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30 Jan 2017

Deal Close: Liverpool in talks to seal late move for 'passionate' star who admires 'Gerrard'

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Liverpool are reportedly on the verge of sealing yet another loan deal for one of the club's fringe players.

According to the Daily Mail:

"Liverpool defender Connor Randall is in talks to join Championship side Barnsley on loan".

Randall - who describes himself as a 'passionate' footballer - made seven first-team appearances last season, but just like Cameron Brannagan (Nine appearances in 2015-16), he has largely been ignored this year. Randall made his first start of the season against Wolves on Saturday, but suffered the ignominy being subbed off at half-time substitution, which is never a positive sign.

The rise of Trent Alexander-Arnold has also put a crimp in Randall's first-team development, and based on Klopp's effusive praise for the young full-back (and increasingly regular game time), it looks like the manager favours Arnold over Randall. On the plus side, Barnsley are a solid Championship side, and a move to the South Yorkshire club is arguably more beneficial than a move to League One, which is where Brannagan landed last week.

Unfortunately, from what I've seen do far, Randall is very similar to Jon Flanagan: a decent huff-and-puff footballer (Klopp described him as a 'runner') without anything really exceptional to his game. That may sound harsh, but I just don't see Randall becoming Liverpool's first-choice right back at any point in the future.

* Dec 2014: Admitted that Steven Gerrard is the player he most 'admires'.


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