25 Oct 2016

Anfield Meltdown: Pochettino slates Klopp for 'strange' behaviour; blasts Liverpool star for reckless 'tackle'

Mauricio Pochettino is not a happy man after Spurs' 2-1 EFL cup defeat at Anfield tonight.

After the game, Pochettino bristled:

“Arnold should have been sent off for the bad tackle on Ben Davies:

Arnold lunged in dangerously on Davies, and it's entirely possible that another referee might've brandished a red card.

In my view, there's no excuse for airborne two-footed 'tackles', and if Arnold had connected with Davies' leg, he probably would've caused a serious injury.

Liverpool already have one full-back prone to brainless tackles, and the last thing the club needs is another reckless defender.

Pochettino also slammed Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool's 'bench' for trying to influence the referee:

"It was strange at the end of the game. Their bench started to complain about us – they should stay calm. It's the referee who has the authority to decide whether it is or isn't a penalty. We need to concentrate on the game."

I can see Pochettino's point - In the final stage of the game, Klopp and his assistants were constantly urging the referee to award free kicks in Liverpool's favour, and that kind of behaviour is (IMO) as unbecoming as players trying to convince the referee to yellow card opposition players.

Ultimately, though, the good news is that Liverpool maintained their winning momentum, and Sturridge got back on the scoresheet after his recent goal drought. Now, the same fickle, short-termist fans who were slating him last week will be calling for Sturridge to start this weekend.

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