19 Feb 2008

Torres DIVES - Materazzi sent off. Pathetic.

(Liverpool v Inter Milan - 29 minutes gone) Fernando Torres has just conned the referee with a blatant dive and Marco Materazzi has been sent off as a result. Materazzi tugged Torres' shirt, but that didn't force him to go down; Torres stayed on his feet for a couple of seconds and then dived, which is when the referee blew his whistle.

As a Liverpool fan who values fair-play, I am disgusted by Torres' behaviour. If he had stayed on his feet, Materazzi would still be on the field and the game would be a fair contest. Instead, Torres and ref have ruined the game.

Of course, Liverpool 'superfans' will not accept the truth, but Torres dived. End of story.

Even Dietmar Hamann agrees. In his half time comments on ITV, Hamann stated that Torres 'didn't need to go down'. Exactly right.

Very disappointing.


  1. materazzi is a motherfucker.
    I m glad he was sent off.
    People say that players like him have a reputation that will follow them in any stadium.
    For my part i think that these kind of players should be deprived of their status of professional football player.
    Everybody uses tricks and simulations in nowadays football.
    It s sad but it s a fact... and a player can hope to get a free kick even when he tumbles alone on the ball, given the fact that he s a good actor and the referee isn t omniscient.
    Video for referees, like for rugby ? hmmm, it could be a solution

  2. Nicely said, Bobo.. This motherfucker Materazzi deserved sending off. He is the uglinness in footbal, and should be eliminated. It is fair that his dirty reputation follows him and he got what he deserved. Jamie, get a life, and put your priorities straight

  3. I agree that Materazzi is an idiot and deserves everything he gets BUT that does not mean that when he is innocent or someone else simulates it should be ignored. I have little sympathy for Materazzi, but it's the principle that matters. In my mind, Torres dived, which caused to an unfair sending off. We shouldn't just overlook that because it's Materazzi. All players should be judged on a levele playing field - that includes Liverpool players, and Liverpool fans should acknowledge when an LFC player does something wrong instead of just brushing it under the carpet because of misplaced bias. Imagine if the world was like that - backing your friends and peoplee you like and condemning those you don't like, even if they are innocent. Wait...the world *is* like that...!

  4. I'm personally not a huge fan of materazzi (since the zidane incident)and dont have sympathy for him at all. However i will say this, torres did dive yes, but at the same time, he was impeded. Had nando not gone down would the ref have awarded a FK?

    Its like the lad above said, in nowadays game honesty isnt rewarded, staying on your feet doesnt guarantee you anything.

    Time and time again this season ive seen countless decisions go against us through players diving and conning the referee (chavski @ anfield)and the honesty weve shown as a team for years, ignored. We have never been renowned for diving and cheating and where has it got us? 4th place mediocrity is where.

    If you look at the three teams above us, they all cheat, dive, intimidate. We dont, and until now honesty hasnt served us one bit!

    If we need to dive and cheat in order to win the Premiership, so be it. Its what the mancs, chavs and goons do! and it hasnt stopped them from picking up trophy after trophy ahead of us!

    If you cant beat em, join em!