11 Dec 2009

How many new starts can LIVERPOOL FC have in one season?

No it isn’t the beginning of a joke (well, perhaps a sick one), but here we go again. Listening to Rafa after another dire performance in midweek, I heard the words 'new start' for what seems like the umpteenth time already this season.

After the Fiorentina game Rafa said:

‘I don’t think this defeat will affect us and now we have to get ready to face Arsenal. That is a very important game for us and a win against one of our rivals can help us get closer to the top. It can be a new start for us.’

Excuse me for not getting carried away here, but haven’t we heard it all before from the manager and players this season; and isn’t it getting just a little bit dull?

After beating Man U in October, Javier Mascherano said:

‘It was difficult for us to lose four games in a row. But now I say, 'let's start again'. Now we have won we cannot stop, and (we will) try to keep going. We are pulling together.’

What happened next? We went on a five game run without a win which saw us crash out of the Champions League, the Carling Cup and also included a woeful 3-1 loss at Fulham.

After beating Everton recently, they were at it again. This time it was Glen Johnson talking about Pepe Reina’s (brilliant) performance and the lift it could give the team for the rest of the season:

‘He's quick and agile and makes great saves like that; it was a turning point in the game and it could be a turning point in the season.’

A turning point? What happened next? A dire 0-0 draw with Blackburn, before our reverse at home to Fiorentina. Don’t get me wrong, Pepe is a brilliant keeper, but even he can’t win the ball in the middle of the park or hit a 25-yard screamer into the top corner.

So here we go again for the latest 'new start', which comes at home to Arsenal on Sunday. Let’s see what that brings...

Alex Miller


  1. Does this not remind you of mr Houlier who used to say we have turned the corner?  Problem was we turned the corner that many times that many times that we used to come back on ourselves!!

  2. This is the last 'fresh start' - all starting 11 players available. 

    Let's all back the team this Sunday - victory will mean the start of a good run I'm sure.

    Sometimes it's a matter of faith.

  3. And sometimes it's a matter of being realistic.

  4. Benitez will keep on brain washing those who support him. I wonder what will happen should we not finnish in the top 4? Will all Rafa supporters still be praising his name? I am sure Benitez is thinking of how we can draw the match against Arsenal. It was him that said that when you arent winning it is important not to loose...

  5. i think if we do not finish, at least 4th  rafa will go. and if iwas him i would walk rather than getting  pushed. all the players are guilty for not performing, i know some are not good enough but they all need to give there all for every game from here in. i hope we make it and rafa gets a chance to put right, was has gone wrong this season , but after so many false starts i will not hold my breath.....

  6. The faith is crucial, both for players and fans: this is true.
    This is simply true but maybe in several occasions, the fans base want to read different types of statements to press by manager, like "sorry fans but We will try to improve" or "sorry for Champions League's exit at group stages, We whould have been better" or " sorry this season is unfair".
    Champions league's exit, out from the title race in November, Carling Cup's exit: maybe Liverpool fc's staff, players & management needs a bit of realism.
    Except from capt, (He said that "We are not good enough"), the rest of players, staff & management need to be more realist.
    "It can be a new start for us" is a statement that seems an insult to fans base.
    Actually, the unfair of Club's performances is really strong.

  7. What an excellent observation.

    Very strange...I just don't understand why Benitez and everyone else associated with the club doesn't just throw the towel in...surely it would be better for him to say that there is no point in going on and that we may as well all go home..and while we are at it, shall we not bother supporting Liverpool.

    Is there really a point to your article? Pray tell, what would you expect any manger to say? Do you actually have a modicum of common sense or intelligence between those ears of yours?

  8. If you were Benitez would you walk out on a five year contract, thus meaning you dont get any compensation. If he's to go, he would have to be sacked and due to finances we can not only not afford players, we cant afford to sack a manager or even hire one who is already under contract.

  9. I beg to differ. Supporting your club and being a fan is ALL ABOUT FAITH. If it was a matter of being realistic 99.9% of football clubs would have no fans at all.

