8 Sept 2016

Done Deal: £75k-a-week Liverpool flop who was 'angry' with Klopp seals 2-year transfer

After months of marginalisation at Anfield, Jose Enrique's Liverpool career finally ended in in ignominy this year, with Liverpool basically banishing the Spaniard from the training ground before the season had even ended. All's well that ends well, though, and Enrique has now found another bench to sit on for the next couple of years.

Last night, Enrique confirmed that he'd signed contract with Spanish second division side Real Zaragoza, who've handed him a 2-year deal.

In May, the Liverpool Echo reported:

"Enrique has been informed that his services [are] no longer required at the training ground".

Liverpool basically put Enrique on gardening, but in the meantime, he was still paid his massive £75k-a-week salary. At least make him work for his money!

In my view, this was shabby treatment of Enrique (or indeed any player):

* I'm no fan of the Spaniard, but no one forced Liverpool to sign Enrique, and give him a ridiculous 5-year contract at £75k-a-week.

* By the same token, Enrique was perfectly within his rights to (at the time) reject moves to West Brom and Newcastle. He merely exercised his contractual rights (just as you or I would do in our jobs with a similarly attractive salary on offer).

* If Enrique was a disruptive influence on the training ground, and/or wasn't pulling his weight then there may have been grounds for basically banning him from Melwood, but there was never any evidence of that.

What possible difference could it have made to allow Enrique to continue training for a few more weeks? It was all a bit distasteful, and smacked of vindictiveness.

Enrique who admitted it April that being continually snubbed by Klopp made him 'angry' - will be presented to the Spanish media today. Taking his whole LFC career into account, can Enrique legitimately be labelled a 'flop', or is that harsh?


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