15 Sept 2015

Massive Changes: Liverpool to drop 6 players against Bordeaux and bring in £40m worth of talent

After two defeats in a row, and only 3 goals scored in five games, something needs to change at Liverpool, and it looks increasingly like Brendan Rodgers will make wholesale changes for Thursday's Europa League game against Bordeaux.

According to the Liverpool Echo today:

* Mamadou Sakho [Cost: £18m] 'is set to make his first appearance of the season' at Bordeaux.

* Divock Origi, Alberto Moreno [Combined cost: £22m], Jordon Ibe, Kolo Toure and Jordan Rossiter are also in contention [to start].

On the injury front:

"Daniel Sturridge, Adam Lallana and Joe Allen are all back in full training after injury".

To be honest, there's absolutely nothing exciting about these changes at all:

* Ibe hasn't scored a goal in 16.5 hours of football for Liverpool.

* Origi was named in Ligue One's 'worst team of the year' last season.

* Moreno is being kept out of the first team by a comparatively untested 18-year old.

* Rossiter has practically zero experience of senior football.

Even if Origi starts, he'll either be played as a lone striker (in place of Benteke), or played out of position out wide, where he'll be forced to defend for most of the game.

On a related note: The Bordeaux game represents an ideal opportunity for Rodgers to give Joao Teixeira a chance in the first team.

After an excellent pre-season (1 goal/3 assists), the Portuguese attacker offers genuine creativity, something that just isn't being provided by Milner, Can et al.

Oh, wait: scratch that - Teixeira isn't even in Liverpool's Europa League squad, which is (IMO) an unforgivable snub for the 22-year old.

Why does Rossiter deserve to be in the squad ahead of Teixeira? Tex is older, more experienced, and he's proven himself in the Championship, where he grabbed 9 goals/assists in 34 games for Brentford last season.

What has Rossiter ever done? Nothing, yet he makes the Europa League squad ahead of Teixeira. Why? In my view, it's simple: Rossiter is British, and probably hangs on Rodgers' every word like a besotted teenager, and allows him to act as a 'father-figure' (thus massaging his ego).

Teixeira is 22 - He should be playing regular football for Liverpool, but instead of giving him a chance, Rodgers promotes comparatively inexperienced players, or wastes tens of millions (salary and wages) on the likes of Markovic, Moses, and Alberto.

Like so many other players at Liverpool, Teixeira will never prosper under Rodgers.

Author: Jaimie K


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