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10 Jan 2016

'The Boss' to Anfield? - 'Extraordinary' £67k-a-week Liverpool target confirms 'advanced contact' with Prem clubs. LFC?

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Over the Christmas period, French newspaper L'Equipe claim that Marseille offered Liverpool the chance to sign goalkeeper Steve Mandanda, and in a new interview this weekend, Mandanda confirmed contact with Premier League clubs, and revealed his current and future transfer plans.

When asked today about the possibility of a January transfer, Mandanda told L'Equipe:

"I had very advanced contacts and offers, but I came to the conclusion that the best thing for me was to continue the Marseille adventure. I do not know what will happen in six months".

So, a January move is out, but what about a summer transfer? Like Mignolet, Mandanda is:

* A backup goalkeeper for his national team.

* His club side's first-choice goalkeeper.

Is the 30-year old - described this month by Marseille boss Michel as 'a leader' and 'the boss' in the dressing room - a significant upgrade on Mignolet, who is the most error-prone Premier League player over the last three seasons:

PRIMARY STATS (In comparison to Mignolet):


* Man: 447 conceded in 414 games at Marseille (1.1 per game/1 every 83 mins)

* Mig: 138 conceded in 117 games at LFC (1.2 per games/1 every 77 mins)

Clean Sheets

* Man: 132 in 414 games(1 every 3.1 games/1 every 262 mins).

Mig: 36 in 117 games (1 every 3.3 games/1 every 295 mins)

Saves (Last 3 seasons)

* Man: Saved 66% of shots on target.

* Mig: Saved 67% of shots target.

Stats: OPTA

As the stats show, Mandanda concedes fewer goals than Mignolet, and achieves clean sheets on a more regular basis, so based on primary stats, he appears to be an upgrade on the Belgian.

According to ex-Marseille boss Elie Baup, Mandanda - reportedly on 67k-a-week at Marseille - is an 'extraordinary' performer and 'the best goalkeeper in Ligue 1'.

A viable long-term replacement for Mignolet?

Author: Jaimie K


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