  10. I think someone at Anfield (probably Purslow) should embargo all Microphones and press statements when Liverpool win, to prevent them from making ludicrous proclamations like this and bigging themselves up needlessly only to end up jinxing themselves. It used to be that if you wanted to know whether Liverpool were going to lose their next game or the next series of games, all you had to do was to watch the papers for a Kuyt or a Carrager (the notorious serial offenders in this regard) bigging themselves and the team up to the Press BEFORE a game. How many times do you see ManUre players bigging themselves up before a game (okay maybe Evra, but he's like the team Jester)?

    This Season it seems like they (Kuyt and Carra) have learnt to better hold their tongues before the press, but unfortunately they seem to have passed the bug onto Benitez and the likes of Johnson and Mascherano.

    I would much rather they all just shut up, put their heads down and concentrate on winning more than one game against non-relegation teams.

  11. It'll be fresh starts untill we can put a few games together what else do you want him to say. And all the knee jurkers what would have happened to fergie and wenger if the so called fans who wanted rid of the after a poor season had got there way. Fergie goes on to win 3 titles, 1 European Cup, FA cup, world club cup, league cup so think on. Rafa is a great manager, we're going through a horrible period and sometimes whatever is done it doesn't go right for you. if rafa is sack, which is unlikely even if we fail getting in to the top 4 he will have job offers from the cream of the european clubs offering him better contracts than he get's of us and with larger transfer pots, Man city would love to give the man 200million. and any one who says martin o'neil should be given the job doesn't have a clue.

  12. When a match starts none of us Liverpool fans really look at ways of having a digg at Rafa but the guy makes so many mistakes that he gives the pundits (football experts) a field day. The usual criticisms he recieves is:

    - Playing to negative with 2 defensive midfielders
    - No pace
    - Playing Stevie G as a striker when he is the best midfielder in the world
    - Waiting till the 62nd minute to make a like for like substitution
    - Zonal marking and no one on the post
    - Not subbing Dirk off even if he is having a "Stinker"
    - Never taking a risk and playing 2 actual strikers

    Lets not forget Rafa has said and guaranteed that we will finish in the TOP 4 but how much can we rely on his hearsay? 9 defeats and of late more and more draws looming seems to suggest he has his work cut out. Only a fit Stevie and Nando can save him.

  13. Can i also just add after winning the league with Valencia, they then finished 5th thus missing out on champs league, then the following season they won the league again and the uefa cup, maybe finishing 5th wouldnt be such a bad thing :( .

    All i think is like someone pointed out yesterday Benitez was on the verge of getting the sack last season, before the Real Madrid 1-0 victory, because of poor performances and look how the season finished 4 points off utd and our highest ever points total in league.

    Some people i feel are getting drawn in to the pundit debate of whether or not we will finish in the top 4 and saying things like he should leave if they dont. Im going to think positively and think if we can win our next 10 games we shall be fine :-D . ARSENAL, wigan, portsmouth pirates, wolves, VILLA, SPURS, stoke, wolves, bolton, EVERTON. 4 tough 1s there but not impossible to do. I think 8 wins is a must, will it happen? We shall see

  14. I think the point of the article is that we have been hearing the same thing from Benitez the whole season and everytime he repeats himself things get worse... Unfortunetly there is nothing to be postitive about at the moment and will be like this until Benitez changes things or until he owns up to his mistakes. Our players and owners cant be blamed all the time.

  15. Is the correct answer.  I work hard, pay my bills etc etc, my passion in life is LFC though, always has been since I was a young kid and my ma used to take me on the Annie rd...etc etc
    I often wonder why people like Jamie bother being fans of the club, always negative, always moaning and never supportive of a manager that has given us European success and points totals that have been our highest ever.  It must be an incredibly sad existance having a hobby, interest that grates on you all the time and puts you in a negative frame of mind - I pity some of our "fans".
    For some time we have been punching above our weight against UTD and Chelsea as they have had more cash available - and thats what football is nowadays - a cash driven business - However, through this, I have had some of my best moments supporing the club, thanks to Benitez.
    What also saddens me is that Jamie and his like feel the need to air all these moans and negative thoughts in a public domain - which just splits support even more and gives fuel to rival fans.
    There was a time when the Liverpool way meant something, it was about togetherness, belief and solidarity.  Benitez has embraced this, has given 100% through everything, has dealt with all the off field boardroom issues, brought us to within 4 points last season and still he face critics from "within".
    This website is a disgrace to our club with its constant criticism - there are enough media outlets doing that without one of our "own" jumping on the bandwagon.
    Maybe like the poster above says though, one bad season and we should all throw the towel in - thats what supporting our club is about to our fickle fans isn't it..all or nothing, greed, greed, greed...
    Through the wind and the rain..?

