25 Nov 2009

STOP LYING! Ryan Babel did NOT conduct an interview with 'The Sun'.

What is it with some fans? They're so blinded by their irrational hatred for Ryan Babel that they're trying to make out that he gave an interview to 'The Sun'. This is not true at all, and anyone with even the most rudimentary of research skills could've discovered this in 5 minutes flat.

I've been browsing the net looking at the reaction Ryan Babel's recent comments, and on almost every message board I've been to (including the Official Site, RAWK, TIA, Afield Online, etc) there are people trying to engineer a vicious rumour that Babel gave an interview to 'The Sun'.

These fans are so desperate to label Babel a traitor that they're spreading this malicious rumour en-masse. And to make things worse, other fans are jumping on the bandwagon, blindly accepting what they read and not bothering to check if the rumour is true (no change there then).

Well, it isn't.

Babel was recently interviewed by Voetbal International, a Dutch magazine. The bulk of the interview is in the magazine itself, but part of the interview was published on their website.

I emailed the Editor of the magazine earlier today, and he confirmed that 'The Sun' simply lifted the quotes, which is pretty much standard practice in print-media

Some of the things Babel said may have been inadvisable but he did NOT, as a matter of fact, conduct an interview with 'The Sun

So let's stop all the pathetic lies now, shall we?


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  1. I think you've been living in your paranoid barn again.  Which fans are filled with irrational hatred for Ryan Babel?  The ones the you coax into position of agree or disagree on your website.  I think "disappointed" or "underwhelmed" would be more of an apt description of fans views of Babel.  Spend too long talking online and you're bound to find extreme views. Try getting out more.

  2. Thank something i posted in a forum i visit!

    "I'm a little unsure about the validity of this "Interview", not only with the history of the scum paper, but only a week ago Babel was on twitter encouraging "dontbuythescum Twitter campaign" and encouraged followers not to buy the Sc*m newspaper? It does seem a little too, two faced even for this useless idiot.

    Although his twitter site is now closed?"

  3. SounessDalglishGoal8:17 pm, November 25, 2009

    'Some of the things Babel said may have been inadvisable'and the point of the story is??? Personally I couldn't give a flying cahoot where he gave the interview (although giving it to the scum would be abhorrent) the fact of the matter is that he GAVE an interview where he said things he shouldn't have is the real issue here.Whatever his perceived reasons - have the balls to speak up in confines of the club rather than in public just before a Champions League game! It give 'journalists' more ammunition when there is enough fodder for them at the moment. He is obviously disguntled and upsetting the dynamics - his attitude on Saturday summed it up for me. He has talent and scored some blinders however things aren't right - he wants to go - so let him - the club needs players who want to fight for their club shirt nevermind having an eye on the world cup.

  4. its a pity you dont show the same loyulty to rafa instead of using   babel to bash rafa again .i allways stick up our players when outsiders have a go.  

  5. Yea, I noticed the same thing, but you seriously need to chill out.

  6. Personaly i feel sorry for ryan babel, i think he still is a fantastic talent and benitez has not maneged him as he should, some players really do need an arm around the shoulder to get the best out of them and it looks as if he is that type of player.

    he is suffering cos he is not in the  favourite circle as some other players are and for that reason his form and confidence has suffered along the way, i bet now he wishes he had gone to arsenal and had arsene wenger in his corner.

    Some of his comments may have been badly timed and he shouild have maybe thought some of then througth but he seems to think in the summer he was promised more game time and that has not materilised and i think he is just letting off steam and if his comments are true benitez does not want to listen to him so it looks as if there is only one outcome which means babel will leave jan/summer.

    I just think he was such an outstanding prospect 4 years ago and its a crying shame for liverpool that he will probably fufill his potential elsewhere.

  7. Gee man you ought to check tia out,der site is now trying to blame,wait for it ,der owners for lasts night failure and claim rafa is like glue for keeping lfc together,I think the writer has been sniffing der stuff u no wot Mean

  8. yeah I agree (I think,it's a bit hard to comprehend some of it)but read the article and they spout so much shit you wouldn't believe it

