18 Feb 2017

Confirmed: 'Phenomenal' £30m Liverpool star sent home from Klopp's La Manga training camp due to a 'virus'

One of Liverpool's senior players has been sent home from Liverpool's 'Jolly Boys' Outing' to La Manga.

On Wednesday, the Echo reported:

"Daniel Sturridge...missed morning and afternoon training sessions today due to a virus. Sturridge was assessed by the Reds’ medical staff [who] hope he will be well enough to train later in the trip".

On Friday, a statement on the official LFC website confirmed:

"Daniel Sturridge will return home...due to a virus. Sturridge's condition hasn't improved and he will fly back to Merseyside before resuming training at Melwood as soon as he is well enough".

Even when he's physically fit, Sturridge - recently hailed by Steven Gerrard as a 'phenomenal goalscorer - still manages to find a way to miss out on important fitness/conditioning sessions. He really is giving new meaning to the phrase 'perpetual sicknote'.

If £30m-rated Sturridge really has a virus, then his early return makes sense, lest he infect other members of the squad. It's a shame as the 15-day rest period before the Leicester game is a vital period for Sturridge, as it allows him ample time to impress Klopp enough to make it into the starting XI. Now, Sturridge will miss vital training sessions, which means he'll be on the back foot yet again.

To be honest, unless there are injuries to Firmino, Mane, and/or Origi between now and the end of the season, Sturridge will probably spend the rest of his Liverpool career on the bench (assuming he leaves in the summer).


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