  16. Had we been with the DIC then maybe we could have accepted the way a bad season but the Yanks have banked on us finishing in the top 4 (something that Christian Purslow has also hinted) and if we dont they will be consequences meaning no money for improved talent and maybe have to sell to survive.

    While we would be fighting to stay afloat teams like Spurs, Villa, City and Arsenal (not to forget Bham) will have cash to improve. Rafa when he signed the contract new the stakes and he must deliver the minimum.

  17. The real question is 'How many pointless articles is Jaimie Kanwar capable of writing?'

    It seems to be infinate...

  18. well, in a way, as a Benitez supporter, I can see the Joke that Alex telling us aobut the new start.
    Managers including Sir Alex say things to rally the fan behind the team and motivate the players.
    What do you expect a manger say, sorry fans andp layers, our season is dead, and from now nad end of the season we got nothing to play for?
    come on that would be even funnier joke, Alex would n't be? 

  19. So Rafa supporters are the only ones that can voice their opinions? I am a Liverpool supporter too and we all have as much right as you do when it comes to opinions. I do not think that this is the only website talking about Liverpools "problems" so it will be hard to call it a disgrace. So give us something positive to talk about, I am sure you can come up with something?

  20. Kash

    How about an alernative perspective on you points

    - playing 2 offensive full backs with greater width. For example, in previous seasons...when was the last time you saw a Liverpool team where a full back beat a defender to cross to the other full back ...v Everton - Jonhson to Insua header? If you are talking formations and tactics, I believe there is more attacking intent from the set up than we have seen in seasons.
    - Players not passing quickly enough (not enough 1 touch)
    - Stevie G playing a half decent game this season
    - Bringing players on in a sensible way after being injured for weeks
    - Zonal marking is critisised by pundits who make a living making comments on the game - it doesn't mean they know all about it. If a player makes a mistake and doesn't mark up at a corner then it's the players fault...if players make a zonal marking mistake then it's donw to zonal marking (not the player...I don't understand that logic....are people commenting on things that just back up their view?
    - Not subbing Stevei G when he is having a stinker
    - Playing a formation that reflects the tactics of most top teams in Europe.

  21. I don't think you should just brush aside what Sowellred has said. This is the first time since September where we will be able to start with our strongest 11. That isn't to excuse the miserable form we have suffered since then as we should have a squad to cope but it will be the first game in 11 that Gerrard and Torres start together. First choice back four of Johson, Agger, Carra and Inusa/Aurelio. Yossi and Riera fit. First possible PL start for Aquilani.

  22. How many new negative articles can LIVERPOOL-KOP have in one season?

  23. "I have got to that jumping of point where the form was so indifeerent, But im not prepeared to chase it no more"

    "I've accepted that I'll probably never play as well I used to play, or pot as well as I used to pot, so I've kind of accepted it......you build your hopes up somtimes because you want to get back that form you know your capable of and you think, if only I could produce it and get on a roll....it's addictive."  Ronnie O'sullivan

    I think our players have got to stop chasing ghosts and accept that we have to adapt.  We are trying exacly the same things as last season to get us out of trouble without fully appreciating that every other team in the prem has improved 10 fold.  Therefore like Ronnie O'sullivan, Micheal Jordan or this season Ryan Giggs we have to adapt our game to the situation.  Great players adapt and find a way to be the best but first you have to accept that adaption is necessary.  The more we chase the form of last season the harder it will be to achieve becuse we have stood still whilst everyone else around us has closed the gap.

  24. Rut does that make you feel better if we say Rafa is GOD and Rafa has NOTHING to do with the poor run, and it was ALL down to the owners, the beach ball, "honest" Ngog. not enough transfer funds, not , last second goals conceded (as if Rafa was only responsible for the club's results in 90 mins)?

