8 Jul 2015

Done Deal: 'Exceptional' £29m attacker with 'soft-spot for Liverpool' signs for Barcelona. Loss?

Another one bites the dust. After being continuously linked with Arda Turan for over SIX years, the Turkey star - and self-confessed Liverpool fan - has finally put a permanent end to LFC transfer speculation.

According to the BBC on Tuesday:

"Barcelona have signed Turan from Atletico Madrid for...£29m with potential add-ons. Turan will not be able to play for the club until January as Barca are unable to register new players until 2016 under the terms of a Fifa ban".

Turan is 28, which means this is probably his last big transfer before retirement. Barcelona will get the Turk during his prime years, and if he spends the full 5-years at the Nou Camp (and why wouldn't he?), then this almost certainly spells the end of Liverpool's long-standing interest in the player.

Turan has a long transfer history with LFC (take a deep breath!)

* Apr 2009: Rafa Benitez made a €10m move for Turan, a self-confessed Liverpool fan, but the tricky winger ended up moving to Atletico Madrid.

* Dec 2009: Turan made it clear that he favours a move to Liverpool: told reporters: "I most want to play at Liverpool because of the culture of the club and the fans"

* Mar 2010: Turan reiterated his Anfield preference: "As I always mention, Liverpool attracts me because of their tradition. In Europe, I am a Liverpool supporter, so if I go to play in Europe, I would like to play for Liverpool".

* Oct 2012: Nuri Sahin posted a picture on his Twitter account of Turan in a Liverpool shirt.

* Oct 2012: Liverpool sent an 'observer' to watch Turan in Turkey's World Cup qualifier with Romania.

* Dec 2012: Turan's Agent, Ahmed Bulut, told Turkish television channel TRT: "Arda wants to play for another club, to live a different experience. We are working now to make it happen. Atletico know what our intention is. If all goes well, Arda will leave the Madrid club at the end of this season."

* Mar 2013: Reports in Spain claimed that the Reds were lining up a €20m summer bid for the Turkish star.

* Aug 2013: ESPN claimed both Liverpool and Arsenal were 'interested' in signing Turan during the summer transfer window.

* Aug 2013: Turan's agent confirmed that English clubs were on the prowl. He told NTV Sport: "A transfer of Arda to the Premier League this summer is likely. England is where most of the interest in him lies and there have been discussions."

* Jan 2014: The Liverpool Echo reported: "Brendan Rodgers [is] pondering a move for Atletico Madrid winger Arda Turan. Liverpool [could] make a play for the former Galatasaray star before the end of the January"

* Apr 2014: When asked if he is Liverpool fan, Turan told Four-Four-Two magazine: "I've always played for teams in red [Galatasaray, Manisaspor, Turkey] and I've admire Steven Gerrard. So yes, I have a soft spot for Liverpool, especially given their history and the atmosphere at Anfield".

* Jul 2014:Turkish newspaper Sabah Spor claimed that Liverpool 'accelerated efforts' to sign Turan after the collapse of the Alexis Sanchez deal.

* Feb 2015: Tutto Mercato claimed that Liverpool were back on Turan's trail.

* Mar 2015: Tutto Mercato further claimed that Liverpool 'were willing to pay Turan's £30m release clause'.

Turan is merely the latest in a long-line of players who claimed to be Liverpool fans, but then ended up somewhere else.

To be honest, I'm not that fussed about Liverpool missing out on Turan. His injury history is a concern, and he's not the most prolific attacker out there. For example:

* 11 separate injuries in the last 5 years.

* 319 says out injured in that time (44 games missed)

* This past season: three separate injuries.

Turan is not a prolific goalscorer/creator, either. Atletico Stats:

* 22 goals/32 assists in 177 apps.

* Goal every 8 games | Assist every 5.5 games

* Goal/assist every 3.3 games.

* Top goalscoring season: 9 (all comps) in 2013-14.

* Last season: 3 goals in 46 apps.

