8 Sept 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Liverpool vs. Arsenal - WAGE BILL comparison: 2000-2010

In the second article of this ongoing analysis, I compare Liverpool's wage-spend with Arsenal's over the last 10 years.

Liverpool vs. Man United - Wage Spend Comparison - 2000-2010


* The wages and salary figure includes all staff connected with the club. This means means coaches, medical staff, and even the guys that cut the grass at Anfield. However, the bulk of the figure will obviously be player salaries.

* Deloitte uses the same figures in its 'Annual Review of Football Finance. If the figures are valid enough for the experts in the field then they're valid enough for me to use.

* Remember, this analysis is up to 2009-10 (Rafa Benitez's last season). The accounts for last season (i.e. Roy Hodgson's tenure) are not available yet.

* SOURCES: Official club accounts for Liverpool FC and Arsenal.

LIVERPOOL vs. Arsenal: Wage Comparison - 2000-2010


* Liverpool have higher wage spending than Arsenal for 3 of the last 10 years; Arsenal were higher for 7 of the last 10.

* Arsenal's overall wage spend is only slightly higher than Liverpool's over the ten year period. An extra £2.7m a year brought them 2 league titles and 3 FA Cup wins.

* Arsenal finished 3rd in 2009-10 with a 10.9% lower wage than Liverpool, who finished 6th that year.

* It seems to be a common belief that there is a direct correlation between wage-spend and success, but is this actually true? In its Annual Review of Football Finance 2010, pre-eminent accounting organisation Deloitte argued otherwise:

"Money spent on wages is certainly no guarantee of success for the majority of Premier League clubs, and...many clubs are getting questionable value for investment in player wages".

This has definitely proved to be the case for Liverpool FC. The club should've achieved a lot more in 2009-10 with a wage spend of £121m. Going forward, the value return on player salary investment surely must improve under FSG and Kenny Dalglish.

Next up: Liverpool vs. Chelsea

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I saw the Man U Vs Liverpool wage bill comparison the other day too. Without taking into account transfer fees, these articles are utterly pointless and misleading.