    Rut, to put blind faith on a manager like you and refuse to admit his fatal blunders time and time again is the REAL DISGRACE in life. Wake up!!!

  25. Mo, If I commit as much fatal blunders as Rafa does this season, I will keep my mouth SHUT. Simple.  By telling lies like these, it won't resolve the problem and will just make him look even more of a laughingstock.

  26. Reina

    You have to look at that and believe on Sunday. Also with a possible bench including Skrtel, Riera, Insua, Lucas, and NGog.

    Even my kids are looking forward to this as the 'proper team' playing. They are all under 9, believe it can change from here on and show more faith than alot of the posters on this site!!

    My daughter is 8 and said. 'Look Dad, other teams have to win sometimes, when our proper team plays it'll be our turn.'


  27. Exactly what it reminds me of.

  28. When is was under nine I was full of blind faith, too, but you wouldn't expect grown ups to think like children, would you.

  29. Those who support him blindly will say that there is no-one better out there to replace him, because of Istanbul.

  30. Well, Rafa has claimed how much he has the benefit of LFC on his mind and so on so yes, he should walk as soon as he realizes that he can't get the club any further.

  31. Good points however:

    - Yes we do play with 2 offensive fullbacks but both Johnson and Insua in that game had the insurance policy of defensive wingers in the shape of Kuyt and Aurelio. It might be my opinion but I thought Risse and Finnan were fairly offensive with perhaps less pace in the past.

    - Both Masch and Lucas can pass but how many are quick, forward and to the feet of Stevie or Torres before they are marked?

    - Stevie has been below par but what you cant say is that even though he is poor his touch doesnt let him down, he can still cross and shoot unlike Kuyt who loses his football technique but still carries on playing. Also not to forget Stevie has a man marker and at time 2 players marking him which should allow space for others.

    - Your third point has worked both ways where Stevie has been rushed while Torres has been rested sensibily.

    - Zonal Marking i agree is a media (Andy Gray) hype and has worked in the past so probably needs better concentration.

    - Stevie's stinker as explained above (not in the same league as Kuyt)

    - Not quite all top teams, barca play 3 upfront in the shape of Messi, Ibra and Henry followed by Iniesta and Xavi. Real play Ronaldo, Raul, Benzema or Kaka. Chelsea play Drogba and Anelka (2 up top).

  32. I think putting on 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and zero strikers in a match that doesn't exactly matter but you want to win to give something back to you loyal supporters who spend their hard-earned money to watch you doesn't exactly make you a great manager. Playing with 2 defensive midfielders and only one striker most of the time neither. Rather sounds like a manager more concerned with not losing than actually trying to win some games.

  33. Probably depends on how many new bad new our beloved LFC produces, eh.

  34. Exactly. It's as if that CLk win has conferred upon Benitez some kind of god-like, untouchable status. It's ridiculous really; look at vicente del bosque at real madrid-he won the league and la liga and still got sacked. In any other top job in the world I believe bentiez would've been sacked by now.
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  35. Max - benitez has always said the same things.  It's about being positive and how many positive things do you want to talk about..? Incidently, how old areyou..? Do you remember the Souness days..? Do you remember never getting into the knock out rounds of europe..? And this is the only site that constantly tries to pick holes in our manager - whilst turning a blind eye to all the other issues (mainly because jamie seems to want MO as manager..)

    guest - is the REAL DISGRACE in life..? laughing my tits off. You enjoy blaming the manager for everything then..I'll keep supporting our manager through one of the clubs difficult times.

    Put Rafa on an level playing field with Slur Alex and Chelsea...or even Spurs and Citeh..then he could be judged more. 

  36. Max - benitez has always said the same things.  last season when we only just missed out, his attitude was the same, not just now when we are having a poor spell.  It's about being positive and how many positive things do you want to talk about..? Incidently, how old areyou..? Do you remember the Souness days..? Do you remember never getting into the knock out rounds of europe..? And this is the only site that constantly tries to pick holes in our manager - whilst turning a blind eye to all the other issues (mainly because jamie seems to want MO as manager..) 
    guest - is the REAL DISGRACE in life..? laughing my tits off. You enjoy blaming the manager for everything then..I'll keep supporting our manager through one of the clubs difficult times. 
    Put Rafa on an level playing field with Slur Alex and Chelsea...or even Spurs and Citeh..then he could be judged fairly.

