2 Dec 2007

Liverpool's forgotten heroes: No 01 - David Speedie

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  1. I whole-heartedly agree with this article. I remember his debut very well. This was back in the days when a deal could go through unbeknownst to press and fans alike, and like magic, the player would be on the team-sheet before anyone got a sniff(a la Rob Jones).

    I was not looking forward to the Manyoo match at all. Liverpool were "in crisis", had dropped bankable points and were just playing badly generally. On the day, Dalglish put our heavily left-footed left-back, Steve Staunton, (get this) on the right wing (Benitezesque decision?) and the newly acquired Speedie up front. Many (including myself) questioned the wisdom of the signing, but what a master stroke by King Kenny, just when the world seemed to be falling in on him (which it eventually did, sadly). We gave away a penalty that day due a very strange overhand volleyball smash maneuver by Glenn Hysen. But Speedie pulled it out of the fire for us. An impish strike from a tenacious battler.

    I also remember his double against the Toffees very well, his second match. That was 3 goals in 2 games. The goal against Chelsea when he came off the bench was a great one too. I can't remember the crosser, but Speedie rose far higher than a man of his stature should normally be capable of, and buried it.

    The memories have been sadly mis-managed of his time with us, but not for me.