22 Sept 2011

ALAN KENNEDY: "It’s always a contest between him and Suarez"

Liverpool legend Alan Kennedy has given his verdict on last night's Carling Cup victory over Brighton, sounding a note of caution over the club's inability to kill off the game earlier.

Kennedy, who won 15 trophies with Liverpool between 1978 and 1985, focused his comments on Craig Bellamy, but also noted how the club almost let the game slip away. He said:

"It’s hard to define his [Bellamy's] position as well. He started off on the left-hand side, then drifted over to the right hand-side, and he played down the middle.

"He’s a bundle of energy at 32. Absolutely brilliant. His attitude is very good as well, he wants to take every free kick; it’s always a contest between him and Suarez over who gets the ball first".

Like most fans, Kennedy thought Liverpool would go on and take control of the game after the first goal went in:

"It was a perfect start, and we all thought ‘this is it’ again; we’re going to dominate the game and go on and score a second goal.

"It came rather late in the game, but at least we got it, and that secured us the win.

"They made it difficult...but generally a much better performance but they did at one stage allow Brighton to get back in the game".

A good win for Liverpool overall but it is slightly concerning that the team didn't score more goals. Better teams in the Premier League may not be as forgiving.

Jaimie Kanwar