18 Mar 2009

LFC REDS.COM: "SG is the best player in the world. Who cares if he dives or not?"

The title of this post is a direct quote from one of the members of LFC Reds.com. Pathetic. It is just this type of cancerous attitude from so-called 'fans' that makes modern football such a morally bankrupt cesspool.

Here is the full post:

"SG is the best player in the world.who cares if he dives or not?

There are way too many players who do it out there. Ronaldo is the worst!"

See the post here (top of the page)

Is this what being a Liverpool fan is all about these days?! If so, then I don't want anything to do with it. Condoning cheating just because someone is a good player is as ludicrous as it is damaging.

Are these 'fans' proud of holding such views?! Proud of actively encouraging cheating? Proud of giving Liverpool fans - and the club - a bad name.

And this is not an isolated incident. I've come across countless posts on various Liverpool message boards excusing and encouraging Gerrard's diving. Indeed, you can find some more examples of this type of destructive drivel here

The fan who made that post should be ashamed of himself, but he's probably too ignorant to even realise that he's wrong.

What is perhaps even worse is the fact that other fans just ignore this attitude when they should be slapping down 'fans' like this and telling them such views are unacceptable. Just take a look at the thread in question - do any other posters say anything to this idiot about his 'cheating is okay' view?


This kind of insidious apathy is the reason Liverpool FC's heritage and legacy is slowly being irreparably damaged - too many fans sitting back and accepting all the negative things happening around the club.

This needs to change. Fans should support the institution of LIVERPOOL FC first, not Gerrard FC or Benitez FC. This means being critical of anything that affects - or has the potential to affect - the reputation and standing of the club.

I've repeatedly challenged those who hold such ridiculous views to debate the issue with me and justify their 'cheating is okay' stance. Of course, it never happens because, quite simply, such a view indefensible.


  1. I dispute two things you have said in your article

    1. I read that comment as this fan saying yes Stevie dives but there are so many others aswell why target him target all the divers.

    2. I am a member of that same site and you never once challenged this person to a debate so stop hiding behind you're blog and start discussing it like a civilised person.

  2. Dane.

    The comment made by that person is unambiguous: he says "Who cares if he dives". This is like saying 'El Hadji Diouf is great player, who cares if he spits'. I am sure you would have a problem with a comment like that - of course you would, because it's not golden boy I'm talking about.

    The idea that just because there are lots of divers means we should just accept that fact Gerrard does it is simply a spurious notion. What goes on at other teams does not affect Liverpool's reputation and standing.

    It is every Liverpool fan's duty - it is YOUR DUTY - to highlight this appalling behaviour. If Gerrard knew his own fans were ashamed of his antics, he would be less likely to do it. Just supporting everything a player does purely because he plays for Liverpool is NOT being a true fan.

    As it is, he keeps doing it because the fans don’t care, and actively encourage him to do it.

    Every time some fan/accepts a Liverpool's player's cheating, other fans should be slapping this person down and explaining how such an attitude is unacceptable and incompatible with what Liverpool is all about.

    Bill Shankly sums it up best with this quote:

    "I was the best manager in Britain because I was never devious or cheated anyone. I'd break my wife's legs if I played against her, but I'd never cheat her".

    Can Gerrard say the same thing? It would be great if we could say:

    "Gerrard was the best player in Britain because he was never devious or cheated anyone".

    Gerrard has cheated again, and again, and again, and again and again, culminating in a much deserved booking for diving a few weeks ago.

    I don't really get your second point.

    *I am targeting all cheats and divers - I am currently setting up a football cheats website to expose cheats in football.

  3. My second point was in regards to this:

    "I've repeatedly challenged those who hold such ridiculous views to debate the issue with me and justify their 'cheating is okay' stance."

    I was saying that you never challenged this person to debate your view infact I don't think he knows that you even wrote this article.