  37. im not pro rafa, and im not anti rafa, im disillusioned and somewhere in the middle, but tell me something, what exactly do you want rafa to say? we have no chance we cant beat arsenal and no matter what happens we have nothing to play for? imagine if he said that the headlines you people will come up with, NO MATTER WHAT rafa does at this moment in time is wrong he simply cannot win no matter what he says.

  38. thats a fair point but the manager is not allowing the players to play in a different way and to adapt, its the manager that dictates the way we play not the players, and its the manager that is convinced last seasons way of doing things is the still the way to do things now

  39. I agree.  The hidden point I was making was that we have no great players who are able to think on their feet other than T&G.  When a winger isn't creating he should be scoring and vice versa.  All to often our wide guys do nothing.  If the wide guys aren't contributing then we need our centre mids to take on extra responsibility.  We just don't have the confidence or ability to score out of nothing and our luck will definately not change if we are so regimented in our play and driven by percentage play.

  40. Yeh we could get Klinsmann in because no one would blindly follow him

  41. Hope Rafa strays off to Wenger's touchline area during the game and Wenger socks him  8-) . That might wake Rafa up. Next game onwards, Lucas and Kuyt on tha bench  =-X . LoL.

  42. If we finished outside the top 4 I would fully expect Rafa to leave Lfc by mutual consent.  As much as some of the "realists", and I us the word really loosely, would have you believe its safe to say that Rafa has the best interest of LFC at heart and if he felt he had failed to reach his own high standards he would walk. 

    Just think next year due to the fact we would have to sell to buy if we miss out on the CL as well as having to get in a manager who is probably out of work and on the cheap we could have a team with no Torres and Mascherano with a manager like Klinsmann in charge. 

    I suppose the plus side to doing a leeds would be that only the real fans would be left and the want it now glory hunters would have moved on to City :-D

  43. Yet Benitez can be blamed because he says we need to improve and that he hopes its the next game? 

  44. Thats the thing isn't it.  In the eyes of you its about "Rafa supporters" and "rafa haters"  while people like you dismiss the opinions of anyone who shows "support" for the manager.  Shouldn't that be the point of being a fan or a supporter to actually support your Club through thick and thin?  Its fine if you do not agree with everything Benitez does but some of the anti Rafa stuff is absolutely laughable with people accusing him of deliberately sabateuring the club and using the same disproven cliches over and over. 

    One of the most annoying thing you see on forums these days is the people who feel the need to label people who do not agree with them to try and belittle their opinion.  The people who have a problem with Rafa often feel the need to call fans who support teh manager as "rafa lovers" or the "in rafa we trust brigade" or showing "blind faith"  when they are doing nothing of the sort. 

    It's just gone to the stage where the attacks against the manager are so redicilous that even rational supporters that can see both the good and the bad of Rafa are being forced to take polar opposite stances and common sense and a balanced argument takes a back seat. 

    Whilst i am bitterly dissapointed this season and can see that Rafa has made some mistakes I still believe this season's troubles began the minute we didn't spend money this summer.( I am sure I will be told that we bought aquilani and Johnson but in my eyes net spend has to be considered and the fact that our squad costs 50+less than our 2 biggest rivals for the titles is a massive detriment and any manager would struggle to overcome that hurdle.

  45. Lol we could be top of the league with a 12 point lead winning games 3-1 every game and there would be an article on here that criticises Benitez for allowing that one goal agaainst us because the season may come down to goal diffrence

  46. It works both ways.  In fact, the labelling began (in my experience) with the apologists and blind faith brigade, who castigate anyone who doesn't show total faith as ' not real fans'.  They also call those who criticse Benitez 'Anti-Benitez', and and all manner of other nicknames.

    They bring it on themselves;  the liverpool-based scouse superfans who think that anyone who doesn't live within 500 metres of Anfield is not a real fan, are even worse, calling people 'Wools', OOTs etc.

