28 May 2010

Rafa Benitez vs. Manchester City managers - Transfer spending comparison (2004-2009)

In the third article of a 7 part series, I take a look at how Rafa Benitez's transfer spending between 2004 and 2009 compares to Manchester City's spending over the same period.


* To accurately report the gross/net spend of the UK's top clubs since 2004.

* To dispel the myth, exaggeration and misinformation surrounding the transfer spending of the UK's top clubs.

* To finally bring clarity and accuracy to this area so that future debates about transfer spending can be based in fact, not generalisation and biased opinion.


* Liverpool and Man City have slightly different accounting years:

Liverpool: 31 July - 31 July
Man City: 31 May - 31 May

* I have omitted transfer activity (both teams) for accounting year 2009-10 as neither clubs' accounts for that year are available until 2011. Consequently, there is no way to be 100% sure about the figures.

* The transfer of Xabi Alonso took place after the 2008 accounting deadline, which is why it's not included here. I will update the transfer spending table when the 2009-10 accounts are released.

* This series is NOT an attack on Rafa Benitez. The comparisons to be undertaken are regularly requested by visitors to this site.

* These stats have never been compiled before online.

Rafa Benitez vs. Manchester City Managers (04-09)

RB v MC - transfer Spend

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Jaimie Kanwar


  1. What ever ppl say this info continues to prove that Money is a very big part in who finishes where!! just put in the same info for chelsea, mannure, real madrid, inter and all the other teams that won anything in the last 5 years and it will continue to prove this point.

  2. What we knew already about their spending. Not much until Thai takeover, then nuclear with Abu Dhabi.

    Figures will be even more blown out when last summer is taken into consideration.

    They would really need to get some return sharpish on that 'investment'.

  3. So how does this prove that point? Look at how much money Man City spent between 2007 and 2009: did it make any difference to where they finished?  No.

    And the season just gone - despite 3 years of all this money, they still failed to qualify for the CL.

    Money spent does not always equal guaranteed success.

  4. <span>

    Chelsea and City both threw money at their projects.
    Difference was that Chelsea could attract a better type of player from being in the Champs Lge whereas City is really only appealing to the mercenary element presently. That and City didn't have a manager as good as Ranieri or Mourinho.
    If/Once they get into the Champions Lge, it will then be time to really worry about City.

  5. They did finish 5th though Jaimie so clearly the increase in funds has helped, lets see how they do next season.

  6. City is an excellent example of 'boys and their toys' (in reference to the owner) - even more so than Abramovich at Chelsea.

    There's no doubt that money can buy success, but only with a canny manager capable of spending it on the right players, then getting them to work together.

    Hughes was horribly out of his depth with that amount of money, and predominantly purchased players with bad attitudes; self-centered individuals who are certainly not known for their team spirit and battling against adversity. Otherwise known as mercenaries - high profile players who could be tempted away from their club purely for the cash, and to hell with loyalty or the fans that have cheered their name (Toure, Lescott, Barry, Robinho etc.)

    Mancini did his best with that bunch but I think give him another shedload of cash to spend in the summer (and enough time to build his 'legacy') and we'll see a different approach over the next couple of seasons.

    It's a scary thought, to be sure.

  7. No but they were managed by a series of poor managers.

    If Mancini had been there from the start of the season they would be in the CL now.

    Hughes' purchases last summer were poor and smacked of desperation.  The sale of Richard Dunne was laughable.

  8. How do you know that they would have?


  9. An impressive summary of our plight to be found here, even if there are some innacuracies I'm sure true Reds will agree:


  10. Again what utter nonesense !

    City spent more than us in the last 3 years whilst trying to breakm in to the top 4 of the Premier League.

    Rafa spent less in 3 years than City, trying to win the damn Premier League.

    A hell of a big difference !

    Lets see how much City have to spend in the next 2 years to try and break in to the top ?

    It'll will be significantly more than what they have already spent.

  11. Jaimie Kanwar your Liverpool-kop website is a joke.

    I posted 2 non offensive, post on here yesterday, you dilerbratly didn't put them on.

    They weren't offensive, they were to do with season tickets price increase.

    I made an observation, you didn't like it so you censored it.

    That's just not on.

    You will probably not post this one too.

    Well 'am just gonna keep copying and pasting it every 10 mins or so.

    At least some people WILL get to see it !