15 Sept 2011

AGGER: Liverpool 'ready to compete'

Daniel Agger believes the current Liverpool squad has improved exponentially since last season, citing renewed belief as the reason the team is now ready to move forward this season.

In an interview with the official site, Agger outlined why he believes things have changed:

"I think it's a bit of everything, but obviously the coaching staff are helping.

"If you look at the squad now, it looks really, really strong with so many good players, so I think it is good for us to have the belief to go forward and win games.

"We definitely have that now and if you compare it to last season, I think we're miles apart...I think we have a good team now and we're ready to compete."

It's good to see such confidence coming from Liverpool's players but, to be fair, the club had a good team and lots of good players last season too.

There were obviously problems but the players have to take a lot of responsibility for not doing the business, especially given the obscene wages they were being paid (More than Man United, and only Man City and Chelsea paid more).

Agger et al should've been 'ready to compete' last season too, instead of putting in below-par performances individually and collectively.

Irrespective of who's in charge, these players still play for Liverpool FC, and that should be enough to motivate them.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Agger was played at left back when he could get onto the pitch under Hodgson so obviously couldn't compete to his maximum ability. The negative instructions from the manager hindered the rest of the team also, as did the lack of quality throughout the squad.

    Players have a lot of responsibility to do their jobs to the best of their ability, but if the manager is not responsible for getting the best out of them then what is the point of even having one??

    Anyways, at least Agger has the confidence to publicly assert his belief in the current team. Hopefully his teammates have the same confidence and go out to disprove any naysayers (including myself, who doesn't see this as a title winning squad) rather than being content to just accept the negative talk as a valid excuse to underperform

  2. We have obviously improved our squad since last year, but to win the premier league we definitely need more quality in midfield. Suarez is a class above anybody else in liverpools squad, and we need more players of his quality in order to win the league