15 Mar 2017

Season Over: 'Extraordinary' £30m Klopp signing out until 'next season'; currently in 'rehab'. Liverpool transfer off?

Borussia Dortmund have confirmed that one of Liverpool's current transfer targets will miss the rest of the season.

Mario Gotze has been ruled out for the rest of the season with a 'metabolic disorder', and Dortmund confirmed this on their website today, with the following statement:

“Götze was diagnosed with metabolic disorder in February. If he responds positively to treatment, he can start back in early summer. He is currently undergoing rehab. The long term target is to be fully fit and ready for the start of next season.”

Over the last two years, Liverpool have been repeatedly linked with £30m-rated Gotze, and in February, the The Mirror claimed:

"Liverpool are lining up a summer move for Mario Gotze. Jurgen Klopp wants a reunion with the attacker, and talks about an end-of-season switch have taken place".

Gotze (who signed for Klopp at Dortmund) recently confirmed that he still 'texts' Jurgen Klopp, and in a press conference a few weeks ago, Liverpool's boss confirmed:

"Yes, we're in touch. We have exchanged messages. I'm in contact with a lot of my former players".

Clearly, Klopp and Gotze have a close personal relationship, and in my view, it's naive to think that Klopp isn't interested in a player he described last year as having 'extraordinary abilities'.

That said, this new 'metabolic disorder' surely puts the stoppers on any imminent move to Anfield?

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