31 Aug 2009

FOOTBALL CHEATS: No 6 - Wayne Rooney (Spurs v Manchester United - 2008)

Another Wayne Rooney special coming up, but this time his cheating is actually caught by the referee, who dishes out a yellow card.

Once again, I feel compelled to make reference to Rooney's hypocritical comments from 2006:

"I'd never dive. I’d like to think of myself as an honest player. That’s the way I play. I don’t like diving, football doesn’t need it.”

You're damn right football doesn't need it. So why are being are you *still* doing it, Wayne?

NB. Before anyone starts going on about Steven Gerrard, I've already written two articles about his diving:

---->> Rafa slams Drogba for diving but Steven Gerrard is just as bad. And here is the proof.


  1. I know u have written two articles about Stevie Gay diving, but I think thaat should be one of the top fives as it got u scouse cunts into the knockout stages

  2. Stevie G is the biggest cheat in the game when it comes to diving! 3 games in to the new season and your bitter already! 

  3. I tend to get most of my football news and liverpool news from newsnow, so I frequently come across articles from this site but tend to ignore them as i have little or no respect for anything posted by Jamie Kanwar. 

    One thing I cannot tolerate is this moral authority you have bestowed upon yourself. You have no objective opinions to offer on anything. Which is fine, this is after all a blog. You attempt to get as many hits as possible by being controversial and deliberately risable. However, the point is, I think its unfair to do this under the banner of Liverpool-Kop. I don't feel you have the right to use this address as their is little or nothing to suggest you are a Liverpool supporter.

  4. Wayne deliberately lifted and spread his right leg between the Spurs man and the ball before falling over, luckily any contact  at all was avoided by the opposing player. It looked a well pactised cheating ploy on Waynes part.

  5. Did you live in Welbourne Road?
    I did until the 60's

  6. Born in Welbourne Road N17, in 1942, and lived there to 1957, then locally to 1969.

  7. I see my comments were removed, I'd suggested you didn't have the right to blog under the liverpool-kop address. It just goes to show this site remains a vehicle for your delusions and any oppositon is cruelly crushed. Just like a certain fascist dictator you have mocked recently.

    Your the most pathetic of people. 

  8. Your comments were removed because they contravened the comment policy (see below)_.  If you have any complaints about the site or its authors, please use the relevant thread.  Thanks.

  9. Jamie is gay!!!!!

  10. No Gerrard after 6 episodes of cheaters? How hypocritical is that? Oh..this is a Kop blog..sorry, wrong place.. DUH !

  11. Jamie, 

    Have a read of this article.


    It seems to me that the British seem to believe they have some moral superiority. Yet it is Britain itself where the most violence and injury is caused on the football field.