6 Dec 2009

VIDEO + POLL: Did STEVEN GERRARD dive against Blackburn?

It really pains me to highlight this, but Steven Gerrard's 500th game for Liverpool was marred by yet more play-acting from the club captain.

Cheating is a cancer of the modern game, and it is our duty as fans to be truthful and fair, even when it comes to our own players.

This site is anti-cheating in every way, and that means holding the mirror up to nature and condemning Liverpool players if and when they cheat. Indeed, in our recent 'Football Cheats' series, we looked at lots of recent dives, including those from Liverpool players. (By the way, Uber-cheat Wayne Rooney had 4 dives in the top 20).

Since UEFA is too spineless and incompetent to take action on the issue (what else can we expect with a self-confessed cheat at the helm?), it's up to fans to make their hatred of cheating known. Brushing it under the carpet and/or ignoring it because of personal bias is, in my view, tantamount to condoning cheating.

As much as I hate to admit it, I think Gerrard clearly dived against Blackburn. What do you think?

Anyone posting personal attacks against Gerrard will be instantly banned. By all means discuss the issue, but do so in a civilised manner.

Jaimie Kanwar

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  1. Its really annoying. And the media has such double standards. If this was Ronaldo or Drogba, it'd be all over the papers and on TV. But when its Gerrard and Rooney, they keep shut. I remember last year when we won 2-0 against Chelsea, Gerrard got booked for diving, and in the highlights on MOTD, they didn't even show it even though they dedicated 11 minutes to the Liverpool-Chelsea game. 

    I still love Gerrard, and would still probably let him have my wife (even though I don't have a wife currently), but he needs to stop this, or at least this be highlighted in the media.

    As for UEFA not doing enough to tackle diving, I disagree. TO me, diving is as bad as a really cynical challenge or some of the other stuff that goes on, and there is adequate punishment for it (yellow card).

  2. Actually, I may be wrong about this being a dive. Its hard to tell from the angle because the defender may have gotten his right foot. Even so, he seems to exaggerate it. The point still applies, though. Gerrard dives frequently enough to be classified as a habitual diver with the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo & Drogba, and this still isn't highlighted in the media.

  3. Obvious dive. Diving is always bad, whoever is doing it, but it becomes worse when it's done by someone who has made all the comments Gerrard has. He claims it's ruining the game, singling out players like Ronaldo, says he would have a word if one of his team did it etc.
    And then there's the issue of Liverpool fans singing about Gerrard being "fucking hard" when he throws himself to the ground, with or without contact. Not the typical characteristic of a hard man is it. Just a tad embarrassing really.

  4. what is clear that defender didn't touch the ball. In rest, it is hard to say why Gerrard  should diving in such position.

  5. I dont think it is a dive he passes the ball then trys to stop more a case of momentum taking him over.  It definately wasn't a penalty though so the ref for once got it right

  6. Yes he took a dive, not as bad as Henry's handball against Ireland though

  7. The question is: Did Gerro demand penalty to ref or not?

  8. It becomes more embarassing for the person who makes the comments, but at the end of the day, a dive's a dive, and you're no better if you Gerrard still remains "fucking hard". You don't dive because you're weak physically, you dive because you want to gain an unfair advantage. Like I don't think Rooney's weak because he dives. As for hypocritical, what do you have to say about this?
    (The following are all quotes from Wayne Rooney)
    'Everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player,' Rooney said.

    'I have never intentionally tried to dive. In fact, there have been times when I have tried to stay on my feet and get the shot off rather than go down.

    'It isn't fair for players to dive and try to cheat the other team. And it is not just cheating your opponents, you are cheating the fans as well.'

    And this?

  9. My first sentence was cut off, it was meant to be "you're no better if you make comments for or against it".

  10. It's crystal clear Mr.Jaimie that the defender didn't touch the ball.. but it's not a penalty either and you should note that even Gerrard didn't make a penalty appeal. So he knew it wasn't a penalty..
    It's wrong to say he's a diver. If he had dived,he would have appealed for  a penalty and he didn't. It might be that he tried to escaped the defender's leg and he stumbled but GERRARD IS NO DIVER...



  11. From that angle, dive but another angle may show that the Blackburn player caught Gerrard on the ankle. I don't know, I haven't seen the other angle.

