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22 Sep 2015

LK Prediction League: Games 06 and 07 - Results/League Table (Bordeaux and Norwich)

It's now five games without a win for Liverpool, but even worse than Liverpool's inability to win games is the pitiful prediction performance of a number of the site's regulars (with me probably being the worst of the bunch!) On the plus side, the Prediction league is becoming more and more competitive, but there's no stopping FdotM, who remains at the top of Premier League after another perfect score for the Bordeaux game.

This week's news:


* Perfect Scores: hawthorn, imoff, Loganlfc, PhillyRed YNWA, Donkey Kong, Coodakay, Nicolas Chamberlain, and Joey2771.

* CR1: Great hair, Mike Aitcheson, nX3lemZ, xxcell2010, and Livi.


* Perfect Scores: PhillyRed YNWA, LFCNYC74, DaBandit, Donkey Kong, Puga Nesh, FdotM, vvlfc, fkpoh, GodSpunk, Chirag Vyas, Stuart C, and DAROVAR.

* CR1: Great hair, Mike Aitcheson, nX3lemZ

* FDotM extended his lead at the top to 27 points. That's now six weeks at the top of the Premier League.

* Three new entries in the top 5, with PhillyredYNWA, hawthorn, and Donkey Kong pushing out Stipe, Kibur Semachew, and Peter Maxwell.

* 11 new promotions into the Premier League, including LFCNYC74, who jumped right from the Phantom Zone into the top division.

* Division four has expanded this week with new players entering the league.

* Plenty of long-standing posters still in the Phantom Zone, but as LFCNYC showed, all it takes is one perfect score to get in the game ;-)

Here are this week's league tables.

If you spot mistakes, or I've left anyone out etc, please leave a comment below and I'll fix any issues.

Thanks for taking part (and good luck for the Carlisle game).







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