  9. I think Babel's best position is up top, i do not think he has the technique or game intelligence to play left midfield, Rafa wants his midfield to be able to keep possesion. Up top he can run the channels,take players on and shoot. The problem with Babel is would he play second fiddle to Torres. Would he be happy with this? I hope Rafa gives him a go because it could be a good solution for both parties. Babel starts say 1 in 3, which insures Torres rests and stays fit for the other games. As for the article i think this was the same one he did nearly two weeks ago. 
    Souness nearly stuck up for Rafa last night, by finally admitting that Liverpool are going nowhere with the huge debt placed on them by the current owners, saying that he still stuck the knife mentioning most managers would be sacked by now, 2005 Champions Lge win has bought Rafa time. He forgets 2006 FAcup win, 2007 Champions Lge Ru, 2008 Sf a 2009 Prem Ru, 2005 Lge Cup Ru, 2006 Super Cup Winners, 2007 Charity Shield winners and qualification for Champions Lge every year.
    But we dont forget, and we dont forget who he bought Stewart,Dicks,Thomas,Piecknik,Ruddock,Wright,Kozma and Clough players who were not good enough and he paid more for some of them in 1992-94 than Rafa did for Kyrygakos,Degen,Ngog,Voronin,El Zhar,Aurelio and Cavalieri. Remember also he sold Beardsley,Houghton,Mcmahon,Gillespie to soon, and also good prospects like Staunton,Ablett and Hutchinson. We shall never forget.     

  10. <p><span>Folks,</span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span>Don’t be taken in by this guy. A 2 minute internet check will reveal that he hails from that well known suburb of Liverpool called Edinburgh & lives his life based upon horoscopes. Nothing wrong with being from out of town but he hardly has his finger on the pulse!<span>  </span></span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span>I have listed a couple of his postings from a few years ago and he was still talking shite back then. See what you think!!</span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span>“Unfortunately for Sissoko, Liverpool are spoiled in the central midfield department, and the emergence of Lucas Leiva seems to have pushed him further down the pecking order...
    Momo has superb potential, and will undoubtedly grow into a world class midfielder, but this will sadly not happen at Liverpool for one simple reason: Liverpool have spectacularly failed to develop him as a player. </span>
    </p><p><span>If Sissoko wants to develop the weaknesses in his game, then he needs to leave Liverpool, as his technical ability will not be developed by being a bit-part player in the premiership. He needs to go to league where technical ability is prized above all else, and where better than serie A?”</span>
    </p><p><span>Nov 12, </span><span>2007 by Jamie Kanwar<span></span></span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span>Much as I liked Momo I didn’t see his name in the world player of the year shortlist? & from an article following our 4-0 win over Marseille..</span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span>“Self-obsessed Anfield players should drop their cocky over-confidence, fawning self-worship and team baiting and stay focused on actually winning something”, says the writer. He maintains “the sycophantic backslapping makes a mockery of the club's tradition of humility”... 13 December 2007 by Jamie Kanwar</span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span>If you want to succeed as a journalist I suggest that you try to be objective in the articles (and I use the term loosely) that you write. I suspect that the reason you have your own website is that no one else would publish such drivel. But, I guess everyone needs to feel important! </span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span>Not enough love as a child eh Jamie lad? Critical Realism me arse!</span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span>PS. His surname is so close to being an anagram [...]

  11. Love it...GET IN!! >:o :-D

  12. I wrote a piece about Babel on my site.
    Several National Papers ran the story as him having done an interview in The Sun, I took them at their word so I make no apologies for using the piece on my website.
    Babel has great potential but he should have kept his thoughts to himself.

  13. The first of four giants to fall.

    Liverpools position at the top table is over for now and unless major backing and a new stadium is created we better get used to the Europa league. 

    The problem at Anfield Is that we cannot just blaim Rafa. The board and old board have to take responsibillity. We were sold out by a previous board who saw a larger profit margin more important than doing their due dilligence on a set of new owners who have mortgaged the club to the hilt! 

    With no progress been made in building the new stadium which would give us an long term opportunity to gain revenue or enable the club to have a asset which would increase the sale prospects of the club. 

    Unfortunately with the change of the economic climate the Americans business model has failed badly, one which is based on cheap credit and putting very little liquid cash on the table to run LFC.

    The worry for liverpol now is that this high risk sale has exacerated a number of flaws within the club.

    The lack of a good replacement for Hypia has had a major impact to our season. once. The cheap signing of Kyriagis has been a poor signing. A ok player but not a player a team hoping to challenge for top honours should sign. 

    Lack of cash and also poor decision to buy Aqualani. Rafa has been very clever to mislead the fans with regards to his fitness. He gambled on being able to sign this player as he hoped that existing players would have kept him in touch for honours when Aqualani finally got fit. This has been a very bad gamble that has blown up in his face. 

