30 Sept 2011

DAILY POLL: Luis Suarez or Sergio Aguero - Who would you rather have at LFC?

Everton defender and one-time Liverpool target Sylvain Distin has called Luis Suarez a 'great player with great quality', and compared him favourably to Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero. Both are exciting players, but if you had to choose between the two, who would you have?

Distin said:

"Luis seems to be a great player, an amazing player with great quality who can score goals, but he won't be the first great striker I have played against.

"I have played against players like Thierry Henry, Alan Shearer, Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka, and Fernando Torres.

"I played against Edin Dzeko and Aguero last weekend, so it is just going to be another good challenge, and one which I will enjoy. I can't wait.

"I actually think Aguero and Suarez are very similar in the way they are built physically, and the way they play. It will be another good test".

So - if you had to select one of these players for the Liverpool team, who would get the nod?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Was about to say what fishbox said, ridiculous poll

  2. At least have the courtesy to put the option for "both". That would have almost 100% vote. hehe.

    Alright, it's a stupid poll. I gotta agree. Sorry.

  3. I think it's only because we're diehard liverpool fans that we'd have Suarez instead of Aguero. It's a fact that in terms of natural ability and potential, Aguero is better. His finishing is much better whereas Suarez is wasteful in front of goal at times. You only have to think back to the game at the emirates last season when he should've scored to make it 1-0. He's a great player but I think he needs to improve on his finishing a bit. Because of the way he plays and how he never stops running and really plays for the team, we will always idolise Luis.

  4. me being from Uruguay i say their both a south american delight...go lp go

  5. Wish we could have had both. I dont know if he would have come but 35mill for Carroll or chuck an extra 4million and have aguero instead?? I know which i would choose

  6. Jaimie, i mean no disrespect to you, but I have to say what is in my mind. Why do you always compare players of different kind of play/roles in football? Henderson(W,B2BM) and Kuyt(IF), Adam(DCM) and Gerrard(B2BM, AM) and now Aguiero and Suarez.

    Aguiero is your typical "poacher" a player more similar to Torres or Gyan or Vagner Love.

    Suarez is a trequartista, a player more similar to Rooney or Tim Cahill or Francesco Totti(the player that I believe has most defined the role) or the greatest treq of them all Messi.

    Whats the difference between a poacher and a treq? Both have similar attributes(pace, acc, finishing, etc) but a poacher is almost always the highest player up the pitch, tend to be super selfish and his primary goal in life is to score goals at all costs. Most of the time he only sees opponent defenders, the GK and the goal. Everyone else is invisible to him. He only passes the ball in the d-box if he has close to 0% chance of scoring himself . Like Agueiro did vs Everton.

    A treq on the other hand can play behind a striker(poacher, TM, CF etc) and dictate attacks.He can also be played by himself at the helm. Even though he scores fair amount of goals but he also contributes an equally fair amount of assists.He tends to be far less selfish than your typical poacher.

    When a team has both "type" of players on the field at the same time, they are devastating in attack(in EPL today our eternal foe sadly has them).

    So between Aguiero and Suarez who would I rather have in LFC? Let me first decide what fruit should I rather eat today? apple or orange? Maybe I will go with the apple today and save the orange for tomorrow.

    I hope we don't have an article on Carroll(Target man) vs Torres(Poacher) next.

  7. It's one of those choices that are too close to call for me - as far as I'm concerned, whatever choice you make, you're right!

  8. Suarez is a quality finisher also, hence his prolific record with Ajax.

    When his teammates start creating more openings for him and allow him to focus on finishing instead of using up his energy doing pretty much everything for us in attack, then I'm sure that his strike rate will rise considerably

  9. tbf, if two players play in the same position then it is perfectly fair to compare the two, irrespective of the manner in which they carry out that role.

    If Henderson and Kuyt are both playing wide right of a midfield four then it's the same position. Just as Torres and Carroll leading the line as lone front men would make them directly comparable also, in spite of their differing approaches to playing the position

  10. We're not playing football manager now pal. I think Jaimie has every right to compare the 2 and my personal view is they are both very similar. They both have a bit of pace, skill, the ability to create chances out of nothing etc etc. Im suprised youve not used the terms Advanced forward, deep lying forward haha. Like someone else says below but I'll use David Beckham and Aaron Lennon. Theyre both play right midfield so you can compare them or are you going to tell me ones a wide midfielder and ones a winger?? You can still compare there output or how effective they are!! 

  11. football manager? Used to play championship manager in college, but that was long time ago. Now between work and changing diapers at home , i visit liverpool fan sites like this and spend a bit of time in Zonal Marking and similar websites. But Advanced Forward and Deeplying Forward, I presume they are CFs? like Targetman and Poacher? Or more like Deeplying Midfielder and sorts?

  12. Suarez doesnt have the teammates to set him up, Downing=garbage , Henderson is good for maybe a houseleague team , get Gerrard back in the line up and we'll see how good his finishing is then!

  13. He had a 7 game ban when we bought. ( for biting bakkal's ear) if that doesn't cry out risk then i dont know what is.

  14. AGUERO is by far the greatest centre forward to grace the English game ! Suarez is decent but Aguero is shall we say "GREATER" AND SUAREZ HASNT SCORED THE WINNING GOAL TO WIN TITLE NOW HAS HE?...