    The superfans and the blind-faith brigade are far worse than the rational, realistic fans who prefer to be honest and tell it like it is.

    I've made this point a million times but being a fan and being critical are not mutually exclusive.  Only someone with a very insular, narrow-minded view would label someone who is critical as 'not a real fan'.

  47. Just wanted to make a quick note here.. Im sure not many are aware of this fact.. But had DIC taken Liverpool over, they would have been in a bigger mess than the one they are currently in with the Yanks.. Currently the DIC are over a billion $ in debt over their alleged ways of financing Dubai to become a tourist paradise.. They are due around 80 million by Dec 12 failing which they will be sued.. But there lies the comedy.. It is part owned by the Dubai Govt. and in Dubai you  have a law that to sue a govt. body you need to get the approval from the Govt. themselves.. Im sure this going a bit off-topic now.. 

    I will leave this one for you to research and find out the exact details.. I know Im only half right with my above statements as they are mostly frm reading the news articles.. Dunt slate me if they r wrong :)  

  48. Just thought this may interest quite a few in here.. And me thinks Pool gonna edge the gunners by a goal this sunday..
    Hv fun !!

  49. Surely you are not going to use Real Madrid as an example of a club that knows how to treat its managers properly, are ya?

  50. Perhaps not madrid, but the overall point stands. Name me a top team that has had a manager at th helm for 6 seasons and kept him there despite no league title and endless mistakes being repeated. And wenger doesn't count as he has already won the title. Mourinho got sacked despitye winning two titles, and there are many more. Take away the CL win in 05, and Benitez would've gone by now in my view. We finished 5th in 05-let's hop history is not going to repeat itself.
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  51. you mean 6-5 then! I hate playing Arsenal, but they seem to love playing us.

  52. i was makin the same point to a friend the other day, he was slagging lucas for makin sideways and backwards passes, and i was givin lucas a bit of a defence by saying he's a definsive midfielder and there for its probably not his responsibility to create as such, at the same time i was slagging kuyt for doing the same thing, however as a winger it is his responsibilty to create, kuyt never looks up when recieving the ball, he always lays the ball off to the nearest player to him, he offers absolutely nothing offensively, where at least the left wingers do appear to have a go, they might not have much ability or belief at the moment but they do try to get forward an make things happen, when nabil el zhar has been brought on in recent times u can see imediately the difference in attacking play, again he might not have much ability but at least he has a go at trying to make something happen, i'm so fed up with kuyt getting a game week in week out while offering nothing, lucas plays week in week out, and while he might not set the world alight he does try his best and tries to do the job that is being asked of him. whereas kuyt is just there on the pitch making up the numbers

  53. Hate to say it but the best thing for us might be if Arsenal spank us 4 or 5 again because then the benitez backlash can really start. right now there's still some looneys who think this season is all down to bad luck and injuries that have been beyond the control of the manager. Look at tomkins and his merry band of nutters for that sort of view.

    He's finished here at Anfield. I know it and everyone but the deluded know it. from now on the longer he stays the more damage he will do.

    Benitez is a busted flush. his daft reliance on 1 formation has been sussed and he really doesn't have anything else. All this talk of his tactical ability is just myth and rubbish fuelled by Istanbul and those idiots who tried to canonize him after that. He's a faker and he needs to go now.
    At least then a new man can have this season to assess the squad and possibly get a couple of new faces in Jan so if we lose by a few on sunday it might not be a bad thing. This thing has to be brought to a head asap.

  54. Rut, LFC has outspent ALL but 2 teams over Rafa's 5-year tenure on a NET basis (yes, after deducting the proceeds he got from selling players. Take a look here http://www.transferleague.co.uk/ Yes, that means Rafa has outspent MU / ARS / SPURS even AFTER taking into the sale proceeds into consideration. I am laughing my tits off as well because you are so ignorant to a point where you do not even know this FACT. You are like someone puting your head in the sand and refuse to listen to the real FACTS on Rafa.

    Wake up, Rut, Rafa's glory days are over, and I only see him leading LFC to JUST one direction. 

    What a blind

  55. It doesnt matter what part of the owrld you are from,anyone can support Liverpool but I think its very importnat to stay behind the team and manager at all times. If you want to have a pop let it out in the pub after the match,not spout it all over the internet or a radio phone in.

