7 Apr 2009

The most embarrassing moment in LFC history?

Quite possibly! Okay - perhaps it's not quite as bad as Ossie Ardiles and "Tottingham's" cringeworthy collaboration with Chas and Dave, but it's close.

Incredibly, this reached number 3 in the singles charts in 1988. I still remember bopping along to this in my brand-spanking new shell-suit, thinking it was the coolest song in the world. I even bought the single. Oh well - enjoy!


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  1. Haha wow this video is so campy! Thanks for sharing, Jaimie; first time I've seen this.

  2. No way!
    This was cool back then, and still is now. Cause if anyone can Macca-can, Macca-can, Macca, Macca, Maca-can.

  3. The most embarrassing thing for me would be when Diouf spat at the crowd and was only given a fine. I think he should never have played again and thrown out immediately by Houllier.

  4. Untouchable! There hasn't been anything that captured the moment of any team like this has. I don't think it's embarrassing at all. Though Gillespie and Hansen @2:20, are...eh...so *not* fly, for white-guys.

    Incidentally, I'd never heard Hansen speak till motd.

  5. OMG!!! tht was the most terrible rap ever! gud job it was for liverpool hehe lol

  6. shut it toonaholic yous got beat 2-1 blackpool yes blackpool