; was that Roy bashing?!
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  11. Any more thoughts on telling the forum about you interviews for a site that celebrates the disasters of the 80s by selling tee shirts Jaimie?

    Why did you delete my posts from yesterday?

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  13. Google jaimie kanwar and a well known united fansite all....

    Interesting reading!

  14. Would tell you the fansite name but Jaimie has auto banned the comments with it in.

    Just look on newsnow for united and you will spot the site slagging dalgleish off this afternoon.

    This is who your author partners up with!!

  15. The site is repu*lik of mancu*ia

  16. Rafa is a great but Kenny is a living legended

  17. He doesn't like you.

  18. absolutely right.  Rafa had an awesome record with what he had to work with and it would be fantastic to see him with major backing - even Inter let him down.
    One signing £14m+ per year (number lowered to include Alonso) and near everyone else between free and £8m.  Babel and Kuyt were big signings for rafa at circa £12m.Many of his signings became 1st team regulars and a couple of the squad were not bad though it's overall weakness ultimately cost us the title despite making us number 1 in Europe.His record however has turned a profit which is amazing.  How many chairmen would kill for that?  While finishing with 80pts and 86pts, he had something like 5 players over £15m, SAF was criticising him with 17 players in that category.  We shouldn't have been anywhere near Man Ure let alone challenge them.And who else has challenged ManUre and Chelski?  Wenge early doors and now Mancini.  But because Rafa didn't get on with SAF, the press will never back him - they are truly hateful.

  19. he started last season slowly aswell, but was fine.

  20. dont fall in the media hype.  read my entry above.

  21. you don't get the world we're working in or the big picture.

  22. ...but knew he had to revamp the squad.

  23. lets have it right!!8:22 pm, September 11, 2011

    the new guy!!!!!!   King Kenny, lets have it right

  24. lets have it right8:25 pm, September 11, 2011

    totally agree, a lot of fans need to look closely at the word SUPPORTers

  25. Stop living in the past man.

  26. Well said mate!

  27. Wats up Jonnysingapore

    Carra form over the past two years is the elephant in the room at the moment.  It is unfortunate for Carra but for two years his body has not been able to do what his mind willed on a regular basis.   A top four place requires the one aspect of Jamie Carraghers game that he no longer possess....consistency.  His legs went at the age of 31 which is a tragedy for the lad.  Kenny now has to man up now and take the lead of Fergie and put club before legend.

  28. Rafael was great and will always be a legend ...we were no1 in Europe under rafa ....under dalglish we will be lucky to get uefa cup ......

  29. I'm sorry but that is ridiculous... the quality of the squad Dalglish inherited was as bad as the one Rafa did. In January Kenny spent roughly 58m which was recouped from player sales. Torres left, remember him? And BEFORE the extra money was spent in the summer window, he turned us into the second best side in the league over the season's second half. The man is our greatest player ever, last time around was one of our best managers ever, and I for one think he will be again. Rafa was also a great manager, you won't catch me slagging him off. But to criticise King Kenny when he hasn't even put a foot wrong is blasphemy. Give your head a wobble!

  30. All these people having a go at Henderson, D you actually know anything about football? I wont even mention about true supporters, you`re a fuckin disgrace....set of chimps

  31. So Henderson and carragher are crap andso is Carroll. so you telling us that they are a talent but yet manure and even spurs didn't consider Henderson ....or Carroll.

    Kenny has the summer messed up all his reputation with his purchases.

  32. Spurs were in for Carroll and had a 20-25m bid knocked back.  A lot of you boys out there don't fear a knee jerk reaction do you! 

    Comolli and Daglish, watch more football and have a lot more knowledge than any of you.  So I suggest back them or go and support another team.  Liverpool are building something here, lets back them if you are real fan!

  33. don't fall in the hype. Actually read my entry above

  34. no 1 in Europe and no 7 in England...

  35. Over 120mil spent and yet we are building a squad........with that type of money we should have a complete squad .....considering the quality we already had like...
    Reina...agger...skirtel...Johnson....kelly.....insua.....aquilani...maxi rod....Lucas....gerrard....kuyt...

    And if you had 120mil to spend ....would you buy Carroll Henderson downing for 70million

  36. I also think you need to consider the wages were getting out of control.  Getting the ageing players off the books has been great work.  Younger players who are on much lower wages will help us compete when the financial fairplay rules are enforced.

