23 Aug 2011

FOOTBALL CHEATS: No 23 - Peter Wisgerhof (FC Twente vs. Ajax - 2011)

This ridiculous and obviously deliberate dive really has to be see to be believed. There's absolutely no contact at all, and the player - Twente's Peter Wisgerhof - just decides to tumble theatrically to the ground for no apparent reason. A total farce.

I'm surprised the crowd didn't storm the pitch and tear him limb from limb for that. This dive shows (IMO) how cheating is ingrained into the minds of footballers these days; Wisgerhof's instinct was to cheat, and he probably did it without even thinking.

Unfortunately, other footballers have impeccable timing when it comes to diving, which is why so many of them get away with it.


Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Saw this a while back alright, really pathetic, he may have actually gotten a free kick if ref wasn't directly in line with it

    There has always been cheats in football i guess, but modern tv coverage can easily highlight it

    Exactly why there should be a means to cite opponents for cheating after games

  2. I hope he was booked.

  3. BEWARE: Jamie kanwar is a troll... Not to mention a manc6:34 am, August 24, 2011

    Surprised nobody has found you yet Jamie for the bullshit you write?

  4. BEWARE: Jamie kanwar is a troll... Not to mention a manc6:38 am, August 24, 2011

    Wasn't you the guy who gave us 10 reasons not to sign Suarez calling a cheat?

    Explains the lack of activity on your site... You must feel silly now