  56. It's those sort of grown-ups that change their team to one more successful.

    I'd guess that those who lose faith don't enjoy christmas either!

  57. That website is unreliable. The figures are laughably inaccurate and incomplete. It's not a credible source at all.
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  58. Whatever guest, jamie keeps deleting some of my replies anyway, and your figures are flawed, just do me a favour and have a think about how Benitez has spent that money, he has constantly had to buy, to be able to sell again, also think about wages, we simply cannot compete.
    Just because we won loads in the 60's 70's and 80's - when football was football - does not mean we should be still winning everything now...Its big business now and we're miles behind - But you just blame our manager...
    Enjoy slating the manager all you want, I hope to god you never set foot inside Anfield.

  59. i really hope benitez plays ryan babel with torres tomorrow as we need as much pace up front as possible.babel could be the key as a striking partner to get more goals.but i have a feeling that benitez is gonna go his stupid defensive 4-5-1.and i like dossena as he comes forward and we all remember the goal he scored against scum last season.we just need our strongest cental defence to back johnson and dossena up but benitez plays to negative and im disgusted he is thinking of resting aquilani tomoz as we need his passing abillity.a better manager would be more positive

  60. i forgot to add.how can we be positive about benitez if he is negative on the pitch

  61. good point.  Kuyt is a very heavy passenger.  When he is scoring and creating we tend to overlook his lack of imagination.  But these spells are few and far between, kuyt is waiting or needing the team to spark before he slips back into form but what we really need is a prelonged period of inspirational play from the big man to help spark the team.  I have to admit I have been really disapointed with Kuyt as a man striker this season.  Has he got slower? he offers nothing up there not even aerialy. 
    I am starting to warm to Lucas, in Brazil he was a stunning <span>ATTACKING</span> player.  Unfortunately for the boy he is being played out of role for liverpool.  Defensive mid was completely alien to the kid before he came to anfield so I think to change his whole footballing philosophy in two seasons is good work. I back him and give him time on this basis alone.  The same goes for John obi mikel. He too plays out of role for Chelsea and it also took him a while to adapt to being a defensive player.

  62. I think thats a bit harsh.  Rafa is a tactical Genius...really!  What he doesn't realise however is that his type of fine detail tactics dont work in the Premier league.  It is far too quick and <span>SIMPLE</span> a game in England that he over complicates time and time again.  The blue print for a successful prem side is simpl :-D e

    Top keeper
    good quick defensive/atttacking fullbacks
    two quick domineering towering centrebacks
    Two quick dribbling goalscoring wingers comfortable on either foot.
    1 def mid, 1 semi attacking mid
    drop of striker
    all round goalscoring striker.

    tactically you tell a team like this "Now get out their and beat em 4-0!"...simple.

  63. Why can't he be honest and just say we played badly sometimes. Ancelotti, Fergie aren't afraid to do so. Him an Wenger it's always some stupid excuse. That's what irritates people.

  64. Guest, you mean asking me to remember that Rafa had to sell Riise in order to buy 7M Dossena, or selling XA for an 20M injured crock who can do nothing but being a spectatar of the horrendous run this year?  And how about selling Arbeloa in order to spend 18M for a RB who gifted 2 goals against arsenal yesterday? Of course, you can NEVER compete on wages if you wasted transfer $ and signing crab freebies like Voronin / Degan / Zenden like Rafa did.  And even if you get the right player, what would Rafa do? He will put a pure striker (DK) on RW, and a RW (YB) on the LW today, a striker / right-footed player (Babel) on LW. So have I answered all your questions? 

  65. So are you suggesting that it is not realisitic to expect liverpool to go on a 'good run'... is it more realisitic to expect that we continure to primarily lose and draw games for the rest of the season?  Don't answer that I'd rather not have to listen to how the stats suggest that

    I think its perfectly realistic to suggest we will go on a good run - whether that gets us anything is another matter but I for one don't want to be depressed for another week or come the end of the season... the benchmark to avoid total disaster is top 4 - we'll be there or there abouts (fingers crossed its 'there' rather than 'thereabouts')