2 Sept 2009

FOOTBALL CHEATS: No 9 - Didier Drogba (Liverpool v Chelsea - 2007)

Why is it that the most gifted players often turn out to be divers and cheats?

Didier Drogba is undoubtedly an excellent player but his reputation has been marred by his tendency to dive and go down after the slightest of touches. Here is a prime example of this:

Drogba should be ashamed of himself for such obvious theatrics.

NB. Before anyone starts going on about Steven Gerrard, I've already written two articles about his diving:

---->> Rafa slams Drogba for diving but Steven Gerrard is just as bad. And here is the proof.

---->> Steven Gerrard: Still a diver


  1. This is great. Will you be doing examples of St Stevie Gerrard and Torres?

  2. Gerrard, yes.  Torres, no.  I don't believe Torres has deliberately, cynically dived in an attempt to win a penalty/advantage.  He's gone down a easily a few times, biut I wouldn't say he has cheated.  If anyone has any video that suggests otherwise, please send it to me ;)

    Gerrard on the other hand has (IMO) deliberately dived to try and gain an advantage, so he will be included in the series soon.

  3. That weren't a 'dive', the ball hit him in the face.

  4. This incident occurred on the halfway line, didn't it? And apart from a free kick no-one else was affected? So what possible difference does it make to anything? Can you find a better Drogba incident otherwise it might seem like this was the only occasion Drogba has dived in the last 5 years. Thank you in advance.

  5. How can anyone suggest that this wasn't a dive?? The ball may have hit him in the face, but he's a 14 stone athlete and the ball isn't a cannonball. He jumped to the floor holding his head in a clear attempt to win a foul and get Agger booked. He even shouted and gestured at the referee claiming that he was hit in the face, he's an absolutely pathetic excuse for a man, i can't believe footballers like him aren't embarrassed when they see these things again.

    One question to anyone doubting it was cheating. Unless he was looking for a foul, what other reason can there be for him jumping to the ground so theatorically in such an exaggerated fashion?

  6. Bob you are a dickhead with your blinkered opinion.And if this is the best prime example you've got then it only illustrates the fact that Drogba never dives . Unlike Gerrard and Torres

  7. Pictures:






  8. Blueoo - please do not slag off other posters.  Ordinarily I would delete your post and ban you from commenting but on this occasion I'll make an exception.  You're welcome to comment here, but please do so in the right manner.  Thanks.

    Oh, and Drogba never dives?  You're having a laugh, right?!

  9. http://theshed.chelseafc.com/theshed/chat/m/75347.shtml

    Chelsea fans trying to raise the 'no' count on this vote :)

  10. How can any liverpool fan criticise drogba for diving when they have the biggest cheat in their team,,,Steven Gerrard!!!!!!! If you dont believe me watch this  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVb2gbMtN3I

  11. Drogba does feign injury but doesn't dive. I wish Fernando would cut it out of his game too.

  12. It is hard to tell because one cannot see where the defenders left arm/hand is located until after the main contact. Even though Drogba is bit of an old woman and goes down very easily he is nowhere near in the diving class of Stevie MoM Gerrard. Drogba, amongst other Chelsea players, gets slated by the media for obvious reasons - there has been an agenda against Chelski since Abramovich took over - no one likes to see their club's comfortable position at the top threatened by the noveau riche. 
    What I would like to see is the standard of refereeing improve - incidents like the Lampard sending off at Anfield (later rescinded - the third such booking rescinded from the same referee against Chelsea) can make a big difference in the final outcome of the League placings.

  13. Overreation yes, diving no.  The pix meant to illustrate diving fall short of proof when taken in the context of what happened in the incident.  There is a great series of clips of Carragher and another (Agger?) kicking the legs off Drogba.  Is it any wonder strikers go down easily from time to time when defenders blatently break the rules to stop them doing their jobs.  Diving/Playacting is a consequence of defenders being allowed to do what they have been permitted to do by the officials in order to stop strikers.