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14 Jul 2015

Future Liverpool Star? Rodgers springs major surprise as he names 'new Deco' in starting line-up

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On April 14th, on-loan Liverpool attacker Joao Teixeira suffered a broken leg during Brighton's goalless draw with Huddersfield, but just shy of three months later, the Portuguese youngster is (somehow) already back in action.

Teixeira suffered a fracture just above the ankle, and given the nature of the injury, he was expected to be out until the start of the new season.

Indeed, Brendan Rodgers suggested as much in one of his pr-match press conferences soon after the incident.

Well, Rodgers named Teixeira in his starting line-up for today's pre-season friendly in Thailand, so he appears to be fully recovered, and according to the LFC TV commentator, the Portuguese's performance so far is 'slick and lively'.

A three-month recovery time for a broken leg is pretty impressive. I've suffered a similar injury whilst playing football, and it took much longer than that to get back to playing.

I just hope Teixeira - nicknamed the 'new Deco - is not being rushed back. The Reds have been guilty of that many times in the past, and it would be senseless to play him when not 100% fit.

I hope Teixeira has a good pre-season, but even if he does, I suspect he'll still go the same way as Suso.

Last summer, Suso played well in pre-season, and grabbed a couple of goals, but he still ended up on the Anfield scrapheap.

Whilst on-loan at Brighton last season, Teixiera conceded that it's going to be 'really difficult' for him to break into the first team, and admitted that a move away from Anfield is a viable long-term prospect.

He noted:

"I dream of playing Premier League football with Liverpool, but you never know what's going to happen. I see Brighton as an option.

"I like everything here. I like the city and it's really nice living here. The stadium is brilliant and the fans always fill the stadium so it's great.”

Whatever happens, though, after the Suso debacle, Teixeira - hailed last season as 'excellent' by Brighton boss Chris Hughton - is right to keep his options open. Historically, young attacking players rarely make it through the academy to become first-team regulars, so the odds are against the him making it an Anfield.

Can Teixeira buck the trend?

Author: Jaimie K


  1. What is perplexing to me with a guy like Teixeira is that he looked good in the relatively few appearances that he's made in the first team. But he never gets a consistent run out.

    JK, you and I had the conversation a few weeks ago about Illara and how the team performed well for a stretch when he played this past season, even if it was against relatively inferior competition (talent-wise).

    What I don't get with managers these days is why they don't make more of an effort to reward players for playing well.

    It's really frustrating for the fans, and I'm sure it's infinitely more frustrating for these players.

    Jordan Rossiter makes an appearance and scores a goal, and we don't see him again.

  2. BR's argument is that he will give the youngsters a taster of what it's like at the top level, before bringing them out of the team again - many examples of this such as Ibe against QPR in the final game of 2 seasons ago - Assisted Coutinho. Teixera came on against Fulham in the same season - both players went on loan the following season, no doubt the same will happen to Rossiter and Sinclair..

    These boys are still learning and are liable to mistakes, but giving them a cheeky run out in less important games keeps them hungry.

  3. What about hendos assist!!!

  4. Origi looks really lively... So close to scoring on multiple occasions, denied by the post and some mishit assist-passes. Almost gave Milner a great assist. Missed a clear chance, but the rain was quite comical all 2nd half. LFC's right side of the pitch was completely unplayable, too much mud and sitting water...

  5. Two assists for him is a good start. And generally looked pretty good in the first half.

  6. What an assist it was mate! He just keeps getting better and better every year Hendo just improves.

  7. The problem I have is that he doesn't play them nearly as often as he should.

    I'm not saying he needs to play all the time. But he plays so rarely that the small taste is somewhat deceiving.

  8. William Carvalho has been ruled out of action for 10-12 weeks with a stress fracture of his tibia.

  9. Perfect! Let's make a move!

  10. LFCNYC74. Jordan Rossiter got injured, and was out for quite a while so couldn't have played.

  11. Nicolas Chamberlain4:52 pm, July 14, 2015

    Its just one meaningless pre season game but I love the confidence our new captain is showing.

