7 Apr 2009

Sorry, Fernando - Bill Shankly disagrees with you...

Fernando Torres believes that winning the Champions League is more important winning the league title, but such a belief is contrary to a core principle of Liverpool FC’s philosophy.

In a recent interview, Torres stated:
“Domestic titles are very important but to win the Champions League you are saying we are the best team in Europe. This club has a great record in the European Cup but now I want to be a part of that history”.

“Winning the European Championship was a great thing for me and I understood what it was to win a major trophy and what I had been missing.

“On the way home from the European Championship I made a promise that I wanted more of this success with Liverpool and it does not come any bigger than the European Cup”.
Whilst doing well in Europe is of course fantastic, it should never be forgotten that Liverpool’s imperious success and enduring legacy was underpinned by success in the league.

Shankly said it best when he encapsulated Liverpool’s philosophy on the league vs. Europe debate:
“I would like to win the European Cup, naturally, because that’s the ultimate in Europe; but the main thing – our bread and butter – is this: [points to the league trophy]. That’s what we want to win all the time.

"Never mind Europe. It’s been a great thing for Liverpool and a great thing for the country, but this is our bread and butter, and this is the one we want”.
We seem to have lost sight of these principles over the last 10 or so years, with the Champions League seemingly taking precedence over the league at times.

Success in the league – i.e. being the best over 38 games - is, in my view, far more impressive than winning a cup competition. And as we all know, without success in the league, there is no possibility of playing in Europe.

It’s great that Torres has such ambition, but the Champions League should never become a higher priority than the league.

Torres said something else in his interview that will warm the hearts of Liverpool fans everywhere:
"I have said many times the only club I would leave Atletico for was Liverpool, and nothing has changed there,' he said. They are the only two clubs that are in my heart. I have supported Liverpool since I was a boy and I intend on staying here a very long time."
Let’s hope Torres picks up some league titles along the way, starting this year. Once he’s experience the feeling of winning the league, maybe his priorities will change.


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  1. You are entitled to your view of which is more important, surely Torres is entitled to his?

    He just sees the champs league as a bigger trophy ( the best in Europe) rather than the premiership ("only" the best in england).

    I would think a lot of foreign players feel this way.

    Dont worry though I am sure he trys just as hard in league games as he does in the champs league :)

    And just maybe we havent had a good enough squad to compete over a 38 game league but we certainly have a good enough team to win the ,very lucrative, champs league.

    we are in a better position this year because the squad has improved enough to get us close.
    Add at least another match winner and we may soon be in a position where we can challenge for both.

  2. What are your issues with lfc?

  3. Well bill shankly is not here, Fernando torres is.

  4. Where's the Fergie love in tonight Jamie?

  5. Well, Bill Shankly is'nt managing us anymore, and, we have become a global phenemenon as opposed to a domestic giant...Torres is the future of Liverpool, and that's that...!!!

  6. u narrow minded domestic, Nando is with us so that we can evolve into global champions, Pools following is worldwide and not just the preserve of traditionalist English fans...we r priveliged to have him playing for LFC...so get out of ur slumber.