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1 May 2015

Photo Proof: Massive Liverpool boost as 'unbelievable' LFC crock trains with Gerrard

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With only four games left to salvage this train-wreck of a season, Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva is back in training ahead of Saturday's must-win Premier League clash with Queens Park Rangers.

Photos from Thursday's training session show Lucas - charitably hailed by Sergi Canos this month as an 'unbelievable player' - in good spirits after his latest injury set-back, and if he's back in full training, it may mean that the Brazilian will be in contention for Saturday's game.

Plus, according to the Liverpool Echo today:

"Lucas Leiva has been given the all-clear to resume playing".

With Lucas back in the team, it hopefully means that Rodgers will no longer resort the failed tactic of playing Steven Gerrard in central midfield.

The captain is all smiles in the above photo, but if Lucas makes a comeback this weekend, it could be at his expense.

Gerrard is unlikely to replace Sterling or Coutinho in the two number-10 roles (as part of a 343), but if Rodgers opts for a 442 - or plays Sterling up-front - then there's room for both players to make the team.

In other injury-related news:

"Alberto Moreno should also be available for this weekend’s [game]. He trained at Melwood on Thursday having sat out the past two games with a minor knock".

Hopefully, this will mean the end of Glen Johnson at left-back (in a 442), but if Rodgers goes with a 343, I don't have a problem with Johnson playing as a right wing-back.

Defensive deficiencies aside, he's a better option there than Ibe, Markovic, or Sterling, and Opta stats categorically show this.

Plus, with Johnson at right wing-back, Liverpool's attacking players can concentrate on their primary role, which is to score and create goals, something with which the team is currently struggling.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. It would be a more startling headline if it said "fully fit player trains with the team" ;-)

  2. I've lost interest until next season. Every game for us from now means nothing.

  3. When Lucas Leiva...I would consider him as one of the most underrated Liverpool players of his time. He will join the likes of Maxi Rodriguez and Craig Bellamy.

  4. Akh Maxi....even now he shows his class week in week out.

  5. ----------------------------------Mingolet

    after brilliant outstanding performances all season and a brace in the mini derby, Ryan Kent deserves a call to the first team. especially with the way the 1st team are performing and Sterling must be dropped for sure. theres a few young layers who deserve a chance like Canos, Kent, Wilson, Ojo, Marsh etc. if we lose to QPR, i want us to play us to play all the reserve squad against chelsea. the first team dont serve to represernt LFC right now bar a few players.


    with 4 games and nothing to play for, weve got 2 extremely talented players in Yesil and Canos who we invested alot in, and with the current striker crisis this could be the time to unlock there potential. the chemistry these boys have as well is priceless, i think if we put them on at Anfield the world will stand up and see these LFC youngsters play brilliant football.

  6. I reckon there is more interest in the off season business than the games its been like that for a while.

  7. Mr. Point Of View10:17 am, May 01, 2015

    Forget GJ. He leaving soon ! Give some other a chance

  8. Mr. Point Of View10:20 am, May 01, 2015

    We may out of CL but Europa still need to fight for

  9. Well the good new is we lead the race to sign Depay. the ONLY good news I can think of..

  10. Why wouldn't our attacking players be able to concentrate on their primary role, which is to score and create goals, with somebody else on the wing-back?

  11. I feel exactly the same way too.

    Besides, even if Lucas were a world beater, his injury return would hardly be a boost. A boost for what? There's nothing to play for, not if you don't care about Europa League.

  12. Finnan, Murphy, Smicer just a few more.

    Hopefully Lucas is around next season. He shines when Gerrard is in the stands.

  13. Really looking forward to next season. I don't even think the club needs a big summer window to move forward. No Gerrard, Johnson, Lambert at al is already a big boost.

  14. Dead Rubber Game.
    All eyes will be on when Brendan get on that plane to Boston for his end of season analysis.
    My bet is he's toast, not because only because he has not met his targets (CL after 3 years), rather the fact that Mr Klopp will not be around forever.

    If FSG have not sounded him our already or made an attempt to IMPROVE LFC then they have only themselves to blame.
    Anyone think Rafa will be back it wont happen as long as Ian Ayre is there.

  15. We do need a big summer window, but in terms of quality and not quantity.

  16. I think only Lucas was all smiles in the pic above, Gerrard does not look too happy....but then who would blame him huh? Hopefully this weekend we might see fresh faces in the game or ........?

  17. Gerrard is like this inadvertent curse on our title ambitions. We'll probably win the title first season after he's gone.

  18. I like this idea!

  19. Is this the first time you have seen a picture of Gerrard. He is all scowls on every photo. He is a Huyton lad that's how they always look.

  20. I guess its inevitable now :)

  21. I hope we sign him, but I have a feeling he will go to PSG.

    In other news: wow! that pink is bright!

  22. All I want to say is I agree!!

  23. We aren't calm or winning games :(

  24. but we are always outstanding!

  25. Amazing how that works.

  26. two words for you:

    Rodgers Miracle!

  27. I really hope Lucas stays. He's struggled for fitness since the ACL but is still a top defensive midfielder. People forget the 'Lucas versus Busquets' comparisons at the time.

  28. I never understood why Maxi disng started more games for us. Quality player

  29. Would never forget those 2 hat-tricks in 3 games....I would like to think of him as a LEGEND

  30. I think cult hero describes him better

  31. Your Sir, are absolutely right.

  32. It partly has to do with the fact that Gerrard is playing like shit, and based on that, he's giving us no reason to miss him when he's gone. Carragher's last few games were dead rubbers too, but at least he was in-form with great performances.