10 Jan 2016

'Amazing': Boss reveals 7 reasons why 'fantastic' powerhouse is 'perfect' signing for Liverpool

Earlier this week, Marko Grujic became Jurgen Klopp's first signing for Liverpool, but what can Reds fans expect from the 19-year old midfielder, who cost the club £5.1m?

Speaking to the official Liverpool FC website, Serbia youth team manager Veljko Paunovic claimed that Grujic is a 'perfect fit' for Liverpool, and hailed the youngster's 'amazing' progress over the last three years.

Paunovic also offered 8 reasons why Grujic will be a top signing for Liverpool:

* He has 'huge potential and huge talent', and personality is 'very aligned with the values of Liverpool'.

* Grujic knows how to 'adapt and behave' in order to become a 'very successful Liverpool player'.

* He is 'always open minded'; is always 'asking questions', and desperately 'wants to learn' in every training session.

* Grujic is 'very technical', with 'great control', and he also has the 'capacity to score goals and make assists'.

* He can 'keep the ball' and 'play the required pass' or even 'carry the ball from box-to-box'.

* Grujic is 'very offensive-minded' and is capable of 'taking on a couple of players and then finishing'.

* His attitude in training is 'fantastic', and he is always one of the 'best players in every session'.

Wow. Grucic can 'keep the ball', pass to a team-mate, and - are you ready for this - actually RUN with the ball. Absolutely flabbergasting. I think need to lie down and recover.

But seriously - this all sounds good, but with the greatest respect, it means nothing. Actions speak louder than words, and in 7-8 months, we'll see if Grujic can actually cut it in the Premier League.

Author: Jaimie K


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