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15 Jun 2015

Dead Deal: 'Extraordinary' £15m CL winner rejects transfer to Liverpool because he wants Boca Juniors move

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Liverpool are currently linked with a surprise move for 'extraordinary' £15m-rated Argentine striker Carlos Tevez, but what are the chances of the Reds sealing such a high-profile deal?

Last week, TalkSport claimed:

* Liverpool are tracking Tevez, who is allegedly keen one a return to the Premier League.

* Tevez will have a transfer meeting 'this week' with Juventus to discuss his future.

General Director Giuseppe Marotta also suggested that Tevez will be on the move:

"The chances of him [Tevez] leaving are quite high. It’s more likely that Carlos will leave than [Andrea] Pirlo. We must reach a conclusion as soon as possible."

It seems, however, that Tevez is set to join the long-list of elite players who've rejected Liverpool over the last few years. On Sunday, Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato claimed:

"Carlos Tevez has refused a transfer to Liverpool. The Juve number 10 wants to return to his native country, Argentina, to wear the shirt of his beloved Boca Juniors"

This is not really a snub per se - Tevez has made it clear many times that Juve is his last contract at a European club, and that his long-standing desire is to end his career in Argentina.

The striker reiterated this again in January, when he told Tutto Sport:

"I said from the start that [Juventus] would be my last contract before returning to Boca. For me, this discussion is closed"

Boca Juniors Director Enzo Pagani also confirmed this year that Tevez will probably return home in 2016:

"Once that agreement [with Juve] has expired [and] Carlos is available then we will all be delighted to welcome him to the Bombonera, which is his home. But it won't be before."

As such, even if Liverpool somehow contrive to sign Tevez, he'd probably only stay for a year, which doesn't really help the Reds when it comes to long-term planning, and team-building.

Tevez - who won the Champions League with Manchester United - is still going strong at the age of 31, and one thing's for sure: he guarantees goals (either scored or created). Recent Stats:

* Man City: 73 goals/36 assists (109) in 148 apps (Goal/assist every 1.3 games)

* Juventus: 50 goals/20 assists in 90 apps (Goal/assist every 1.3 games)

In 2013, I conducted a survey asking if fans would like to see Tevez at Anfield. 63% of the 9000+ participants voted in favour of the signing.

In terms of experience, ability, and injury history (missed only FOUR games through injury for his entire career), Tevez ticks all the boxes.

However, if his plan is to sign for Boca Juniors next summer, it makes little sense to leave Juve - who challenge for top trophies every season - to spend one year at Liverpool, who have regressed badly over the last 12 months.

Another one bites the dust.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Love him here would be a massive step taking back to the top 4 he's world class

  2. We only sign players

  3. Matthew Metzgar8:47 pm, June 15, 2015

    I can't see FSG making a serious bid for any top class talent! They just won't splash, simple as that! They always say right player, for the right price and end up signing another average player with "POTENTIAL"! I wish we would, but we have no ambition in the transfer market. That was quite evident with Rogers still residing at the club! Until we sign a class manager and give him the reigns, all transfers will be on the cheap!

  4. All LFC officials have been gagged - not allowed to speak as third party might be buying the Club

  5. Tevez is a great player but the move is looking unlikely unfortunately. We should have some alternatives in place; since we already have Ings as a backup player (hopefully) we need a top player. Word is that Martinez is headed for AC Milan which is rather bizarre but it shows that you don't need CL football to get the top players.

    A successful transfer window would involve the following:

    Buying: Vietto £14m, Montoya £10m-£12m, Fabian Schar (Free and a top young player who has European experience) Illaramendi/ Kondobia £15m/ £22m and another back up keeper (Cech, Ryan or Perrin? £10m)

    Selling Borini, Lambert and Enrique (And possibly Sterling) which should bring in about £15m-£18m (£48m+ if Sterling leaves, we can then replace him with Roberto Firmino- his agent confirmed he has agreed a move to an unnamed English team)

    This would leave us in good shape for the start of next season so we can go in with a decent squad and a good enough first team to challenge for Top 4. Most importantly this is quite a realistic Summer and most of the targets should be attainable.