    When you think of Carroll, as yourself would you rather have Torres and Babel or Carroll and Suarez?  Same transfer fee, but significantly less salary.

    Charlie Adam (Spurs and United were after) at 6m was a masterstroke.  Enrique (Arsenal wanted) at 8m was a masterstroke.
    Suarez and absolute masterstroke.
    Bellamy - Great impact squad player 1,000 times better than Ngog
    Henderson is 21 guys - England Under 21 captain and in the Gerrard mould, should be peaking in a couple of years just as we lose Gerrard.  He was 16m but in 4 years I am sure he will be worth no less than that.
    Carroll is said by many in the know to have a lot of raw talent and on his day is unplayable.  Again remember he is 21, so will mature into a great player I am sure.  If Torres had of been sold for 30m then Carroll at 15m would have been a great buy, but as it was the situation dictated differently.

  37. Let's not look back to the transfer window.

    What's important are those currently with us.

    The Stoke match is not disastrous but we could have win it early.

    Some of our players are not linking up well enough. I believe they need more games together.

    Henderson is young and need more time to learn how to compose himself infront of goal. He may be trying too hard to please, with everyone having a go at him earlier. He will come good with more games under his belt.

    Just like Sunderland game, the players will learn from it.

    Then again, I agree with Dalgish that the referees are indeed not too kind against us.

  38. Rafa and Kenny served well LFC in the past (believe me, SAF is not so confortable with RB or KKD be his rivals), they are in the same side and all this conversation it's a little bit useless at this point (give me a break this is a new team starting in a new EPL season). Unfortunately Rafa didn't have the chance to spent big (people that say the opposite are media blinded and not serious football watchers), fortunately Kenny can, so we are backing the whole project and wait to see what happens. Patience is a virtue...

  39. You "kindly" left out the point that Rafa didn't have the resources which, hypothetically, could have had an effect on the results stated above. Funny how you would leave something out that defends the man. 

  40. Look at his performances. He can't be half arsed on the right. All of a sudden you put him in the middle and he's a decent player. He isn't bothered to improve. Its not a problem for him, funny because Dalglish said the same thing too. People bash Babbel for being played on the wings when he was a striker, but he performed miles better than Henderson. How many times have you seen Henderson in the sort of positions you have seen Downing in on the left. Now compare that to how Babbel played. I'm not bashing Kenny, its all to do with the player's mentality. Henderson is looking very cautious and scared on the right. 

  41. Henderson= needs time, but is taking time for granted atm. 

    Carroll = wt* !!!???? 

    Enrique= good signing. Whenever Liverpool are in need of a goal, this guy has the mentality to step up even if hes a defender. Solid defender too. 

    Adam= Good/Mediocre. He is good up until the first 45 minutes. Then he can't be bothered. He doesn't have the legs or mentality to deal with pressure in the second half, especially when Liverpool need a goal. 

    Downing= OK. He will do the running for you. He isn't the smartest player. Smart players are supposed to cost 20 million. His final delivery is not consistent. More times than good his crosses lack accuracy. 

    Luis Suarez=  Legend

    Coates= I have a very good feeling about this guy. I think he is the next 
    Sami Hyypia. Good on the ball and composed. He has made mistakes but they are the kind of mistakes he can easily root out, and it has nothing to do with his ability defending. 

    Bellamy= better player than Carroll. Should have starting place.

    So out of these 8 signings 4 of them come good. But the money payed for the bad signings are ridiculous. Henderson I sorta believe in but he needs to change his mentality. Jones at United is miles ahead of him in that category. 

  42. No.  Its not even about the players that were bought. Its the players that were let go that weren't replaced. how many of you thought that a midfield with Adam, Aquilani, Meireles, Lucas, Gerrard was a title challenging midfield. The players we bought should have supplemented that but it just ended up replacing them instead. 

  43. All these comments and comparisons are bullshit. The reality is Liverpool couldnt beat sunderland, stoke, norwich, lost to fulham... I mean for f++k sake this is a joke.. Its pathetic.. They dont look like hitting a barn door. It has f all to do with referees or anything else. We DONT SCORE GOALS.  Our goal difference is shite. We are so far off the pace its fucking unbelievable. No excuses. Not good enough full stop. Poor signings. Poor decisions. 

  44. you are deluded. Im a lfc fan. the players are not good enough, have you considered that idea?