  12. Jordan Rossiter got hurt in March when he tore up his ankle.

    He last played with the first team in the League Cup game in the fall (I'm going to say September or October) when he scored a goal. He was healthy for roughly 6 months and didn't appear in another first team game (in spite of us being in the FA Cup and League Cup comps til the semis)

  13. I know pretty amazing to pull of that rabona pass. Two assists apiece for Hendo and Teixera so very promising indeed.

    One player who really stood out was Origi who was unlucky not to get a hattrick (1 goal and hit the woodwork twice). Really encouraging to see Markovic get a goal too. Markovic, Origi and Teixera will all hopefully get a run of 10-15 games in the team next season and begin to flourish.

  14. NOOOO! Real Madrid will only sell Illaramendi once they have sealed the Carvalho deal. Looks like we might have a late transfer for Illaramendi I guess or we will turn our attention to another target. (Medel would be great and we would finally have a player in the Mascherano mould again)

  15. i'm personally not a huge Medel fan. Just doesn't seem to be worth the hype.

    Seems to me like he doesn't make the players around him better.

  16. Sinclair..is not signing a new cotract and has asked to leave .A BIG blow for LFC !

  17. You just need to look at his games for Chile to see how ruthless he can be. Paired with Hendo and Coutinho, Medel can work wonders for our team with two great passing outlets next to him; and he is a real street fighter with that South American spirit that we lacked last season.

  18. I just remember when he was on Cardiff... I never felt like he was out of place there.

    On Cardiff

  19. I would hope that Origi and Marko are able to get more than that tbh, both looked very promising today. Teixeira might not be able to play as many as those two without any top-flight experience

  20. Liverpool bought a slow, heavyweight Lambo last summer.No more sports cars!

  21. Henderson is not Downing, Lambert is not Carol, Suarez is not Tores, and Texeira is not Suso.

  22. Which would simply be taken as him avoiding the subject, and the rumors still would have run rampant.

    No matter what BR says, it's going to be held against him in some way.

  23. Medel, no thanks. Too short. Need some one who can stand up to Matic, Pogba etc.
    I'd take Nzonzi if he was still available. Otherwise Wanyama would do.

  24. sign him and Rodger will used him as a centerback or perhaps challenging mignolet.

  25. (*Posted here in lieu of any current posts to reply to and in case you are not checking back as far as Sunday*)
    Hi AngryKlopp, in the hope you may see it, I just want to apologise to yourself and any others who may have felt my reaction to your Sunday evening Santa Klopp picture was a bit OTT.

    Obviously as the saying goes - like ar8eh8les - we all have a strong opinion on the Brodge. Of course we're all equally entitled to that opinion and on reflection maybe the way I voiced mine had a touch of the ar8eh8le about it.

    The last thing I want to do is deter anyone from posting anything and truth be told, the lack of League and the truly heart-jerking nature of young Raheems departure has perhaps made me a little cranky of late. Generally though, I appreciate a good giff, tiff, or even jpeg as much as the next man and as it's not my forum it would be tough bananas if I didn't :)

    Anyway, I take full responsibility for the comment, so consider yourself apologised :-)

  26. Maybe he's a DeLorean and will go back and erase that Stoke game that we know didn't happen anyway :)

  27. What was the article, I want to see that? If it ain't deleted?

  28. What was the article, I want to see that? If it ain't de let ed? ?

  29. Transfer Shocker? 77% of fans reject Liverpool's plan to sign 'world-class' £25m goal-machine
    It really wasn't all that bad but since then, I just had a gut feeling that I'd perhaps over stepped the mark a touch and I'm a bit of a big girls blouse when it comes to thinking I might have belittled someone else's thoughts - not what I want to be doing in any way shape or form - ways of saying things and all that.
    So thought perhaps best to listen to ones instincts and make a nice, cringe-worthy apology :)

  30. contract talks remain private - no further comment... that simple (imo). media will always speculate. top managers like blue nose for example, would have literally told the media where to go, and that would be the end of it. brendon is almost narcissistic in his approach and seems too scared to upset anyone in case they might then actually start doubting his godliness (thus talking utter nonsense regardless of the implications. un-thought knee jerk comments that needn't be said)!

  31. if we sign medel, thats no different with spearing at 2012, illaramendi is an upgrade, dmf with skill to protect the ball and control the tempo, just like to be next alonso, i wish