17 Mar 2009

'The Liverpool Way' responds to my interview - Witness a prime example of gutter fans in action

One of the things I'm always striving to do on this site is expose the kind of 'fans' that Liverpool FC - and football in general - just do not need. To that end, take a look at this thread denigrating my interview with 'The Republik of Mancunia'

Thread on 'The Liverpool Way'

I personally find it quite hilarious, and the responses just reaffirm to me how much a cesspool modern football has become. Fans complain about money and commercialism ruining the game, but the reality is that the 'fans' themselves are the real problem.

Like most Liverpool sites, you will find one or two fair-minded people talking sense, but they're generally drowned out by the witless horde of cyber yobs foaming at the mouth as spit out their expletives.

In this case, ISR accuses his fellow fans of 'rank hypocrisy, and he is clearly 100% right.

N.B. The Liverpool Way is superb site, let down by a minority of morons who believe that personal attacks and crushing opposing opinion is synonmous with being a true fan.


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