    Possible XI Next Season:

    Firmino----Sturridge/ Vietto------Markovic/ Ibe

  6. where you hear that?

  7. No worries, we'll probably get Austin for £10mill instead.

  8. I have scoured the Internet and not a single reliable source has claimed that any third party will be buying the club.

  9. I didn't want tevez ......its pointlesbringing these types of player in because Rodgers can't handle them . tevez has kind of done it all and would no doubt clash with his tin pot tactics, Rodgers signs a certain type,

  10. I'd be happy to have a season or two out of him but not for a penny more than £11million, think that makes much more sense than Balo did at £16mill, only thing that does concern me is similarly to Mario, people keep telling me his attitude is terrible and he'd only bring discord.
    That we definitely don't want and if there is even any risk of it we should give the whole thing a massive swerve.

  11. Sounds great to me and pretty feasible, maybe one or two we miss out on but 90% of that and the other 10% are different but still good and happy days, how about Kovacic, do rate him too.

  12. Camacho is a very traditional DM, even playing at CB at times I hear. Not someone I would put at CM, and I say one or the other with Illarra, especially if we're keeping Lucas. Rather Kovacic + Illarra, with Camacho the 2nd choice if Illarra doesn't go through.

  13. Apparently Firminio has signed for Man U for £13m... That seems like a really good deal

  14. Is that a definite done deal do you know?

  15. I've read it in more than 1 place...it hasn't been confirmed by either club though...here's hoping...

  16. It's reported that Firmino has agreed to "A" PL club. Most speculation is that Utd is that club, but some think LFC or other of the top 4 are involved as well.

  17. I think it was one of his inner voices.

  18. Be nice to pull the rug out from under them on this one and then if possible do the same to Spurs.

  19. Tutto Mer-metro

  20. You can't say the club has shown no ambition. Sanchez, Costa, Willian, Mkhitaryan... All players the club tried to sign but failed to. There's numerous reasons why but it's not through a lack of ambition

  21. RAY NEVER has, sorry, reveals his sources...

  22. Rodgers 'handled' Suarez ok that's rubbish.
    What 'certain type' was Balotelli?

  23. This is not the kind of players that will play for the present LFC. He can go to any club that is capable of chasing top domestic honours and UCL. As much as I don't like, Danny Ings and Charlie Austin are the only possible candidates for us now, and so in the many coming seasons unless there are major overhaul in the club's management. I don't mean to sound negative at all as having young English strikers may not be that bad a thing after all. But the real catastrophe will come when they are made to play winger/wingerback but, with no success. Then they are prepared to be sent to the now-famous LFC's youth player abattoir.

  24. Was it not Gerrard that stopped Suarez from going to Arsenal ?

  25. Tevez 5 years ago, would have been great. Now, NFW. Plus he wants no part of LFC. Waste of article space.......

  26. It's to late for Firmino. Shades of last summer. God people signed by others while we figure out a plan instead of going into the window with a real plan and contingencies against each target area.....
    I expect to bring back 'terrific' 'outstanding' 'top class' Bellamy.....

  27. Ok acid not coming ......

  28. We dithered away the lSt two summer windows. It honestly didn't feel like we had a strategy to identify and then solve our squad deficiencies. It felt like the committee low balled and then didn't really make the so called targets really feel we wanted them....so, they went elsewhere. Although LFC hasn't done much of anything sinc eTurkey, the name stillis legendary but is being run by people who are over their head..Ayre,Rodgers etc...

  29. The club has no ambition hehehe.
    You couldnt get any more ambitious than thinking 35 mill for Carroll was going to pay off.

  30. Absolutely mate

  31. Never said he was. Plus there are more reports that we have agreed to an offer.

  32. The non English type

  33. And? Rodgers has signed plenty of non English players
    What 'type' do you refer to?

  34. Signing an overrated useless "never was" simply bcuz he was british is nowhere near close to "ambitious"..it was just pure stupidity and being blinded by the passport.

  35. We never signed proven talen.. haven't we learned that by now... it's either players with "potential".. or players who are british... but never proven world class players...

  36. We never sign proven talent.. haven't we learned that by now... it's either players with "potential".. or players who are british... but never proven world class players...