19 Feb 2017

Confirmed: 'Incredible' striker who told friends he's signing for Liverpool 'will' leave soon. Next Sterling?

Andrea Conte has all but confirmed that one of Liverpool's current transfer targets is leaving at the end of the season.

On Thursday, The Mirror claimed:

"Chelsea striker Dominic Solanke...has told friends he will join the Reds. Liverpool will be forced to pay a tribunal fee, which could be as high as £8m".

The Daily Mail further added:

"Chelsea have refused to meet Solanke's wage demands, with his representatives asking for a £50,000-a-week salary".

When asked on Friday if Solanke is leaving, Conte told reporters:

“I should have a crystal ball to tell his future. I think [he will leave). I think this is his will. I wish for him and his family the best."

Managers often shy away from revealing anything concrete in public about transfers, but Conte makes it pretty clear that Solanke will be leaving Stamford Bridge this summer. Will Solanke end up at Liverpool, though? I personally hope not, and I've outlined my opposition to this deal in a separate article. On a related note, the Daily Mail claims:

"Bayern Munich are showing interest in Dominic Solanke. Everton, Sunderland, Arsenal, West Ham, Rangers and Celtic have discussed offers for Solanke too".

Solanke is clearly another greedy, entitled mercenary with a grossly inflated sense of self-worth, so let one of the teams mentioned above have him. Liverpool don't need another Raheem Sterling.

* Oct 2015: Described as 'like Ibrahimovic' by ex-Vitesse Arnhem star Ferdi Vierklau

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