18 Feb 2017

Boss Confirms: Klopp could've signed 'extraordinary' £37m attacker; I told him to seal the deal

One of Jurgen Klopp's former colleagues has revealed the possible origin of Liverpool's recent interest in Man City star Leroy Sane.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News on Friday, David Wagner - who worked with Klopp at Borussia Dortmund - explained:

"It was part of my job to mention big talents to Jurgen. I made him aware of Leroy Sane for the first team of Dortmund, but he signed for Schalke. What he [Sane] has delivered so far is extraordinary".

Prior to signing for Man City, the Reds were heavily linked with Sane, and at one point, Schalke rejected, and official offer from Liverpool. As usual, though, Liverpool tried played the lowball game, and reportedly offered a derisory €15m. Schalke director, Horst Heldt, confirmed as much in September 2015, when he told Sportbild:

“Liverpool were ready to pay for Sane, but the offer didn’t interest us or the player".

A year later, Man City signed Sane for £37m, and whilst that figure is arguably inflated, it's much more commensurate with Sane's potential and ability that Liverpool's risible €15m offer.

As for the contention that Sane is operating at an 'extraordinary' level for City; what a load of Rodgers-esque baloney, and yet another example of a young player being wildly overpraised. Sane is settling in at City, but in real terms, he's barely doing his job, and I personally don't see how 3 goals in 18 games is evidence of an 'extraordinary impact' on his club.

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