1 Apr 2008

POLL: Ryan 'delicate doily' Babel is just a slightly more effective version of Emile Heskey...isn't he?

Earlier this season, I argued that Ryan Babel is a delicate doily who does not have the self-belief or winning mentality to make it at Liverpool. After another turgid performance against Arsenal, I'm really starting to believe that the dutchman was a waste of money. What do you think though? Am I wrong? Vote now!


  1. You cant honestly make such a harsh judgment on a players first season in a difrent league.

    He has only just turned 21 and to assume he should have a perect all round game so soon is a little niave.

    Ronaldo was bought for just over 12 million around the same age as babel was in his first season,his first couple of seasons his first in particuler had the same echo of disbelief from fans/pundits in his ability as you show towards babel.

    You speak of traditional ethics from the great old days but what ethics are you showing with such a lack of support for a liverpool player in his first season with many positives to accompany his negatives?

    And to compare him to heskey is a little ridiculous really considering heskey was a target man/striker where as babel is a wide man/winger/difrent mould of striker completly.

  2. I retract that last paragraph about your comparison to heskey.

    I understand your reason for the comparison was not based on position but on confidence playing.

  3. If Babel was in any other top team, and was playing with such 'form', he would be dropped like a hot potato. In all probability he probably would have gotten his game in the first place, truth be told. Ask Sunderland Manager, Mr. Sbragia, if he'd swap Cisse for "flyin' Ryan". This should give a clue as to the true rating of Babel. But you can't blame Babel for his limitations, but you CAN blame the manager for inflicting those 'qualities' on us. As a popular blogger said about Babel at Pompey, "he stank the place out".