30 Sept 2011

Jordan Henderson: A 'freudian slip' by Kenny Dalglish re Everton selection?

Kenny Dalglish has dismissed suggestions that Liverpool's new signings will need extra preparation to cope with the intense atmosphere of the Merseyside derby. He may also inadvertently revealed whether Jordan Henderson will start against Everton.

Dalglish outlined why he believes that his newest players have had all the preparation they need:

"I think the Rangers-Celtic derby will have given Charlie a good grounding. For Andy, the Northeast derby isn’t to be undermined either; and for Stewart, Villa-Birmingham is not the smallest of derbies either".

Liverpool-Everton games are renowned for starting at a frenetic pace; will the likes of Suarez and Adam be ready for this?

"You can’t tell me that the Rangers-Celtic derby doesn’t start the same way [Fast and frenetic], or the Birmingham derby, or the North-East derby.

"And even for Luis – the derbies that he’s been involved in in Holland would’ve been frenetic aswell. They might not experienced with derbies here, they have somewhere else.Every derby, I would’ve thought, starts the same".

Tellingly, there was no mention of Jordan Henderson, who would've played in a few derbies of his own. A freudian slip, perhaps? Could this be an indication that the youngster will sit out the Everton game?

I think most people* would be happier if Dirk Kuyt started in his place for this particular game.

* Except regular poster Jay Wright ;-D

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Most people, but not me!! :-D

  2. Don't think he missed him out on purpose but I agree, Dirk is more suited to this game as Hendo is still a young lad and as yet, hasn't stamped any authority on a game. He goes missing too much. Great when he has the ball because he releases it quickly but the Derby will be more about chasing and pressing. Something Dirk is the dogs at. 

  3. Yeah but Kuyt almost always has a legendary derby day! Removed Reina and Enrique from my fantasy team. There's definitely going to be goals in this one.

  4. I don't think he missed him on purpose, but subconsciously.  KD was asked specifically preparation of his new players for the derby, and he mentioned 3 out of 4, probably because they are going to start, and his mind automatically went to those players.  I have no doubt that Henderson will be on the bench tomorrow.

  5. It all depends on how KD & SC want to set up. Blues will probably go 4-4-1-1; so to counter their 'false' 10, I think we could go 4-1-2-3. If we do, I could see Kuyt & Henderson playing: with JH & CA ahead of LL, & DK & SD flanking Suarez - this gives us a highly mobile, fluid attacking third; but also a solid, hard working MF with decent distribution & vision.

    One of the Reds' most important strategies will have to be to nullify the Blues' attacking left, so we need to be solid down our right side - that's why I wouldn't mind Henderson & Kuyt, who do work hard.

  6. Cuyt Record against Everton has been good and I think this a game that we need someone with more expreience as Kelly on right back is a young man so Kelly and Henderson would be a little bit too much asking from two young lads soI hope Kuyt start.

  7. Play any of your over priced players, won't make a difference to the outcome.

  8. And no mention of Mr Bellamy, now he has played in one or two Derby games

  9. what about GB

  10. If you mean CB, as in Craig Bellamy, just could be a little too heated to start with him.

    But if the Reds start dominating possession, as they will want to from the 2nd quarter through to the 2nd half, I can definitely see him making an impact in the last 20 mins

  11. from the second quarter

  12. I'm no yank - how do you describe the first half period after the 23rd minute, genius?