  12. even though its not a penalty, i dont think he dives coz he didnt ask for one...neither did anyone else (except for the travelling kop0

  13. Definatly a dive from gerrard. he did the same thing last year at ewood park. it does seem strange that the english players diving doesnt get as much media as the foreign players

  14. gerrard clearly has decided to go down! if anythin the defender has stood on stevies right foot, no reason for him not to step forward with his left! gerrard will go down like this in the box not <span><span>askin 4 a pen, but if the ref was to give 1 i'm sure he would take it</span></span>

  15. Yeah! Gerard never dives! It must be the grass or another groin injury! Absolutely terrible for fans to have any doubt that he dived. And yet many of you loves him very dearly. Would video technology help? I don't think so because the scoucers are too blind and dumb! Just write your thoughts on Rafa. And relfect in 2 years. You will all change your loving views on the man.In RAFA MAN U fans trust!

  16. Absolutely right Vimal. All the rest in Liverpool(except Torres) are bullshit players as you nicely put it! What a team! Next target is Europa....6th Place will do!

  17. Stop licking your wounds. Ireland are out. Get over it. It has nothing to do with Henry! Read the question and try to answer same.

  18. No he wants The Premiership medal which Rooney has kindly agreed to give him one. Did you know that Rooney is the only scoucer to have won The Premier League!

  19. Yeah, I said he never dived, didn't he? Did you even read my first post, idiot? 

  20. Another dive to add to the long list of Gerrard's dives. A great player but a very dishonest one.  He went down with the intention of unfairly obtaining a penalty (Liverpool were unlikely to score otherwise). He went down with both arms pointing above his head, as if he were in the olympic diving team - he then looked direct toward the referee to see what his reaction was - so please don't write comments pretending that he wasn't asking for a penalty, because of course he was.

  21. *DONT_KNOW*
    First time commenting on this page,
    Well, Vimal's point that Stevie didnt ask for a penalty...
    So in that respect he wasnt looking for it,
    Or another way to see it is that, Stevie went down
    and expected to be given the penalty w/o any appeal..

    whatever it is, it was another timid performance,
    I sincerely almost wept when i read the "the players we-should've bought" post, if we'd gotten those 3 players on loan, we'd be hanging there or thereabouts already in the top 4....
    peace out! YNWA

  22. <span>Of course it seems easy to reach a verdict but you can not think how easy it is to lose balance and fall at the slightest contact, especially in motion?!</span>

  23. He dived, sad fact is stevie does this time and again, sometimes we brush it under the carpet (Istanbul, Atletico) but, the reality is  his starfish or pike (as Saturday watch his hands) happens far to regularly, more so than drogba or ronaldo do

  24. Its a dive. Every defender is briefed before the game that Gerrard will hit the deck anywhere in the box and up to 30 yards out. I know its highlighted in the refs pre match brief. Don't know why they are still reluctant to show more cards for it. At full speed in front of the kop the ref may have bottled that one.

  25. Gerrard dived but didn't appeal for a penalty as he did not want to be seen as cheating. If a penalty had been given we wouldn't be throwing mud at him but lambasting the ref for a poor decision.

  26. I'm an Arsenal fan, but wanted to get the views from Liverpool fans on their beloved captain.  

    I'm pleasantly surprised that the majority of you agree that not only did he take a dive, bit that he does it on a regular basis.  Also, it frustrates me how the Daily Mail have a 'No Diving' section where they highlight all the dives from the week's action, yet they never mention any from Gerrard or Rooney.  Yet Eduardo gets lynched!

    Reading a lot of these comments I'm happy to say that Liverpool fans just want to watch football at its purist - no cheats!!

    PS: I know Eboue cheats, and I hate him for it..

  27. Try sprinting as fast as you can and then have someone shove you with the slightest of touch. When you end up in the hospital, you'll understand how hard it is for the players to stay on their feet.

    Clear dive is when there's ZERO contact made. Rooney, Ronaldo only goes down when there was contact, sometimes the slightest of them. If you watch MU;s every game, Rooney always tries to stay on his feet. But no TV would highlight a non-dive.

    I won't comment about Gerrard as I don't watch many of his game. But Ngog, Eboue, Hreidarsson are clear cheaters.