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2 Mar 2017

Breaking News: 'Fantastic' Liverpool hero suffers 'traumatic head injury'; sent to 'hospital' for 'tests'

'Fantastic' Liverpool hero Fernando Torres has suffered a sickening, potentially career-ending injury tonight during Atletico Madrid's 1-1 draw with Deportivo La Coruna.

During the game Torres collided with Deportivo's Alex Bergantinos while jumping for the ball in the 84th minute, and slammed his head into the ground upon hitting the deck.

ESPN reports:

"After being attended to for five minutes, Torres left the pitch on a stretcher that carried him to a waiting ambulance, which transported him to a hospital"

After the incident, Atletico released the following statement:

"Fernando Torres has suffered a traumatic head injury and has been transferred to hospital for tests. He suffered a heavy blow to the head, and will spend the night under observation. He is stable"

Antoine Griezmann's reaction:

"I don't really care now about football or the result. We are only worried about Fernando's health at the moment. We hope he's OK and back with us as soon as possible."

Here is video of the incident:

Get well soon, Fernando!


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