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8 Jul 2015

Transfer Stunner: Liverpool '5/2 favourites' to sign €30m superstar attacker. Done deal soon?

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The Pedro rumours just refuse to die, and with Raheem Sterling desperately scrambling to jump ship, there will soon be an attacking vacancy in the squad, and Pedro is backed to be The Mercenary's replacement.

Liverpool are constantly linked with a move for Pedro, and although the 'special' Spaniard recently signed a new contract at the Camp Nou, the Reds are seemingly still interested, which (IMO) is great news.

According to Sky Sports:

"Liverpool are 5/2 favourites to sign Barcelona forward Pedro after a significant number of bets at 6/1"

Recent transfer timeline:

* March 2015: The Mirror claimed that Barcelona offered Pedro to Liverpool.

* May 2015: According to The Telegraph, 27-year old Pedro was 'ready to quit the Nou Camp' after falling down the attacking pecking order.

* June 2015: Signed a new deal with Barcelona until 2019. Buyout clause: £110m

* June 2015: Mundo Deportivo claimed that Liverpool made contact with Pedro's agent, and that Barcelona are willing to sell for €30m

€30m for a player with 20+ major trophies, including 5 league titles, 2 Champions League titles, and a World Cup winner's medal? Sounds about right to me, and I'd love to see Liverpool splash the cash on a player of Pedro's peerless experience.

Despite the ridiculous competition at Barca for attacking places, Pedro has excellent stats over the last six season:

* 98 goals/43 assists (141) in 300 apps (Goal/assist every 2 games).

Barcelona have just completed the signing of Arda Turan, so the competition is only going to increase next season. Indeed, it's hard to see the addition of Turan as anything but a poke in the eye for Pedro, and perhaps this manifest lack of faith will turn out to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

When asked this week about his future, Pedro directly referenced Turan, when he told reporters:

"I'm in a tricky position. We'll see what's best for everyone. He [Turan] has a lot of quality. He'll bring a lot to the team".

Liverpool fans certainly hold Pedro in high regard. Last summer, I asked fans who they'd rather see LFC sign: Pedro or Lallana.

* 17100 visitors (approx) participated in the poll.

* A gigantic 80% of voters chose Pedro over Lallana.

That's a quite staggering vote of confidence in Pedro, but it's hardly surprising given the Spaniard's experience and pedigree.

I've argued repeatedly that Liverpool need another attacking, goal-scoring midfielder this season. Coutinho and Firmino are top-class, but Ibe is too young (and shouldn't be relied-upon); Markovic is unreliable, and Lallana is too inconsistent.

With Pedro in the team, Liverpool could conceivably field the following forward line next season:

----- Pedro ------- Coutinho --------- Firmino

--------------------- Sturridge

Pretty tasty, and at this stage, and if Rodgers can seal this particular deal, he'll stand a good chance of re-establishing his popularity amongst the fanbase.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Come on anyone who knows bookies would know they slash the odds to make sure they don't get fucked and there has been a few rich dudes with too much dollar dollar than sense seen how little games he's played maybe seen your article which you post 7 times a year about him being link with liverpool and thought fuck it if it works even more dollar

  2. Sell Sterling, buy Pedro. We'll have a better player who'll score and create more and a few million quid in the bank. It's a win win for me.

  3. Pedro's a no brainer for me. Hes a great replacement for Pound Sterling and will raise the quality of LFC's first team considerably. I was disapponted that we didnt get Sanchez but I hoped that we would go in for Pedro. But to be fair, I dont think he was prepared to leave at that stage. LFC need players who can just demolish the teams below the top 7 and compete with the top 4 for and the teams in and around them. Pedro and a striker and I'm happy to prove the doubters wrong!.

  4. ..I didn't know pedro was a striker...?

    ..Isn't a striker what we need right now...?

  5. ..if suarez wasn't playing would pedro be in his place..?

    or is it that jaimie is saying we need to replace sterling?

    ...so is it like at barca where all three up front get like 100 goals each but only one is a designated 'striker' and the other two are schizo strikers...?

  6. £21 mil for Pedro, (Yarmolenko if he won't come) £15 on Illaramendi and £20 on Berahino (has dropped Aidy Ward) £15 mil for Digne and thats a pretty blinding transfer window for us i reckon

  7. £20 million for Berahino is extortion.