    Lack of a back up for Torres! Selling of Keane was the right move but selling him and not investing in a suitable backup striker and gambling on  the missfits voronin and babbel coming good this has been a fatal error! It was blatantly evident neither of these two were going to cut it. 

    The loss of Paco in the backroom team! Despite the Confederations cup it's clear that the teams fitness and conditioning were very poor before start of the season. Look at our results in preseason. Question has to be asked have we replaced this positive link in rafas back room,

    If I was the banks rbs and watchovia I would be watching the events between now and the end of the season very carefully. We maybe 
    Forced into two corners either the bank asks hicks and gillette to put a higher deposit down or the banks may force the club to cash in on torres or the two if them could be forced to sell up. I have a feeling the club will be forced to sell torres at the end of the season to allow funds to improve our financial position and to enable player transfers for the new boss.

    Barring a miracle rafa is finished. 
    Liverpools form will improve this season as I have noticed a slight improvement in the team over the last three games and feel that with Agger, torres, aqualani and gerrard all coming back to form I see a definate prospect for improvement of form but the likes of improving villa and big spending man city and spurs will make it too tough to gain the min 5th place. 

    We have to give some praise under Rafa as we have punched over our weight! Seems like a lot of problems have cropped up in a squad which lacks real depth. Without major investment to keep pace with the new order challengers (spurs man city and villa) Will mean we are no longer gaurenteed a top 4 place!

  14. JamieK you are a dumbass.

    The whole world is a conspiracy!  People plan out these rumors with terrible intentions at heart!  OMG!  AHHH WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO.

    Get checked for schizophrenia.

  15. <p><span>I think rafa is a manager who doesn’t know how to fully utilize player’s ability & potential or bring out the best out of the players. How many players had flopped under him? He bought a player & uses him out of positions. Then when that player doesn’t perform well enough, he blames the player telling that the player isn’t good enough to make the 1<sup>st</sup> team squad. And then he sells them. Some of them don’t get enough chances to prove themselves. Is it because of the tactics? </span>
    </p><p><span>For the past 5 years, how many player s have come & go? I agree some of them need to go, not good enough but some players deserve to be on the squad. Imagine if we still have hyppia, riise, arbeloa, keane, crouch, bellamy, Alonso, sounds like a competitive team to me. Maybe we do have a strong 1<sup>st</sup> team squad, if all of them are fit, no injuries. Look what we had last season, early & end of last season? We were great. Maybe rafa’s tactics is good enough, provided if he has all 1<sup>st</sup> team players fit. But when some of the players injured, we’re dead. It is so sad looking at the bench, seriously.</span>
    </p><p><span>When substitutions were made, the opponent’s manager & their players will think, ‘naahh…nothing needs to change. Nothing to be scare of’. <span> </span>We don’t have players that can instill fears in the opponent’s heart. Or players who can make a different when they come off bench. Rafa need to spend wisely & buy the right players. Use them properly, use them in their natural positions, give them chance, give them freedom & get the best out of them. This is what rafa lack.</span></p>

  16. You are getting quite boring dude. Either you are attacking the manager, or the fans, or the club. Change the song now and then ok? Then most people might take you a bit more seriously.

  17. If this was any more ironic it could be Shakespeare.


  18. "rudimentary of research skills"

    You should use the above to balance out all your arguments.

  19. To be honest I am not too bothered when or where he made the comments - he shouldn't be going saying what he has been saying at any time or to anyone other than Rafa. I think he has had his chance and he's wasted it...I don't hate him I just don't rate him anymore! Moving away from the article I tend to agree with most things you say Jamie but he isn't good enough (although he is better than Kuyt).

    It does make me laugh however that the cretin Phil Tomkins, on his usual post for the official website, issues yet more blind optimism and idiotic loyalty towards Benitez. When will fans learn it's the club they should support, not one guy who now seemingly runs the club single handedly with Purslow/Gerrard/Carragher as his puppets.

  20. <span>hyppia   is 36</span>
    <span>riise         was on a decline of form, okay maybe he's better than insua and fabio</span>
    <span>arbeloa   we have johnson and martin kelly, plus ayala and darby.</span>
    <span>keane     the move didn't work out, he didn't fit our system, so we sold him.</span>
    <span>crouch    couldn't play second fiddle to torres</span>
    <span> bellamy   same as above</span>
    <span>Alonso   wanted to leave</span>

  21. Just to clear up one of the many stupid points raised above.  Rafa took a calculated risk with Aquilani and was advised by an independant body on his fitness etc.  Plus, the jury is still out on him as we haven't seen him perform yet over 90 minutes, let alone a season.

