14 Mar 2017

Anfield Stunner: Man Utd reject who's desperate for Liverpool 'chance' has 50 goals/assists this season

Ex-Reds coach Michael Beale has hailed Liverpool starlet Harry Wilson, and revealed some stunning info about the Welsh Attacker's form this season.

Speaking to Sky Sports this week, Beale - who is now a youth coach at Sao Paolo, one of the biggest clubs in Brazil - raved:

"Harry Wilson is doing everything he can in the U23s. He's scored over 20 goals and got over 20 assists this season".

Wilson's actual stats this season are even more impressive:

* 50 goals/assists overall (26 goals and 24 assists)

* Liverpool's U23s have scored 119 goals in 45 games this season (all competitions) which means that Wilson has directly contributed to 42% of the team's goals.

This obviously begs the question: why is Wilson not getting more first team action? Wilson is the captain of the U23s, and the youngest Wales international in history, yet Klopp frequently prefers Ben Woodburn, who is 2 years younger, and nowhere near as prolific.

In the last few months, Wilson has been increasingly vocal about his desire for a consistent 'chance' in the first team, and It must be galling for him to see Woodburn get repeatedly selected ahead of him.

Klopp claims that Wilson is a 'wonderful young player', but he hasn't backed up that statement with action. Whatever happened to the merit system? If contributing 50 goals/assists is not enough to win Klopp's approval, then Wilson is clearly wasting his time at Anfield.

To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if this is yet another case of Klopp ignoring a fantastic player because he doesn't run and/or press enough. I see very few other explanations for ignoring a player with 50 goals/assists for the U23s this season. Is that not enough to warrant some first team action ahead of a younger, less experienced player?

* 2015: Wilson confirmed: "My career started at Manchester United, but it didn't work out there".

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