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11 Mar 2015

'We'll See': International star confirms his 'agent is talking to Liverpool' about 12-month Anfield extension

Liverpool defender Kolo Toure has confirmed that he's in talks with the club over an extension to his current deal, which expires at the end of the season.

Liverpool have reportedly offered Toure a new 12-month deal, and when asked about his future this week, the Ivorian international told reporters:

Kolo Toure is not sure if he will be a Liverpool player next season.

"We're still talking. My agent is talking to the club. We will see in a few days. The club have to think and I have to think as well.

"It's very important to know...whether you are going to be part of the team or just a squad player"

With Steven Gerrard leaving, Liverpool are very thin on the ground when it comes to experienced players, and if Toure leaves, the club will be almost totally devoid of experienced 'elder statesmen' in the squad.

Liverpool legend John Aldridge wants Toure to stay. In his column for the Liverpool Echo this week, Aldo hailed the defender as a 'humble man who loves Liverpool', adding:

"Wherever he [Toure] has been, the fans have loved him. Man City fans were singing his name at Anfield the other week. I’ve got the utmost respect for him. He’s a tremendous ambassador for the club".

I like Toure; his enthusiasm, vocality, and leadership are vital qualities to have in defence, but he's been usurped in defence by Emre Can, and with Rodgers constantly eulogising the German like he's the second coming of Jesus Christ, it looks like Toure will be warming the bench for a while yet.

Gross overpraise aside, Liverpool do perform better (defensively) with Can in defence. Stats this season:


* Starts: 13
* Goals Conceded: 12 (Roughly a goal-per-game)
* Clean Sheets: 3 (23%)


* Starts: 17 (as a defender)
* Goals Conceded: 11 (1 every 1.5 games)
* Clean Sheets: 8 (47%%)

Liverpool concede more goals and achieve fewer clean sheets with Toure in defence, so for now, Rodgers is clearly right to play Can ahead of the veteran defender.

There may be a chink of light on the horizon, though. If, as expected, Can moves into central midfield next season, Toure will fight it out with Lovren for the a place in the team, and given the Croatian's dire form this season, that's definitely a battle he can win.

Of course, Liverpool may sign another central defender this summer, and if that happens, all bets are off. However, after spending close to £50m on defenders in the last two years, that seems unlikely.



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    I really, really don't like Chelsea.

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