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15 Sep 2015

LK Prediction League: Game 05 - Results/League Table (Man United 3-1 Liverpool)

Despite the 3-0 home embarrassment by West Ham, the siteoptimism somehow continued to reign supreme amongst a large section of the site's visitors, with the majority predicting a comfortable Liverpool victory over Man United.

Well, so much for blind faith! Liverpool were soundly beaten at Old Trafford by Louis Van Gaal's horribly average team, but unlike last week, there's been some significant movement in the Prediction League tables.

This week's news:

* hawthorn, Trigger, Ahverruz Maritz, and Nicolas Chamberlain correctly predicted a 3-1 defeat.

* All four escaped the dull, grey confines of the Phantom Zone and jumped straight into the Premier League.

* The margins are so tight right now that one correct score is all it takes to get into the Premier League (!)

* CR1: FdotM, Ghost Rider, Livi, Chirag Vyas, Charlie, Sav, imoff, Donkey Kong, and scotthardy.

* CR2: wallacelallace, Mr. Point Of View, PhillyRed YNWA, Loganlfc, solitaryreaper, DaBandit, Joey2771

* The top 5 remains unchanged overall, but on 70 points, FDotM is pulling away from the pack.

* I've had to create another league (Division Four) due to the number of posters taking part. Right now, Orme is top of Division Four :-)

Here are this week's league tables.

If you spot mistakes, or I've left anyone out etc, please leave a comment below and I'll fix any issues.

Thanks for taking part (and good luck for the Bordeaux game).







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