7 Sept 2009

POLL: After his xenophobic comments last week, is John Terry fit to captain England?

John Terry has a history of yob-like behaviour, and last week he made (arguably) xenophobic comments about 'foreign mentality' being to blame for increased cheating in the English football. Is someone who holds such repellent views fit to captain England?

In the past, Terry has:

* Allegedly urinated on the dance floor at Chelsea's Christmas party

* Urinated in a pint glass whilst standing on a bar.

* Parked in a disabled bay

* Tried to snatch the yellow card out of referee Mike Dean's hand during a Chelsea - Man United game in 2007. Great example to set to watching youngsters, eh?

* Drunkenly mocked American tourists at Heathrow in the aftermath of 9/11, (an incident that also allegedly involved stripping naked, laughing and vomiting)

* Spent a night in the cells in 2002 after being charged with of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, unlawful wounding, possessing a bottle as an offensive weapon and affray (later cleared of all charges).

There's more, but you get the picture. Then last week, Terry had this to say about 'foreigners' in football:

"That's not the way we play, we're a very honest country and it's a very honest league we play in. If players have that [diving] in the back of their mind they shouldn't be playing football.

"Diving is something the England lads don't do. Sometimes we're too honest. The foreign mentality coming in is 'any little clip you can go tumbling over', because the speed of the game nowadays. It’s not all the foreigners, but you know who they are”.

In my view, Terry is a disgrace to the game and should step down from his role as England captain immediately. But what do you think?

You can select TWO answers:


  1. Who's bothered about engalnd anyway?  Personally I' couldn't give a shite!!!

  2. Some good points.  I have never liked the guy as England capt.

    I've heard other stories as well - off the record as they say about things he has done.

    He ain't the leader the team needs.

  3. Hard to know what to believe with such unreliable sources. Plus, xenophobia is in no short supply in Europe, so I don't see why it's so outrageous that he, in particular, engages in it. 

  4. Parking in a disabled bay?

    Ha ha ha, really, you have waaaaaay too much free time on your hands