  8. true, i'd rather see Berahino at that price than Benteke at 32 tho

  9. I just can`t see Pedro coming to Anfield, for one he would be approached by teams who could give him champions league football, so maybe this seems a bit far fetched we could go for Illarramendi, and hopefully offer Lacazzete a huge wage rise, because that`s the only way he would think of coming to our very average team of last season. Get Bodgers out and appoint Klopp, then we will become a force once again. I blame Bodgers for the way STERLINGSTIEN is behaving he created the monster and look how that`s turned out.

  10. And he won't fall down at the first hint of contact and grab the ball. And I'll bet he doesn't scuff 2/3 of his shots either.

  11. Jaimie...LFC should go back and accept Man City`s 2nd 40 mill + add-ons offer for Sterling now,as I don`t think there will be a higher 3rd bid forthcoming.I think City are calling LFC`s bluff on this saga.Take the 2nd bid Rodgers,go and buy Pedro and Laccazette and us LFC will be soooo much happier and confident of a return to top 4 and Champions League status.....ps.as a footnote....still reckon we`ll be signing `KLOPP BOSS OF THE KOP` by mid Jan`16....but 1st things 1st. !!!

  12. Suarez plays centre forward for Barca, the other two are wide forwards. However that's just on paper. Barca's attack is a constantly morphing, shifting thing of beauty

  13. But he said £20 not £20m ;-) i will pay that for LFC if FSG won't splash the cash

  14. Pedrito started off as a centre forward but moved to the right flank in one of his first senior years, still gets the occasional run there, but yeah hes predominately a right or left forward

  15. Not sure we should sign both if it stops us reinforcing the squad. Lacazette, digne and illara would be my pick

  16. Pedro can play striker if needed, but he's more of a "wide forward." WIll Raheem leaving, BR might want another solid wide man, as only Ibe and Marko are left (assuming Milner will be played central) and neither are really proven.

  17. hard to separate Bullsh8t from reality with these rumors. Pedro would be great but we have seen this movie before. Last year we were tracking, following closely, monitoring bidding for Pedro but we got Lallana instead despite nearly everyone here saying Pedro is loads better than spindly Lallana. If we actually got him and Lacazette that would make for a great transfer window, especially if we nuke the rest of the deadwood........Wouldn't mind either Sissoko or Gamino joining up so we can send Markovic Allen and Lallana packing..............

  18. ...in that case with this pedro guy we could essentially go for same.. :)

  19. ...if pedro and lacazette came in we LFC would suddenly be in the realms of 'juicy special'....

  20. Real apparently after Carvalho, basically making it certain that Illarra is out this summer.

  21. We need a good DM and Illara fits the bill. I am just wondering how Rodgers expects to manage Milner, Hendo, Can, Lucas, Allen and then maybe more.

  22. Well, say we play a diamond mid. That would have:

    1 AM: Coutinho, Firmino, Lallana, Marko, Ibe
    2 CM: Milner, Allen, Hendo, Can, Lallana
    1 DM: Lucas, Can, Illarramendi

    The clear problem for me is AM, but adding in Illarra wouldn't really change anything. If we end up playing 2 Strikers, all the AM's but Lallana could double as Second Strikers.

  23. Can is not a DM for me but I guess he can fit in there. The problem is you only have three midfield sports and you have so many players. How will you keep all of them happy especially when Hendo and Milner are supposedly guaranteed starters.

  24. Milner and Hendo to start, Can as 1st bench.
    Cou to start AM, with Lallana 1st bench.
    Firmino to start SS with Marko as 1st bench.
    Lucas/Illarra to start with the other as 1st bench.

    The only player unaccounted for as either starter or 1st choice off the bench is Ibe.

  25. Berahino has seperated from agent Aidy Ward, apparently not to impressed with his methods but no official reason. Ward is now saying Sterling has lost trust with BR which seems like the go to cop out answer because you never have to explain yourself. going to be interested how this all ends as Man City apparently arent going to up their offer

  26. I reckon Sterlings trying to get to London myself but i cant see Arsenal making an attractive offer.

  27. your still on about klopp? isn't it clear yet that its not going to happen, move on already

  28. please explain to me your expectations of what a 20 yr old should contribute?

  29. Yes don't wait too much buy Pedro forget sterling he's the better options in ze attack

  30. Benteke has to travel - Sterling has to travel and ANYTHING ELSE Players Union should wash hands of Sterling or stand accussed of bias towards British players - Roy Hodgson should issue statement too - he likes to normally so lets hear it Roy

  31. I don't think we necessarily need Pedro but if there is the chance to get such an experienced player who has played at the top of the game, basically won it all, and still only 27, it'd be hard to say no. If we did go for him though I hope it doesn't jeopardise other positions that we DO need