    And your claim of critical realism is laughable at best when it seems that all you do is belittle fan forums and their members who don't subscribe to your views. From what I can see all you do is recycle the same old dribble such as Benitez' defensive mentality yet against Real Madrid a powerhouse of world football we attacked right from the word go yet you make no acknowledgment of this whatsoever.

    I am not saying that you cannot criticise anyone or anything to do with the club (all "fans" do) but how can someone with such a hidden aggenda possibly call themselves a fan of Liverpool FC. The true fans of Liverpool FC are the people standing in the centenary stand or anfield road week in week out with their scarves held high singing you'll never walk alone at the top of their lungs supporting the club through thick and thin,what you do I can only describe as a hatred of everything that this great club believes in.

  4. I'm sorry, but what utter nonsense.

    1. I didn't challenge the person to a debate because I'm not a member of the site. Nor do I want to be. I'd rather not be associated with a site that stands by and does nothing whilst its members encourage Liverpool players to cheat.

    2. I do not belittle fan forums and members who do not subscribe to my views. I *RESPOND* to fans and forums who hurl abuse and insults my way. There is a difference.

    Let me ask you something: Who preciptated this dispute between me and LFCreds? Exactly. LFCreds started a post on their board in which their members started slagging me off. I merely responded, which it is my right to do. Perhaps you should get your facts right before posting anything else.

    3. This has to be the most blinkered thing you've said yet:

    "The true fans of Liverpool FC are the people standing in the centenary stand or anfield road week in week out with their scarves held high singing you'll never walk alone at the top of their lungs supporting the club through thick and thin"

    What a load of rubbish. Presumably you are aware that over 90% of Liverpool's fanbase is NOT based in Liverpool? Presumably you can grasp the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the majority of fans to go to matches week in, week out? Surely you can appreciate that, even IF every fan wanted to go to the matches, it is not practical or possible?

    So, well done for devaluing the support of the MAJORITY of Liverpool's fanbase!

    Fans who go to matches are NOT the only true fans. They just happen to be in a favourable geographical location which allows them to easily attend matches/obtain tickets.

    If Liverpool FC had to survive with only the support of the so-called 'true fans' who regularly attend matches, and without the wordwide fanbase, the club would wither and die very quickly.

    I implore you, stop regurgitating brainwashed, media inspired soundbytes. Try having your own opinion for once.

  5. Jaimie you should concentrate on your own teams divers ie ronaldo

  6. Let me guess: I'm a 'Manc in disguise'?

    Jeez - change the record already! You and my other detractors are in urgent need of some new material.

  7. Trust me, I used to think Gerrard was a saint and I'm a Reds fan. Not that I'm not proud of what hes done for the team, but like u said, these small things that he does literally or not, affects Liverpool's reputation. I've never been all about Gerrard or Benitez alone. Its always about the whole team, the club, the fans that enticed me to liken Liverpool more than Stevie himself. Its the power of Liverpool that seduced me to support their courage and bravery.

    As much I've accepted the fact that are divers in every soccer clubs in the world, I would like Stevie know that to me, its not alright that he does one thing that he said he swore he wouldnt do. I respect him being true Red till the end and so will I. In fact, he wasnt even my fav player in Liverpool to start with but I'm starting to accept him that he wants to win epl with Liverpool but if only he kept it clean all the time. But I have got to agree on Mourinho bout staying on your feet when u got badly fouled. Maybe only that will be the only time u could scream for a foul... But minor touches and brushes will certainly not hurt. Gerrard will try diving in the 6 yard box when Liverpool is on the losing end of the match, that Ive come to realized after a long time being a Reds fan. I'm not ashamed being a Reds fan but I'm ashamed of heroes who fell and expect sympathies from the refs.

    And mind you, I'm a truly Liverpool fan. If any other Reds fan cant accept this, that is your problem. This is my opinion and wanted the best for Liverpool. Gerrard will always be the saviour for us. Just this diving stints, unless ure being badly fouled and the ref turn one eye blind to that, pisses me off.

  8. I feel its just lot of exaggeration of the issue going on here.