22 Sept 2011

DAILY POLL: Henderson? Adam? Who should make way for Steven Gerrard?

After almost 7 months out injured, Steven Gerrard is back in action for Liverpool. When the captain regains match-fitness and starts playing regularly again, someone in the team is going to have to give up their starting place. Who is that likely to be?

Wherever Gerrard ends up playing, it's a near-certainty that one of either Lucas Leiva, Jordan Henderson or Charlie Adam is going to have to step back into the shadows. Who should it be?

I doubt it will be Lucas who makes way - he's a fixture in the team now, and since Liverpool don't really have any other defensive midfielders, his position seems safe.

I really hope it *isn't* Charlie Adam who's dropped - Liverpool needs an Alonso-type player who can dictate the pace of play, and with his range of passing, and regular creative contribution, Adam should definitely be in the team (IMO).

Henderson should be the one who makes way IMO - he seems unsure of his role in the team and this has been reflected in his indifferent run of form. Plus, we have Dirk Kuyt and Craig Bellamy (if needed) to cover the right-hand side.

I really hope that Henderson doesn't retain his place at Adam's expense just because of his price tag.

My team for Saturday:

------------ Reina

Kelly ---- Carra -- Coates --- Enrique

---------- Lucas -- Adam

Kuyt/Bellamy -------- Gerrard -------- Downing

------------- Suarez

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Even though I'm not a great fan of Lucas (to say the least), he deserves to be in the 11 ahead of Henderson, so it's Jordan who I believe should be dropped to acommodate Gerrard. Dropping Adam shouldn't be considered I think, he is effective enough.

  2. i think from the look of things Henderson does not deserve to wear the liverpool shirt and even Stirling is better than him and must be loan to improve his performance.......... for the selection is really a good one, if only Daglish will take it in a good faith

  3. adam is out of sat due to red card isnt he?

  4. I'd leave BOTH Henderson and Adam out.  Neither have shown the qualities required to be a Liverpool player

  5. Hi Jamie,
    For me the jury's still out on Adam and I think that Henderson is showing potential.
    Lucas is a terrier biting around ankles and should stay.
    Adam should learn a bit of discipline and realise that when he is reckless, as he was on Sunday, he lets the rest of the team down but because of his experience he should retain his place and show us that he merits the faith shown in him.
    Henderson has time to look and learn from the bench but can and should be used quickly if Adam fails to impress.


  6. I think Adam was only suspended for the Brighton game...?

  7. 1 goal and 2 assists in 5 games for Adam is surely a quality return so far?

  8. Hi Jo - agree about Adam's recklessness; I'm sure he will have learned his lesson.  To be fair though, he's not a discipline case; before Sunday, he'd only ever had 1 red card for his entire career.

  9. Why no one consider Spearing. With current quality of the midfielder L'pool had, he should be ahead of Henderson and maybe equal to Adam

  10. A no brainer, Hendo to be dropped, so far has given very little value to our squad,  I cant see why we bought him at such an inflated price :-( As for Adam, big fish little pond syndrome when at Blackpool, I think he has been poor in set pieces, movement, passing and as last year continues to foul like there is no tomorrow. Stevie and Lucas in CM any day for me with current squad players performances......

  11. You want to keep Adam for the way he can dictate the pace? Did you not see the game against Tottenham? He has no pace although i would still have him in instead of Henderson only for set peices and range of pass (if the opposition gives him all the time in the world to get rid of the ball though). As for Henderson I just cant think of anything he brings to the team, he has no drive, no creativity , always passes backwards or sideways , scared to go in for the tackle and gets bossed around too easily...how he starts ahead of Kuyt , Bellamy and Maxi in such important games is beyond belief.

  12. I agree about Spearing. When playing at anfield with attacking full backs, enrique and kelly, we need two relatively defensive central midfielders to cover. Notice how stretched we were a couple of times last night when Robinson was supporting the attack and the ball was lost in midfield. So unless Gerrard is going to develop into the new Alonso, Spearing should do this job alongside the essential Lucas. We really should have got Scott Parker for this role instead of the slow one-dimensional Adams. Henderson needs time (and to be played centrally not out wide). He is probably only being played because of the fee. I'm not sure if Stevie will start as he looked a little heavy last night so he should probably come on from the bench - lets not push him too much too soon. So...
    Kelly ---- Carra -- Coates --- Enrique---------- Lucas --  SpearingBellamy -------- Kuyt/Gerrard -------- Downing------------- Suarez