* Most league goals scored in one season: 5 in 2013-14.

3 goals in 46 apps for an experienced international attacker? That is very far from 'exceptional' for such an experienced player. It's an even worse than Adam Lallana, and even Lazar Markovic achieved a better games-per-goal ration (!)

Liverpool already have attacking players who struggle to score 8-10 goals a season, so there would've been no point in bringing in someone who is clearly not an upgrade (in terms of end product) on the players already at the club.



  1. Keep Sterling instead, far better all round player anyway and sure to get at least 4 goals in 46 appearances.

  2. We should've signed him five years ago. Now he's too expensive for a position we've got well covered.
    Talking of wingers however, we chased Shaquiri for 2 years and now it
    appears he's up for grabs for 12 mil. He understandably knocked back Stoke but we could probably get him now if we were to throw our hat in the ring. I'm a big fan of Shaquiri and I think he's tailor made for the premier league and would be an ideal replacement for Sterling

  3. Why are Inter letting him go so soon, hasn't he only just signed for them?

  4. He rejected us once already, so I say leave him where he is. Anyway, we have Markovic and Ibe

  5. Not going to lose any sleep over it. Overrated and does not score or assist enough.

  6. original-gideon8:15 pm, July 08, 2015

    It's okay we've still got (pounds) sterling cough cough

  7. Torn a little on Shaq. He looked a great player a season ago but as has been mentioned on here lately, perhaps he's stagnated since then or maybe even regressed. Saw him recently and still thought he looked pretty handy though.
    As Alexander say's, he as knocked us back before but perhaps we don't really know the full SP on what happened there and other factors may have been to blame.
    If we could get him for the £12mil, seems well worth a go, but you have to wonder how much the price would increase if we got involved.

  8. Very classy player, but not someone I think would necessarily excel in the EPL. As much of a fan he is of LFC, his place is La Liga. On the bright side, this also means Chelsea and Utd missed out. If he were to play well, at least it's not for them. Plus, maybe this means Pedro is on his way out too.

  9. Turan is more of a grafter but with a ton of technical skill. Think of Iniesta but with slightly less technical ability but with relentless running and clever pressing. On another note, since he can't play for Barca until January, why not try and get him on loan for that time. I know our loan deals under Rodgers haven't been great but Turan is a quality player and would fit right in to Rodgers' system- even if he isn't here after January, Turan will be gone by then for the next manager.

  10. Next Turan Sterling is like a MASSIVE JOKE

  11. Robben THREE times better than both of them put together

  12. Apparently Berahino has split from his agent - the story is he's disillusioned with what's happening with the Sterling fiasco-how many footballers does he represent now?

  13. Very interesting as he was linked to LFC numerous times but I couldnt see it happening due to A. Ward. Smart lad to part ways. Sterling handled this situation badly I don't buy the 'he's been advised badly' excuse. Ward works for him and Raheems family.

  14. I like that idea have a drink on me.

  15. Glad Berahino has seen sense - too late for Raheem the damage is done- he said 'I'm no longer working with Saido you'll have to ask him the reasons'

  16. That statement is 'opening the flood gates' which is not advisable as far A Ward is concerned. Berahino could damage his reputation further but I think he has more class than A. Ward. Do you remember there was a period when Berahino was stating he wanted leave West Brom to the public just as Pulis arrived? The manner in which he went about it was not the best and surely under the direction of A ward. He seems to have calmed down now and is concentrating on his football. I'm sure he realises he's young and will naturally progress in the game.

  17. Getting him even for 6m doesn't make any sense, we're over stocked in midfield and he's not an upgrade on what we already have

  18. Absolutely couldn't agree more

  19. Shaquiri isn't an upgrade on Markovic and complete rookie Ibe? I think he is

  20. Don Hutchison - Scottish legenf

  21. Did he not sign for a different manager though?

  22. Players of his age don't become rubbish overnight. There's obviously stuff happening off the field for him to be leaving Inter soon