27 Sept 2011

ALDO: "An embarrassing performance, which won't happen again under Kenny"

Last season, Liverpool were 'turned over' at Goodison Park, says club legend John Aldridge, but he has no doubt that things will be different this season, especially with Luis Suarez in the team.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo, Aldridge was upbeat about this weekend's game:

"It goes without saying that it will be a difficult game at Goodison, but we’re going there with a much better squad than we had last October when they turned us over.

"That was an embarrassing performance which won’t happen again under Kenny Dalglish and with the group of players we’ve got now".

Hmm. It already has happened again vs. Spurs, and the performance was even worse! But I digress. Aldo added:

"I was in Portugal for that game, and when I heard Roy Hodgson say it was our best performance of the season I had to go to bed. It was a laughable statement. This time we will be better prepared and make it a lot harder for Everton".

Like all Liverpool fans, Aldo is excited about Luis Suarez, and can't wait to see him in action again:

"On Saturday Suarez will get his first taste of playing in a Merseyside derby. It will be the first time Everton have had to deal with him and I’m sure they will be wary.

"Suarez is a nightmare for defenders and it’s amazing some of the areas he gets out of. He always works his socks off and I’m sure he will revel playing in the derby atmosphere".

The derby has been notorious for red and yellow cards over the last 10 years, and I just hope Suarez can keep his cool amid the intensity.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. One question: 

    What was that performance when Liverpool got beat 4-0 by Spurs the other week about? Did Kenny allow that one? 

  2. I see it is not just LFC fans that are scathing in their criticism of Roy Hodgson. Now that he is gone Jaimie you surely must admit that his performance was horrible. I see this season from 3 away games he has managed 0 wins, some things never change, i wish him all the luck int he world

  3. I'm sure someone will have a long hard chat with Luis before the game, he is an amazing player. Works so hard

    Clarke has already started with the following comments

    "With any top player the mentality is always that bit stronger, that's what separates them.

    "There are a lot of good players at this level and the really, really
    top ones have got that mental edge that drives them on all the time and
    produces the kind of performances that we've had from Luis so far."

    He tends to over react when aggrieved by referee / linesman decisions, let's hope he doesn't get booked too early

    Have a horrible vision of him being booked unfairly for simulation early on and losing the plot over it with an immediate 2nd yellow dished out........

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    Not even the righteous can turn down their money........... we are all doomed

  5. Unfortunately, I have no control over what ads are shown for that particular banner, though I'm waiting for a response from the ad company to see if I can filter sky out.

  6. davewestausregularguest2:30 am, September 28, 2011

    Aldo is a 'plonker',cannot take rejection!   

  7. Well said Pip. That Spurs game is very similiar to that Everton game. All that was missing is KD saying its our best performance so far. Unbelievable isn't it, for dishing out something like that, so fans actually calls KD King.

  8. Jaimie,

    How I wish I can write just like you and get so many comments. I envy you.

  9. With carragher and Henderson and Carroll in the team will mean we'll mess up again and more pathetic excuses will be made.

    Team should be

    ...Kelly ........coats........skirtel .......Enrique
    .........................Lucas .................
    ...maxi .........gerrard .............downing
    .....................Suarez ..............
    .................................kuyt ............

    Come on kenny players should be in team on merit and not reputation

  10. so you pick this team on merit. maxi ? gerard ( not fit and hasnt played for 6 months) and coates. ( did you not watch the brighton game )
    your witch hunt on carra is embarrassing, best defender against brighton and wolves and has the respect of all his fellow players even enrique spoke 
    this week and said when he tells you something you have to listen 
    because of his experience. 675 games and still the best CH we have
    and until agger plays 10 games on the bounce dont even try to compare.
     your assasination of henderson is laughable and has only played six games
    give the 21 year old a chance.