11 Nov 2016

Better than Alli? Legend insists 'brilliant' £20m Liverpool star is 'England's best player'. Agree?

Who is England's best player? According to Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier, one of Liverpool's high flying attacking players is currently worthy of that description.

When asked the question this week, Le Tissier told Sky Sports:

"I ask myself who England's best player is and I'd say Adam Lallana. He tends to be pushed out wide though and I'd like to see him in the number 10 role. He's happy to go both ways so playing him central gives him so many options".

On 'current form', Lallana is one of the Premier League's most effective players, but that doesn't (IMO) extend to England. After all, how can an experienced attacker with only 1 goal in 26 internationals be England's 'best player'?

Plus, Lallana hasn't contributed an assist in a competitive international since November 2014, which is an exceedingly poor return for a player in the prime of his career.

Lallana - - hailed last month by Jurgen Klopp for his 'brilliant' performances - scored in England's last competitive game against Slovenia, but he has a long way to go before he can be considered England's best player.

Once again, it comes down to consistency; Lallana has finally achieved that for Liverpool, and now, he has to achieve the same level of consistency with England.

For me, it's hard to pick England's 'best player' as none of the squad (including the grossly overrated Deli Alli) particularly stands out, which is probably why the team consistently fails on the pitch.

^ May 2016: Linked with a £20m summer move to Spurs.

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