  13. both actually for me, you cant say henderson because hes playing as a right winger we're talking about central midfield so it should be lucas and gerrard there no place for adam either but i think kenny will drop lucas which would be sad one of the best we have atm. adam and  hendo both not worthy and extremely over rated by kenny adam is too slow and un effective, gets many yellows or even red cards never the play that was at blackpool while henderson is the worst buy ever along carroll just shocking players. So my team would look like this: Reina Kelly Carra Skrtel Enrique Lucas Gerrard Kuyt Downing Bellamy Suarez: subs:doni coates carroll hendo adam maxi spearing.

  14. although henderson is young and full of promise, we need to play it smart. Adam seems like he's struggling at the moment but lets hope the red card he got last weekend will snap him back into reality. YNWA

  15. adams and henderson are close to being good enough for Bolton. It should be a mixture of spearing, lucas, maxi, gerrard downing  depending on tactics and fitness.
    Adams and Henderson should play when non of those above are fit or when they improve.
    the front three should be suarez and two attacking midfield/wingers who have speed.
    Carroll should play when all other players are dead

  16. The pace of bellamy and skill of Suarez means they should be the 2 strikers.This leaves a 4 man midfield with Downing,Lucas,Gerrard and Kuyt.The £35m luxury can be thrown on for the last 5 minutes if parking the bus has frustrated us.I dont think Gerrard will start anyway he wont be sharp enough,hes said himself he is well off the pace.

  17. Jaimie, I'd drop Henderson, Adam, Downing and Carrol for now and let them earn a place in the first eleven.

    Henderson could well develop into a good player one day, but as of yet I've seen very little to suggest that he should make the team sheet, he adds nothing to our game and is just a passenger.

    Adam is a good player but I'd have to question if he's good enough to start for us, I just don't see him as the Alonso style player you believe him to be. He's very slow both physically and mentally, players like Alonso and Molby weren't the quickest players in the world but they were more often than not a few steps ahead of the opposition mentally, Adam seems to lack that and I don't think it can be taught or trained!
    One other thing that niggles me with him is these hollywood passes he attempts, he needs reminding that he's not Molby or Alonso quality, he just lacks that speed of thought they had!

    Downing, well this is a little more difficult as the lads not done an awful lot wrong. His attitude and drive are outstanding, but I feel that other players offer that little bit more to the team, there just doesn't seem to be an end product with him, having said that I think he can improve on these areas and be very useful for us in the future.

    With Carrol I think there a few different reasons for him not making the grade, his attitude, he's not really suited to our style of play, the price tag and his work rate at times is poor, as with the above we have better options in the squad.

    I'd replace Henderson with Bellamy, he's got bags of pace, great engine, skill and seems to have developed a good understanding with Suarez.

    I'd replace Adam with Spearing, I think with Lucas they form a great partnership and have a great understanding of each other, he has bags of pace and energy and also has good passing ability with that speed of thought thats important in that position.

    I'd replace Downing with Maxi, was involved in both goals last night and was outstanding in the second half of last season, if we're picking players on form he shouldn't be warming the bench, very clever player with real quality and has great understanding with Kuyt and Suarez.

    I'd replace Carrol with Kuyt, this is a no brainer for me, great understanding with Suarez and when they play together Luis is usually unplayable, he just brings so much more to the team in all areas, a quality player who's massively underrated!

    Oh, I've not forgotten about Stevie, just think after being out injured for so long we need to be careful not to rush him back too soon.

  18. I chose Henderson, however I feel he will come good, despite hid indifferent form.  Asking the lad to be week in, week out performer is a little much at this stage of his career with a squad like ours.  A season as understudy to the likes of Gerrard and a few others, while also getting minutes under his belt, should bring him along quite a bit and help to settle him in.

  19. I'm worried by our lack of clean sheets. Although Agger has played in games we have conceded, he is without doubt our best defender.

    Carragher has been directly responsible for a few goals this season and think its time to try some alternative pairings at the back. The Carling cup games would have been perfect opportunities for this.

    Overall, with the return of Gerrard, we for the first time in many seasons have genuine options and competition for places.

    I think Kuyt should be a stater for every game as he is not only going to contribute at the top of the pitch but provide assistance to the young Kelly/Flannagan but also cover when the attack minded Johnston returns.