    Rafa is not the problem at this football club. The problem is the owners and the other problem is the idiot fans who need to get a grip - F$%£ing sky generation..

  22. JaimieK
    I reckon you are really George Gillett or Tom Hicks because you have so much in common with them. You constantly deny lies uttered against the club, you seldom show any support for the club and I bet you even pronounce Rafas name as RAAAFa in the Hicks style.
    Ryan Babel has been given chance after chance and has failed to grasp the opportunity each time. It is no coincidence that this final chapter (which is certainly what it is ) comes on the back of pictures of Stevie G trying to get him to stand up and try to run an injury off Babel wa having none of it. LFC Support for him has been immense its just running out. I believe the article was produced for a Dutch Mag but was reprinted in the Sun so you can understand if there is any confusion. Thanks anyway George I look forward to your next anti Benitez ramblings

  23. Can someone please terminate the Liverpool Kop site?  I'm convinced it's run by the propaganda arm of the Manchester Utd supporters club.  It's simply a forum designed to proferr an irrational hatred of Rafael Benitez. If you need to abuse people on such a regular basis (which it appears you do), how about blaming the same players who finished a very respectable 2nd place last season for the current plight of the club?  Oh, hang on I forgot - it's because Rafa "got rid" of Xabi Alonso.....who handed in a transfer request and wanted to leave the club.  Worst web-site I've visited...

  24. Everybody knows it was from a Dutch newspaper .. some just read the papers and took it up wrong ..

    calm down ...

  25. Why do you feel the need to protect Babel from the criticism he duly deserves?

    Its not hatred that the fans feel. It's frustration with a player who has let every Liverpool fan down.

    He's paid a hell of a lot of money and to hear him crying about "i cant wear my blue boots" and "the spanish players dont talk to me.... wah wah wah!" is just insulting, ignorant and arrogant.

    He does not care about Liverpool. He's never shown any sort of consistency and i know you will harp on about a lack of consecutive games but as far as im concerned. If you have your chance, you take it! He's had numerous chances and has never seized the chance to make a position his own.


    and can i reiterate, i dont HATE him, i just dont want him at our club because he offers nothing to the team. If he plays, then i'll support him while he's on the pitch, and if he puts in a good performance then i will praise him, but you tell me when he has "performed" and dont tell me that game against Lyon. He scored a screamer and then 2 minutes later he took another shot which went out for a throw in. This sums Babel up.....


  26. if you want rafa out just watch the club dismantel,  be careful what you pricky fans wish for, these yannks are bad news and do not think for a moment that a new manager would want to work with these two owners, be carefull, we are lucky hasnt left us never mind the yanks getting rid of rafa.

  27. Kanwaar, this is yet another pathetic attempt from you.

    If some people thought it was the Sun then that's only one part of it.

    It's what Babel actually says that shows he's in the wrong place. That and his inconsistent form.

    He's had 2 and a half years. Look at the difference between him and Lucas.

    Hard work and the determination to fight for your place is what it takes.

    One great goal every blue moon isn't enough I'm afraid.

    Pack your bags Babel, you can wear your blue boot for Ajax, enough's enough.

  28. Jamie Kanwaar is a MANC WUM, so obvious it's funny, and sad at the same time.

    Anything to wind up the real Liverpool fans eh?


  29. What is Jamie Kanwaar's answer to  being accused of being a MANC WUM??

  30. I am still waiting for the next installment of the anti Rafa and pro G+H articles from this site.  

  31. Jack - if you keep posting pointless (and inaccurate) comments like this, I will ban you from the site.  Your views are welcome, but please stick to debating the issues raised in the articles.  Comments like this just clog up the discussion.

  32. Jamie, rather than going to the effort of banning Jacky, can you not just take your site down all together? That would be the most productive thing you've ever done.....

  33. Babel has been given oppurtunities to impress, but never showed enough. However when we signed him he was raw talent, it was upto Rafa and the coaching staff to work and mould the player into the real thing. Unforunately like with other players they've not been able to. Babel shouldn't of said what he did, but it is world cup year and he wants to be part of the dutch squad. he is probably enginerring himself a move awy from anfield. I dont think he will be the last either.

  34. id take 9 mill and not a penny less, sell him get rid and get another
    player in, jima nd dossena could recoup rafa nearly 15 / 16 mill. buy van
    der vaart