26 Oct 2009

YOSSI BENAYOUN reminds me so much of the Liverpool FC legend that is...

Peter Beardsley! The more I watch Benayoun the more I'm convinced that he is the current Liverpool team's version of Beardsley.

Beardsley was an absolutely superb player for Liverpool, and anyone who had the privilege of watching him play during the Dalgish era will know what I'm talking about.

Like his team-mate John Barnes, Beardsley was one of those rare players that made you catch your breath every time he got the ball, as you knew something exciting was likely to happen.

You know the feeling: hair on the back of your neck stands up; a murmur of excitement reverberates around the ground; you rise from of your seat in anticipation...just like when Benayoun picked up the ball inside Liverpool's half yesterday and started the move that led to Fernando Torres' goal.

Like Benayoun, Beardsley wasn't the fastest of players, but he had electric pace over 10-15 yards; superb technique; peerless close-control skills, and the uncanny ability to pick out inch-perfect through balls.

Whenever I see Benayoun run with the ball in the opposition half, I get that same excited feeling as I did when Beardsley was in his prime. They even move in a very similar way when in full flight.

I've been arguing since day 1 of the season that Benayoun should start as many games as possible. As I've proved in the past, his creative impact as a starter far outweighs his impact as a sub.

The simple truth is this: start Benayoun and he will invariably score or create a goal, as he did yesterday against United.

When they're fit, Gerrard, Torres, Carragher, Kuyt and (this season) Lucas start every game. Benayoun more than deserves to be on that list.

Beardsley was an integral part of the team when Liverpool last won the title in 1990; hopefully Benayoun will follow in his footsteps very soon.

See some examples of Beardsley's genius during the 1991 FA Cup 5th Round replay against Everton:


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  1. I totally agree with you re Benayoun is almost Beardo/Jari Litmanen reincarnated!! he has those silky touches, the jinks, the passing and his slight body size is even like Beardo..! He always adds another dimension to our formation and brings that something that's a little different at given times...he should genuinely start most if not every game....

  2. That's right. I've been thinking the same recently. The way they dribble, run with the ball and create chances is quite similar. Yossi should be a starter for sure. He has brought more creativity to the team than any other player this season. Hopefully he gets better and better.

  3. Well said that man, top top quality player.

  4. <p><span><span><span>Your bang on the money there mate Yossi reminds me so much of Beardo with his vision and jinky runs. I always remember when Torres scored his 1<sup>st</sup> hat trick against reading thinking that I would never thought id see the day that a player would remind me of Ian Rush . So the way they combined for the 1<sup>st</sup> goal yesterday had the touch of brilliance that made me fall in love the team all those many moons ago.</span></span></span>
    </p><p><span><span> </span></span>
    </p><p><span><span><span>P.s a big shout out to Lucas…A massive performance from the lad him and Yossi has shown that if you keep chipping away the good times are never to far away. </span></span></span></p>

  5. I totaly agree. When Liverpool came to Singapore for thier friendly match, I've partitioned for Fernando Torres to play longer on the field as well as Bennayoun, I've no doupt he's an "except" to Liverpool FC. The way he plays, he'll only get better in time. I believe he puts 100% effort in the games he play. 

  6. There's another similarity too - they both make Ian Dowie look like George Clooney

  7. Yep, quality player and quality signing by Rafa! I remember he got some stick for buying him, but 4.5m now seems an absolute bargain!

    I also like Benny's attitude - if he's not playing he accepts it, gets his head down and takes his chances when they come. Take note Mr. Babel!

  8. he is good we need him playing not sitting

  9. I think benayoun should play the same role as beardsley because he is the only one that really runs with the ball and something happens<except>.The only problem i have with benni is he don't shoot as regular as he can.</except>

  10. Yup, agree with you there, Jaimie. Yossi has been immense this season. That pass to Torres was one of the best through balls I have seen, he had to get it inch-perfect. Both him and Lucas had a great game. He definitely needs to start every league game that he can, even with Aquilani in the side. 

  11. I read an article in the Singapore Times, come January Liverpool have to sacrifice a few players in terms of getting new ones. I truly hope and wish Rafa would consider and reconsider of letting Benayoun go. To me, he is a threat to any opposing teams with his runs, passing of the ball or even his presence in the panalty box. We truly need a player of his standard in our Liverpool FC first 11.

  12. Absolute rubbish, Christian Purslow (MD) said on Sunday that the Financial Investment in the club will be completed in 3-6 months, stop listening to crap from journalists who hope to cause problems, listen to Purslow as he is doing the deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i have been a big fan of yossi he has been outstanding till now for the club give him more time on the park raffa.
    also the biggest suprise package is lucas he has really become mature in the last few games he may pose to be a good player if he continues to play the way he is

  14. Merlin the happy pig11:22 am, October 27, 2009

    Guest @ 06:21:18 : I totally agree with, just not sure why you're airing it in this particular debate

  15. Merlin!, I would have thought it was obvious?, People reading rubbish and panicking. Check the post prior to mine!. Yossi is on a good contract, end of story.

  16. Benayoun ...if fit... is in the same category now as Johnson Gerrard Torres Reina Carra Mascherano & Kuyt.

    He deserves to be in the team week in- week out.

    No other player, except possibly Gerrard, could have rolled that ball whilst moving at pace into the perfect zone for Torres.

    And as for Lucas who has frustrated me to the point of distraction .....well done 
    lad.....immense performance capped with by that surging gallop when you must have been knackered to open up the Utd defence for number two. Great stuff.

  17. Hi, I agree the only main dif as I see it is Yossi has a tendency to allways whant to get the ball on to his right. If he were to improve his left it would make him an even more unpredictable to defenders.
    I also feel he should play off the main striker, or CM were I think he played for West Ham and not out on the flanks.

  18. I guess this is why Man City wants him, he is a top player and can create that one goal to win a game. I know Yossi will never leave us as he really proud to wear the Liv shirt.

  19. Laurence Kilgannon8:46 pm, October 27, 2009

    There's a little bit of McManaman in there, too.

  20. Top quality player! fan's love him as well, hope he stays for a long long time at liverpool!