8 Sep 2016

'Not Good Enough': Legend slates 'brilliant' £20m Liverpool star; insists he should've 'scored more goals' for LFC

After finally scoring his first England goal this week on the 27th attempt, Adam Lallana is currently riding a wave of positive press, but according to Ireland legend Tony Cascarino, the Liverpool attacker still needs to massively improve his creative output for the Reds.

In his column for The Times this week, Cascarino insisted:

"That was his [Lallana's] 27th cap but his first goal [and] that return is not good enough. It’s the same with Liverpool - he should've scored more goals in his club career. He should be a one-in-four man, even a one-in-three".

Obviously, I agree, and it's the same point I've been making since the allegedly 'brilliant' Lallana signed for Liverpool. His goal stats for the Reds don't make pleasant reading:

* 14 goals in 94 apps = One every 482 minutes (one goal every 5.4 games)

* With assists included: Goal/assist every 249 mins (one every 2.8 games)

By any objective measure, this is simply not good enough for an experienced international in the prime of his career, and no amount of pressing, running, or industry will change that.

Lallana's primary role is to score and create goals, and he has abjectly failed to do that consistently at Anfield. That said, Lallana looks hungry this season, so perhaps he'll surprise everyone and beat his personal LFC best of 5 league goals in one season?

Granted, this is a herculean task, fraught with difficulty and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but here's hoping Lallana has the fortitude and mental strength to achieve this lofty goal.

^ May 2016: Linked with a £20m summer move to Spurs.

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